Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reality Romneys--Tagged!

I've seen this tag on a few other blogs and thought it was really cute, so I was glad when Jessica tagged me. I think it's a fun insight into the minute-to-minute reality of our lives.

So here are the rules: You take pictures of the following things...WITHOUT cleaning or changing anything. I am a BIG rule follower (I will never cheat if I play a game with you) and so here it is, totally unvarnished.
Which was not easy because these pictures were taken between 5:35 and 5:50 and you KNOW how hideous the house is right during the witching hour.

But I did it anyway. Because (Holly!) I really am not a naturally neat person and people should know, right?? I have strengths, like holiday celebrating, and I have weaknesses...and you wouldn't be my true friends if you didn't know all of it, right??

1. The fridge

Please don't enlarge this photo. It looks so much nicer with poor lighting and a few extra feet. Notice there is no rhyme or reason to the placement. 25% my fault, 75% kid's fault, 0% Ryan's fault.

2. The closet

There are better closets I could have chosen, but in the interest of truth, I'll show you the worst. In my defense, a)I'm transitioning from winter to summer clothes and I haven't cleared it out and b) I really have to try on 10 things to decide what fits and so they get thrown on the floor out of irritation by the time the process is over.

But really, my closet is usually not neat. Sorry, Ryan.

3. The sink

At least it's right in the middle of dinner prep. And you know you want to lick that banana bread bowl.

4. The toilet

This is the guest toilet. It's usually pretty clean. I could've gone upstairs because I KNOW that there are un-flushed remnants in the kid bathroom, but you can go look in your own for that, can't you?

5. Favorite shoes.

Modeled by Seth. (It said FAVORITE, not "ones I actually wear".)

6. Favorite Room

See, some rooms in my house are clean!

This is the family room and I like it because it's decorated simply and cleanly, like I like and it's a comfortable room to be in.

7. What my kids are doing right now

Their jobs. Jane: dishwasher, Gabe: table setting, Emma: laundry sorting, Seth: not potty training.

8. The laundry room

Thanks to my laundry system, it stays pretty manageable. Plus, Emma had just done her job (see above).
Wait, I just noticed the assortment of bottles, not in their cabinets, on the dryer.


9. Self-portrait.

Here's the belly at 18 weeks.

(notice the thermals and cords. There is nothing more irritating than Spring in the Northwest. Thermals in June??!)

10. Dream vacation

Right before I got married, I went to France, Italy, Spain and Belgium on a five week tour with my best friend Adrianne. Although, I'd love to go somewhere new, I'd rather go see it all again with Ryan.

While you all feel sorry for the mess I wallow in, I'll just dream about France...and dwell on the evidence that my kids actually do their chores!

(oh yeah...I'm not tagging anyone specific. Just do it if you need a post idea.)


Christie said...

I love Seth's job of not potty training. Way to set the bar high for that kid.

You are a DARLING pregnant person. Very, very cute.

Lauren said...

You look so great! I love that picture of you :) I think it is the first time I have seen your hair back (I noticed it was up in the laundry system post way back in January but, your head was turned to the side) You are so beautiful and have the greatest eyes and cheekbones.

So impressive that your kids do their chores so well. How often do you change up the chores? We suffer a little break down every time we change up the system. I want us all to stay on track better.

Kenny and Linsey said...

I'm sorry we can't buy your rental house, it looks terrific.

Holy biggest jar of Mayo ever!

Those shoes are suh-weet!

How do you determine what their jobs are and when they are old enough and how often they do them and are there rewards or is it tied to allowance or just their luck for being in your family?

I just made banana bread (only with molasses and nutella) or I might have been licking the screen.

Ah, Paris. Je t'aime.

gab said...

Your reality is looking good! You look great and your kids are happy helpers. The fridge is stocked and you've got a smokin' pair of shoes.

All that and banana bread, to boot!

Bridget said...

I love your shoes and your family room. Beautiful. And you too by the way. You are way cute pregnant.

My refrigerator is so unorganized its sad. The only thing that has a consistent spot is the milk.

Annemarie said...

THis is so great! You look so good!!

Hannah said...

I am in love with the wallpaper in your bathroom!!! Where did you buy it??

Denae (a.k.a. D-dawg) said...

I like picture tags. And you seem so small for 18 weeks... are you? Or do I just forget what 18 weeks is? Anyway, you look very cute.

Ilene said...

Are you 18 weeks already?! You look adorable. My closet has lots of my discarded clothes on the floor too. Dan prefers to throw his in or on our bath tub.

So when do we find out what your baby "is?"

andrea said...

you know, i was going to make my usual sarcastic remarks about something or other, but i am still mostly thinking about how good you look. i mean really. excellent. and as i skim through these comments, apparently everyone else thinks the same thing. i think lauren may want to marry you.

Audry said...

That's a great idea that I might do. Love the shoe's Seth picked out.

Nancy said...

Don't ask what I'm doing up so late, but I just read this and then ran around in my PJs taking pictures... but I'm not posting at 3 am, so I'll do it tomorrow. I love the idea, though, and you're looking adorable!

Rochelleht said...

LOVE your family room. I actually at first thought it was a picture of Pottery Barn for a joke, but see it was for real. I've heard you say before that you don't decorate. But now I see you are a liar. At least you don't cheat, though...

Carie said...

Okay, seriously, you are a little too clean and put together. AND so cute pregnant. (I was NEVER cute pregnant.)

My fridge is a nightmare, always.

rubberbandgirl said...

Looks pretty normal to me. Very exciting about 18 weeks! Grow baby grow! Mama needs another helper, right?

Laurie said...

You do look great for 18 weeks! Are you going to find out what this one is or do you wait to find out later?

Still no potty training here either.

Jenibelle said...

My husband would be thrilled with a "laundry sytstem" and a "mess" as bad as yours! I'm with Rochelle, I thought you had pasted a pottery barn picture. Fighting my jealousy. And 1/2 done and you look that good? More jealousy.

crystal said...

Your 18-wk belly is so, so cute! My 38-wk belly is...huge.

Lorena said...

I'm so not doing this tag, don't be offended. My summer house (OK, my house in the summer) is not very clean since we just swim all day, which is what you could be doing if you moved down here like your friend, Lindsey. How much fun would we have?

Bekah said...

Fun post. You and your house look great. I would die for homemade bread right now. Love Seth's modeling! Love and miss you guys!

Meg said...

Your blogging knows no bounds. I'm impressed, as always!

That's a cute baby bump your sporting.

Tristan said...

Andrea tagged me! I am having such anxiety over it!

You look great!

Ellie said...

crap. do you still fit in your regular jeans? Don't you at least need a rubber band to keep them up?

Erin said...

Fabulous post, still love the cruise shoes, and you will always be in my "top 5 cutest prego girls" list. AND, I love Seth's job. ;)

Hazen5 said...

Fun Post! Love the preg. picture.

diane said...

Love the wallpaper and the baby bump!

Brianna said...

I hear you on this crazy Northwest weather - I'm dying to put on something with short sleeves and at least a pair of capris!

I think I'll stick with enjoying photos of other people's homes right now, as mine is in complete disarray (which is even more blatantly obvious now that I've seen your photos and Holly's, too). Inspiration to clean!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

love that wallpaper in your bathroom--love the decor in your living room too!