Sunday, August 9, 2009

In the tops of the mountains


So, we went to Utah for our annual summer vacation.  Here are some of the most memorable events from the trip.

1)  Ryan hangs out with his mission buddies.

So Ryan has stayed really close to 5 of his (Baltic country) mission companions.  Over the last few months, they figured out that they could all be in Utah at the same time.  Apparently they golfed, geo-cached, made Fazer pie, played Utimate frisbee and other games late into the night.  But this is the only picture my husband managed to take of the event:


(this is Bertha, a felt chicken that used to turn up in cereal boxes, beds and shower drains on their mission and somehow has migrated all the way to the Bean Museum in Provo, Utah.)

2) That Ryan’s sister Elizabeth never let us pay for anything.

If you want to get a free ride on a vacation, have a birthday and lose your job the day before you go.  Everyone picks up your tab, wherever you go.  Besides the lovely accommodations and meals at Betsy’s, she kept paying for everything we did.  It got a little embarrassing, but we sure enjoyed ourselves at the Payson swimming pool:Payson Pool E & M Payson Pool Seth

and gorging ourselves at Tuccano’s Brazilian grill.

3) The traditional meal with fun fun fun blog friends.


Although, really, at this point, I think after 3-5 real life meetings, we get to qualify as FIRL.  (Friends In Real Life.  For those of you who don’t have an aunt as cool as Marcie to teach you the most important Facebook acronyms ).

4) That Seth kept getting MAJORLY lost. 

Utahpic5 Utahpic6

Notice he’s not in this picture?  Yeah, that’s cause he was sitting next to me at the Gateway fountains (“oh this is so sad.  I just get so worried that you’ll run off, you’ll need to just sit right here by me instead of playing in the fountains with your siblings”  Love and Logic lingo for Your Grounded From Playing.) 

Incident #1 involved me watching him (truly) like a hawk by the man-made pool in the Daybreak neighborhood and him going to play at the very close playground and then deciding to “walk to Grah-mas to get a dry towel”.  I was ill, sure he was at the bottom of that lake, because I couldn’t find him for a good 15 minutes.  As I started combing the neighborhoods nearby, people told me they’d seen him (BLOCKS away) and had walked him back to the lake, since he was wearing his suit.

Incident #2 happened THE NEXT DAY at SLC’s Gateway Mall.  He was sent ahead with Grandma and decided to go back to find me (waiting for to go food at a restaurant) without telling anyone.  I finally found him with a security guard, after another frantic 15 minute search in the busiest place imaginable.  That’s when he lost fountain priviledges.

He is the King of Sneaking Off and I’m at my wit’s end with him.  Any suggestions?

5) Our fun outing to Liberty Park in which we

a) sternly instructed some kids that they couldn’t hog all the floating balls that were part of the Canyon/Stream water area…only to find out that the balls were theirs and that they were SO NICELY sharing with all the 85 kids at the park.  Nice.

b) overheard this conversation between Seth and cousin Hannah (4):


Me: Let’s go guys, we’re going to the wading pools

Hannah (excitedly, always excitedly): Seth! We are going to the LADY pools!

Seth: Yay! We are going to the BABY pools! Do they quack?

Hannah:  Are the pools cracked?

Remember the game of Telephone?  Don’t play with these two.

6) The Oquirrh Mountain Temple tour.

Picture 118

Since this temple hasn’t been dedicated yet, my children got to go on a tour through our church’s newest temple.  I really tried to prepare them as we drove, sharing my testimony of temples and singing songs and it actually paid off.  Emma and Gabe especially enjoyed the tour and seemed to learn alot.  It is a beautiful building.

7) The Pioneer Day parade.


Actually, it wasn’t that memorable.  (No offense to our AWESOME seat savers!)

8) That my college roommate and HILARIOUS blogger Laurie, drove to Utah, partly because I was there!

Utahpic2 Utahpic1

We, and our 9 children and husbands, met up at Cafe Rio.  After sufficiently destroying the restaurant (and losing Seth again) we headed to a park in Bountiful where we tried to convince the kids that it was SO fun to play in the 95 degree weather while we sweated under the shade trees.  Read her much more fun account here.

9) Dane and Lorena’s all-too-short visit.

No picture, just some fun memories, an AMAZING recipe and a lame stomach flu that sent them home early!

10) Old friends (Anisa, Cami, Jacinda, Rachel and Bethany) who make time to see us.  Even if they have to buy me lunch (see #2) or head up an Amber Alert search for my missing 3 year old (see #4).

Thanks to Grandmas, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Friends who made this visit so memorable.  Thanks to you for indulging this Family Journal post, ensuring that my memories won’t fade.


Erika said...

okay - when can we hook up? I'll pay for everything I promise - maybe even pay you to hang out with me. I'm jealous beyond words about not seeing you and Laurie. What would we do without our blogs.

Erika said...
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Nancy said...

I'm sad we missed you while you were out here! As for Seth and his wandering ways... my hubby recommends a leash... my friends thought of a shock collar... and my sister-in-law uses a sharpie and writes her kids' name and mom or dad's cell number on their arm. That way, when they do wander off, as kids do, someone can call you and tell you where your child is when they find him. :) Good luck!

Carie said...

What a fantastic trip! How fun to get together with so many friends and family.

Rochelleht said...

Oh, I lost Jane on our way home from the cabin this week and my heart about gave out. I honestly can't imagine having to go through it more than once. That little stinker. But yeah you on the Love and Logic. I suck at Love and Logic. My empathy ALWAYS sounds like smugness.

Christie said...

I ooze jealousy when I see any of you peeps get together without me. Looks like a fun filled Utah week. I'd say get that kid a leash, man.

Lauren in GA said...

Wow, Bertha is a world traveler.

There is nothing like the horror of misplacing a child. I almost croak every time it happens to me. Maybe you can get some sort of Seth-tracking device.

I belly laughed at your saying not to play Telephone with Seth and Hannah with your perfect comedic timing.

krista said...

We have runnaway kids too....We bought those dog/monkey backpacks with the leash from WalMart. They work great and save a lot of worrying time. Just expect lots of rude comments!

J'net said...

LOVE the duck picture...
Looks like SO much fun! I was ALMOST
there in Utah at the same time!? Maybe
next time, looked like never a dull moment
and SO busy w/ all the visiting going on.

Ilene said...

Utah is the land of milk and honey.

Or at least Cafe Rio.

The Britton Clan said...

Hey, if you figure out how to keep track of a little boy let me know. My Simeon is a bit of a sneakcer too. ALWAYS have to keep an eye on him. It was great seeing you.

the wrath of khandrea said...

love and logic seth with a leash.
"this is so sad! since i can't trust you to stay where it's safe, you'll have to wear this leash in order to be safe. what a bummer."

the wrath of khandrea said...

then blog about it. you'll feel so much smugness and pride, that parenting will feel good.

Twiddle Thumbs said...

It was soo fun to see you. And Seth freaks me out.

Melvin said...

Photos are beautiful...
Thanks for sharing...

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