Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Summary Report Card

There's so much to go over (you're welcome to check out, unless you are a grandparent, by the way), and in honor of the end of the school year, I thought we'd do a report card on the last few weeks' events.

1. Jane's 5th birthday (so big, we have to do sub-categories...)

The birthday breakfast of crepes and cherries: B

(Due to some poor measuring and melted candle wax in the crepes, we can't give high marks on this one.)

The princess party:

Games C

(everyone was scared to kiss the frog, but Ryan was hilarious as the Princess and the Pea host

Cake: F

(yeah, that's my hand trying to make it look less tippy. Jane came downstairs on her birthday morning and said, "OH, I love that cake!! But it's a little bit bendy.")

Amount of Pink involved: A

(pink cake, pink frosting, pink tablecloth, pink homemade crowns, pink cheeks, pink jewels, pink shoes, pink plates, pink ice cream)

Costumes: A

Seth's enjoyment: C

(Loving the opportunity to be Princess Charming, but hating his banishment to Ryan's "office" halfway through)

Jane's End of the Day Birthday Surprise at Build-A-Bear: big ol' A+

2. Jessica's Memorial Weekend Alone with the Kids:

First of all, I definitely get an A for Effort:

(Trying to kill time by spending hours at gorgeous Manito Park and Riverfront Park (where crazy snowfall and extreme melting have the Spokane River close to flood level--and me completely out of my mind due to heights phobia on the bridge).

No Comment on my Sunday behavior (when kids were in bed by 7 pm and Jane woke up asking if I wanted to say sorry on Monday morning.)

3. Gabe's debut as Pete Moss in the Second Grade production of "Save the Plants":

Oh, you have NO IDEA the amount of awesomeness: total A+++++

(He was crazily funny and comfortable on stage and had the entire audience laughing. He was SOO good. Autographs, anyone?)

4. Ryan's putting together of Jane's Birthday Bear from Grandma Nut:

Effort: A
(as Jane's mom seems to be incapable of sewing ANYTHING, Ryan sat down and made Jane's night by putting this together).
Skill: C
(Notice the seams at the bears crotch. It might have worked better if he'd had something to sew with besides dental floss. But the bear does smell minty fresh.)
5. Emma's Third Grade Titanic Extravaganza

Decor: A
(Check out of the china, menus, flowers! Ryan said he was super impressed).
Ryan's parenting: A
(having volunteered Ryan as the maitre'd without realizing it was a 3 hour thing in the middle of the work day...he was a great sport!)

Emma's dance partners: A

(apparently during the waltz, the above pictured boys kept "cutting in" to dance with Emma.)

Costumes: A (Check out how cute she is!)

7. Potty Training
Thursday: F
Friday: F
Saturday: F
Sunday: F
Monday: F
Tuesday: F
Wednesday: F
Thursday: F
Friday: F
Saturday: F
Sunday: F

(but I'm not bitter)

8. Finishing this whole long, million picture post:


Paige said...

Oops, sorry about the potty training. If he hasn't gotten it by now I don't think he's ready. Try again in August.

The minty fresh bear might be my favorite thing ever. thank you for blogging, there has been a hole in my reader. Although I'm kind of over it too, a lot of the time.

Jenibelle said...

I am laughing so hard at the minty fresh bear, I can't type. You know, Ryan could be on to something here. I smell (pun intended) $$$$$ in your future for that!!

Potty training sucks.

AZ Karen said...

I laughed out loud at the minty fresh bear...I mean, who doesn't want that?

Tristan said...

That princess party looked like so much fun! Awesome cake!

Sorry about the potty training! It will come! It is so frustrating though!

Bridget said...

That "Save the Plants" looks so cute!

A minty fresh stuffed bear's crotch....that's something I have NOT read about yet. You are the first to blog about that one.

The bendy cake is very cute too. I think all the pink more than makes up for its non-straightness.

And way to go Ryan on the three hour long volunteering. That is definitely A+ behavior.

Laurie said...

Potty training is getting an F at our house too!

Mark said...

Tell Ryan he can call anytime he needs sewing help...though the minty thread idea is a great one!
We are coming to Spokane next weekend btw!

Lindsey said...

Good times good times... Looks like you guys are getting a great jump start into SUMMER!

Lorena said...

I give you an A++ for a good post.

Those crepes still look good to me...I want some!

diane said...

I can't decide what I like best. Castle cake, minty fresh bear crotch, or Titanic outfits. You get extra credit for this clever post.

Rochelleht said...

Great summary. LOVE the kissing the frog. Too bad the girls didn't. Looks like the perfect princess party to me.

gab said...

I'm exhausted just reading about it...and I'm not even pregnant. Please take a nap today!

Kristin said...

So sorry about potty training, it sucks so bad. Your school looks so awesome. Love the bear, Matt stiched one of our pillows with stiches thread, you know the kind for wounds.

Lauren said...

I loved it all and you are very creative to grade everything :)

I loved the costumes in the play and the Titanic Extravaganza! I love that Gabe did such a great job in the play...great stage presence is so vital :)

The cake looks delicious and very, very, pretty! I happen to feel that tippy, bendy cakes slide down the gullet easier ;)

heh, heh, heh...minty fresh bear inseam...I love it.

I noticed (because I am scary, huh?) that you did that cool tablecloth thing for Jane's party, too. I really love that idea.

So, for the frog...did everybody put on lipstick, get blindfolded and have to go kiss the frog with their lips? I think that is a fabulous idea.

Lisa-Marie said...

Don't you dare give yourself an F for that cake. It was darling!!! I'm doing a cake post one of these days (when I get myself caught up. So, may be NEVER) but then you can see my castle cake and you'll feel all better about yours!

What a fun week! A+

andrea said...

i feel like that bear will have some reproductive issues in the future.

i'm glad you survived it all. hope you've been feeling a bit better. and way to go ryan... he's a keeper. although i'm sure you know that already. much like my husband, the problem is keeping up with him.

are you up for a visit next week? the kids are out of school this wednesday, then we have about a week with nothing to do. i'll email you.

day in the life of a prince said...

I love the bear!! And what an amazing cake you made!! My girls would love a cake that looked like that!!!

Christie said...

I give you an A+ for doing all that in one week. Sheesh! I'm exhausted just reading about it. All I did was ignore my kids while reading a book at the pool.

Heidiram said...

Hey Andrea . . . I'm up for a visit next week. What about me????? My kids are out of school too!

Great post. I still have been too busy to blog about the end of year craziness. I just have time to rush home on my lunch hour and read everyone else's posts and do some occasional commenting.

Nancy said...

That Princess Party looks like it was lots of fun, and I loved the Titanic pictures! I think the minty fresh bear is hilarious!

Rachel said...

Yet another great post - and I'm not even a grandparent!

Hazen5 said...

I think the cake looked great! I am impressed you even attempted it.

So, did you say sorry Monday Morning?

queenieweenie said...

I love all the pictures. Potty training had to be my least favorite aspect of parenting so far. ESPECIALLY with boys.

Looks like a fabulous princess party. I love the cake-very leaning toweresque!

julie said...

Oh, then I shouldn't tell you that my 2 year old just trained HERSELF a month ago and hasn't had any accidents, right?

Oh, whoops, did I just write that? :)

PS... when are we going to get a belly shot?

AMY said...

I've always wanted to host a princess party. Maybe it's because I never got one of my own or maybe I just really need a little girl.
My neighbor went to the schools tea party with her son. She also said it was fabulous.

Carie said...

Okay, in a thousand, million years, I could never make a cake like that. Ever. I give you an A+ for everything, just because of that cake.

I love all the pictures! This post was definitely worth the wait.

Penny said...

That was a great post! I love the "bendy" cake, the minty fresh bear, and of course "Save the Plants"- Tyler played Pete Moss too. And the Titanic party looked awesome, what a fun thing for Emma to have Ryan there. And you were right, the "fence" by the gushing river look rickety to me too, I would also have been freaking out!

Thanks again for dinner the other night- that was really sweet of you two! We owe you! ;)

Celia Fae said...

Um, what about A for Celia for sending preg pants in the mail. Don't worry, I'll give it to myself. A for Me.

A plus for you for actually documenting that week. And F for letting your kids stand over that raging river! Hello, scary.

Anisa said...

Very impressive post!

None of this is surprising. You guys are an awesome family!!!

The Seeley Family said...

If only Seth's underpants could be "minty fresh"...

Lindsay said...

What fun things..titanic, plays, Manito park! So much fun...potty training not so much. Hang in there!

Bekah said...

Oh, everything sounds so fun and crazy!

Seth's hilarious and I wish you good luck with potty training. I wish I could have been there for Jane's birthday party. How cute all the princesses and Princess Charming were. I really would have loved to have some crepes (dying for homemade American food)! I wish I could have seen Gabe's play. Do you have it recorded? I'm sure he was amazing. Emma's adorable and I bet her dancing was great as I've seen it before.

I know you guys are great parents! Your family is fantastic! I miss and love you guys so much! I love your blog and I'm so happy I can stay in contact with you when I'm halfway across the world!

Adrianne said...

Why is Jane seriously the funniest person ever?? Could anyone else get away with asking their mom if she wanted to apologize?

IT's going to suck when Ryan goes back to the office full time...