Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Summary

We started our Monday evening off in a traditional way. Here's how it goes:

1. Jessica has a recipe that says to GRILL chicken. Jessica does not have an outdoor grill. Because she is a "rule follower" she needs to barbecue the chicken. Luckily she has a grill component to her awesome stove. She begins prepping the indoor grill component.

2. Ryan begs Jessica to NOT grill the chicken. The grill component is not so awesome in the venting department and so the house is all smoky and the alarm goes off repeatedly. And it's messy. All these things bug Ryan.

3. Jessica ignores Ryan and begins to grill.

4. The smoke alarm begins it's ringing.

5. Seth has seen this happen so many times that he immediately grabs a towel and heads up the stairs (with Gabe) to wave it in front of the smoke alarm so that we can shut off the alarm for the next 30 seconds.

(6. Jessica makes a yummy BBQ Chicken Salad and Ryan exclaims: "You are the best wife ever and I hope you will continue to grill indoors forever!")

The Non-Traditional thing that happened on Monday was this:
Lindsey fixed the necklace Jane broke a few months ago. I dropped it off at her house (10 minute drive away) and she gets it done and drives it over to my house in one hour WHILE SHE IS GETTING READY TO MOVE and then apologizes for not having a long enough wire and making those cute earrings with the leftover beads.

This is the same Lindsey who did this post about cupcakes and then I wrote a comment whining about my morning sickness and pregnancy cravings and the next day she showed up with a plate of cupcakes (half cake, half frosting: just how I like them). I was planning a post to thank her, and I kept planning to take a picture of me porking out on them, but then I ate them all before I could get a picture, so then I didn't do the post.

So for those reasons and others, I'm jealous you Arizona bloggers get to be close to Lindsey (stop by her blog and say hi). She's OBVIOUSLY a good blogger to be close to.

Wednesday, upon returning from the gym at 6:30 am, I noticed Seth's light on. (He often wakes up in the night, turns on the light and then plays until he's ready to fall back asleep). When I left for the gym the light wasn't on, so I knew he'd gotten up. Ryan was still asleep and Seth wasn't in his room, so I was a little worried he'd headed outside for a walk or something. I walked all over the house and finally found him like this:

Here he is in the girls' room, asleep bridging the gap between the chair and the trundle bed. He slept like that for another 90 minutes.


this is me and Seth so happy together because, starting on Thursday, he began going to the potty on his own, without any reminders and hasn't had an accident since!!!

He'd been going in the potty and totally holding it, but had never, in 13 days, initiated going on his own. I'd given up and told him a few days before that he could wear his "Iego" (Diego) underpants until he had an accident and then he had to wear diapers. I did that for a few days and he really hated the diapers.

On Thursday morning, he got down from the breakfast table and ran to the potty and went. I ran upstairs to tell Ryan the happy news and, seriously, HAD TEARS IN MY EYES. It was a little embarrassing to cry in front of my husband about my two year old going pee, but you KNOW how it is...

On Saturday, Jane was the completely cutest thing EVER at her dance recital. These pictures are so ridiculously bad, due to no flash (the "dancers could be blinded and fall off the stage"--direct quote), not-that-great camera and distance. But seriously, you would have died at the cuteness of her Hippy Hippy Shake.

And this picture is Ryan participating in the dance recital (his first EVER) and I'm sure you would all like me to go into detail about the fight we had about this number, the 4 hour long dress rehearsal, etc. (I would if I were you) but I shouldn't. It all ended just fine and in much darlingness.

We also had a GREAT time on Saturday with Romney aunts, uncles and cousins, and despite the 5 blogs between us, didn't manage to get a single picture. Mostly I think it's cause they were mad I beat them so badly at Speed Scrabble, but whatever.

(thanks Doug and Marcie for a fun Rainy Saturday Afternoon!)

We actually have some sun today, so excuse me while I go try to get my Vitamin D requirement for the week by taking a walk with my family. I have to hurry: it's supposed to rain all week. Welcome to June.


Heather said...

Are those boots with the Iaegos?

I'm sending Amelia to you for training because you obviously rule.

Rochelleht said...

Ugh, I wish it would rain. It's SO blazing hot.

I am all about the celebrating of the potty training. Especially boys. Ethan was 6. It was a momentous occasion. And when Derick does it, it just may make the Christmas letter.

Ellie said...

Switched my blog to private. Email me at spamgoblin@yahoo so I can invite you.

Bridget said...

The picture of you with Seth is so cute. How can you look that cute on a Thursday? I don't think that's allowed. That chicken looks way yummy too.

Lauren said...

I love how Seth and Gabe instinctively knew to "man their battle stations" as soon as the fire alarm went off. Good men.

That picture of Seth, "bridging the gap" is so funny! It amazes me how kids can sleep.

Yay for Ryans stage debut!
I can only imagine the cuteness of the Hippy, Hippy Shake!

Meghann said...

Seth sleeping like that is too cute for words. I heard him say "Meghann!" "Owen!" in sacrament meeting today. (Actually, I missed it because of my kids- but Adam told me how cute it was.) I am thrilled he is potty-trained. I felt so rushed when I saw you (those 2 times) at church today! I hate that. I wanted to go to Jane's recital on Saturday (Adam was out of town and I was desperate to get out of the house w/o spending money)- but I couldn't get a hold of you. You'll have to give me the longer version in person, of why Ryan took Jane off the stage.

mandy* said...

We continued the Speed Scrabble game that night and even got Doug to play. It is the GREATEST GAME EVER!!

Paige said...

Cute, cute Seth. any good cook does the "smoke alarm wave." yay for Lindsey and the jewelry- and the cupcakes. Any friend who brings treats is a friend for life.

Paige said...

Agree about the speed scrabble. You taught me and thru you many have been converted.

Pineapple Princess said...

Can anything top successful potty training news? Only the cute pics of little girls dancing with their daddys and that someone as sweet as Lindsey is moving to my neck of the woods. Send her straight to Lorena and I!

andrea said...

i'm noticing that while all the fire drill chaos is going on, you're taking pictures.

well done, grasshopper.

Laurie said...

Hooray for Seth!! We've told Nate he runs out of diapers on Wednesday (the last day of preschool for 5 weeks) and then he has to wear underwear. Cross your fingers--he's really not interested in underwear, although he goes potty at every public place. Since we could have a baby in 8 weeks, it's cramming time.

And I love speed scrabble. After playing it with my cousins, I dragged my husband to 3 stores looking for it, until I was told you just use the regular games pieces. Am I lame or what? At least I can spell.

Jill said...

Fun week! And Lindsey plain rocks.

Congrats on the potty training too...that is monumental!

Christie said...

What is it about men and the dance recitals? We had ours last week, and my husband sat there and whined for the entire two hours. Ugh. They just don't get it.

Adorable picture of you, by the way. You are a way cute pregnant person.

gab said...

BBQ chicken salad recipe please!

Three cheers to the potty master.

zeeny said...

Sounds like a fun week. Our little B who will be three on Sunday finally started to go potty on her own too! I got sick of her peeing in her pull up and made her go back to diapers. I told her I was done potty training her and that made her mad! She hasn't had an accident since!

Ilene said...

Lots of tears are shed over potty training- glad you have graduated to happy tears.

I don't think I loved my mom more after potty-training Jackson.

I love rule followers when it comes to recipes. Makes me feel better about being so anal myself.

I bet Ryan was glad for all that DDR practice paid off for his first dance recital.

Lindsey said...

Jessica! Thanks for the link! I am glad you didn't mind your new earrings! :) How do you know so many people in AZ? I have had at least 5 people comment saying they came from you, and that they live in AZ! Well, either way, thanks for the connections!

Tammy said...

Love the post! So many cute things! I love the indoor grilling, how fascinating? Good boy seth on peeing not in his pants. And Jane, well she is always adorable and her in a tutu is even more ridiculously fabulous. Love it. And Jessica darling, you have been severly out of touch and I have called you twice now and talked to dear Ryan who is great, but I do want to talk to you eventually! So u owe me a call and some emails and even more so, blog comments! oh and check the carrie's tales...updates! Think Carrie from Sex in the City!

Hazen5 said...

Congrats on the Potty Training!!!

This has to be the best week yet!

queenieweenie said...

the pink tutu is my favorite. the "big boy pants" are a close second.

check out my blog and vote for my cute hubby!

Carie said...

Indoor grill? very fancy. (you can officially be a proxy member of the meal exchange)

NOTHING is better than successful potty training.

Nothing is CUTET than little girls in tu-tu's

rubberbandgirl said...

Very happy for Seth's progress for your sake! Cute photo, too. You're looking good!

aric & jess said...

I totally thought you were the rebel taking pictures with the flash! The four year old backstage drama was so photo worthy, I will send you the pics.

And I have been at your house when the smoke alarm goes off, I think your alarm is abnormally sensitive. But that's just me. But I do want your bbq chkn salad recipe. You know how I feel about cooking so you should know that I am very excited about this dish!

Tristan said...

Yay for the potty training!

The dance recital is adorable! I can't wait for my Maddie's recital in a few weeks!

Rachel said...

Orphan's Plea?? Was that spam? How'd they get in? WEIRD!

Lorena said...

I'm as excited as an AZ Blogger can get in 110 heat about Lindsey.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

yay for having no diapers in the house...for now =)

bloggingchristy said...

Holy funny post, really was dying laughing! I love the grilling indoors part!! You guys are two crazy kids!