Monday, April 21, 2008

The Summary (I'm not labeling it Sunday anymore, because I'm too exhausted by the end of the "Day of Rest" to post anything)


--alternately drove us crazy by pretending he doesn't understand anything we say and then responding in crazily complex sentences to the world around him.

--REALLY needs some firm sleep techniques as his 4th child status has led to many irritatingly scream filled night.

--is the messiest, into everythingest kid around

--disturbs us with his desire to wear girl-everything and be called "Princess Charming" (a distortion of my attempt to suggest a more manly fairy tale persona: Prince Charming)


--just broke my favorite red bead necklace, so I'm trying to not be mad at her.

--proclaimed that she knows what this baby is! "A gill (girl) because Sef was a boy last time!" Well, duh. We do it every other around here.

--tells me, "I love you, mom. I hope you will get better when you get your baby."

--has had lots of playdates this week, thanks to friends who want to relieve me of some kids.


--scored a goal at his game this week.

--rolled around in dirt on Saturday. (Why do they do that?)

--got one of the leads in his play and already has all of his lines memorized.

--is in one of those exceptionally good-looking phases. (You know how your kids' faces morph in and out of cute-because-they-are-yours and cute-because-their-bones-have-moved-to-a-very aesthetically-pleasing-place? Well, he's in the latter morph, currently.)


--just got her baptism pictures taken. (What? Just cause it's 13 months later than said Baptism?)

--is SUCH a helper around here

--still calls me every day to pick her up from school even though I say No every time.

--has been cooking by herself lately: Waffles and muffins. At least some female in the house is.


--is contemplating a new girlfriend (see him here with another spouse-less friend at a recent party) as his doesn't a. clean b. go to stuff with him c. cook d. have a waist anymore e. come out of her room after 5 pm.
--had huge upheaval at work when planned buy-out fell through.
--should receive a job offer from buy-out company today to open an office without old company's stuff.
--has been home a lot more due to said upheaval which has been a huge blessing.

(no picture)
--wonders if she'll actually return to productivity after The Excuse is no longer valid.
--read lots of blogs because clicking on your laptop doesn't make you want to barf.


Stacy said...

You may go back to "productivity ' for a spell but new Excuses always emerge...mine currently wears a diaper and cries a lot when I put her down!
p.s. Tell "Princess Charming" he can rescue me anytime, if that's his thing!

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

ohhh Jessica.... I promise princess charming will pass.. there was a brief time when John draped himself in gold lame (sp?) fabric. I thought for sure I would never be a grandmother... LOL

Bridget said...

That is a beautiful picture of Emma. She is a serious cutie.

SOrry to hear you are still so sick.
Yeah, maybe Princess Charming will come to your rescue. :)

Lindsey said...

I will fix your necklace... put it in a baggy and drop it by next piano day. :)Oh, that would be today. Leave it on my porch if I am not home.

Mark said...

Princess Charming...that is funny.

Have I ever told you about Mandy's family tradition of cross-dressing their kids for sake of a photo shooot? It started back with her Oma who's mother dressed her up as a boy...for like 3 months.

Erika said...

you cute girl. I hope you're not feeling guilty for resting - who needs that on top of not feeling well. Just eat too much - that's what I did.

Carie said...

I am so sorry you are so sick. That must really stink.

I will email you the dress info you requested.

Meg said...

So sorry for the pregnancy doldrums. It's ok to have 9 months that are "just about survival".

aric & jess said...

So sorry that we have contributed to the Princess Charming thing...He's just so cute all dressed up!

And I know you feel like crap but you still look cute!

Holly said...

Here's a big virtual HUG!

I'm sorry you feel so rotten with this PG thing. So sweet what Jane said about getting better.

Your sense of humor is hopefully keeping you sane! :)

Lorena said...

You know what I just realized? Our visits have so not meshed in the last few years. I have therefor yet to meet Princess Charming. I saw you preggo with him, but that's it. I can't wait to meet him next week!

Brigitta said...

Hey Jessica, baby Ethan was born. He is perfect and yummy and I am so excited for you. I will send maternity stuff to you soon. I am so happy to be done being pregnant (sorry) He came 3 weeks early thank goodnes because he was already large at almost 8 pounds. There are a few pictures on my blog, more to come soon. Good luck

Kara Jayne said...

I wish so bad that you were feeling better! I hope you will be able to have fun at blogapalooza.

Oh, on that note...if you bring your necklace to blogapalooza, I will fix it for you. I'll just mail it back. I know what a bummer that is when something you love gets broken. Hang in there!

Natalie said...

My son used to dress up like a girl all the time. We have many a picture of him as a ballerina. My husband loved it:)! Now my son won't even think an un-masculine thought. Just enjoy the in touch with his femine side days. They go too fast:).

I am so very sorry that you aren't feeling better yet. I wish I could bring you dinner. Or clean your bathrooms or something.

Erika said...

I don't buy into the "day of rest" either! We have a princess Charming also. We just didn't know what to call him. But how can I say no to his request for nail polish when I'm painting his little sister's nails? ;-) What a darling family you have.

Hazen5 said...

Ryan could never replace you! And there is nothing wrong with taking the Baptism picture a little late, the dress still fits right?!

Paige said...

Love the description of that cute phase. So good. Gestating is productive. He just needs a maid and we know that won't happen. Hope you feel better soon. Do you have Food Smell Rules Like Ellie? Hers are hilarious.

Lauren said...

I understand what you mean about Princess Charming...when my oldest, Evan, was about that age we were shoe shopping...he picked out pink "Power Puff Girls" sneakers and when I tried to discourage him he said, "But my best friend, Duckie Duke wears shoes like this and he is a boy!" It was distrubing on several levels...It was at that moment that I realized that Evan had an imaginary friend (since Evan was our first I was scared out of my wits about him having an imaginary friend) and, said friend, liked gender confused footwear.

My boys roll in the dirt, too. I have no idea why, either. I suppose it is to drive me to drink, er...I mean, teach me better stain removal techniques.

Jane is so sweet to tell you she hopes you feel better.

As for Ryan...I can tell he is pretty ga-ga over you...I betcha' he likes being able to help you.

sorry you feel so lousy...I really am. :(

Laurie said...

Love Princess Charming. My boys never get to wear girl clothes and now refuse to watch girl movies (although, there was a period of time when I think Gabe had a crush on Ariel).

That being said, Nate has a special attachment to his cousin Anne's pink phone and all the boys love to play in kitchens. Probably because we don't have one.

Did you ever find out if you were twice as sick for a reason? Hmm.

Shally said...

I think it is great that Ryan goes to functions without you.. Zach would stay home, and then I would just feel bad.

Sorry you still feel yucky. I remember those days when just getting out of bed at all was an accomplishment!

Melinda said...

I always love your summary's. It will be interesting to see if you do end up sticking with a pattern of every other child being a girl - I just hope I don't have an "all boy" pattern!! I also loved the "cute" explanation!!

Jenibelle said...

Scotty went through a high heel stage, I was worried sick.

Speaking of sick (good seque' huh?)I wish I lived there so I
a. could cook you yummy food that smelled good,
b. pick up Jane at school, and
c. do your laundry.
My husband would be ticked though, I don't do that here!!

Stevy D said...

Tell Ryan he can move into the building if he becomes my personal trainer. Thanks, Steven

Denae (a.k.a. D-dawg) said...

Good job doing the summary even when you feel like crap. I like the picture of Ryan with another woman at a party. That's funny.

Tristan said...

Nice to have friends take some of your kids for you! I hope you are feeling better soon!

elizabeth scott said...

I love you Jess hang in there. Before you know it you will be smelling that intoxicating baby head smell and kissing those sweet baby cheeks! Your montra for the week is a popular Book of Mormon scripture...And it came to pass! Now you know why the prophets repeat those words so many times. Good thing it is at the beginning of almost every chapter because that is about as far as you can read right now.(ha ha)

elizabeth scott said...

Ok I know that the last comment was long enough but I started to read the older posts.(Ryan's last one!) and now feel really stupid for the "Jess" thing!Sorry. Wow the things I learn about people from reading blogs!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

cute Summary! I know it's such pressure getting it done on Sunday because it's the SUNDAY Summary--right?! Good idea on the name change--i work best under pressure/deadlines, so I better keep using it. =) Future Teenage Boy Seth is going to LOVE that you documented his 'princess' stage--haha! Cute pics of your kiddos--love the bapstism photo. Hang in there!

Ilene said...

Hmm... people relieving you of your kids.

That wouldn't be me, though. I relieve myself of my children on your poor sick, pregnant self.

I have no shame when it comes to a hair appointment.

Hollyween said...

I love your title because that's exactly what I feel like. And the princess Charming thing is so so so so funny. Levi asks me when he sees girl toys on the tv that he likes, "is that a girl toy or a boy toy?" and when I say "girl" he is oh so dissapointed but tries to act disgusted at the same time. Fun stage.
I know what you're talking about with the facial morphing thing. It's an interesting phenomenon.
When I have another baby, I want a laptop desperately so that I can blog when I'm sick. When I sat at the computer desk when I was prego with Faith it about killed me. And that was BEFORE blogging so I think it's going to be a necessity.

Kenny and Linsey said...

For the record, at what point does the "excuse" cease to be valid? Please say that having a 3 month old still works as an excuse.

Mahina said...

your kids are adorable!

i am the same way on sunday's. though it is the day of rest, i am so exhausted by 7:00 when the kids go to bed!

hope your feeling better very soon!

Sherine said...

Jessica, I mean Jess, I mean J-dog, ummm whatever...

Deacon (4yrs) still thanks Heavenly Father daily that "Finley (4m.) is out" Was I that bad pregnant? Apparently so.

Oh and seeing as you have a few jewelery savvy friends.. I have this bracelet that broke.....

Tammy said...

Love Jane's muscle tone and pose, she is awesome! Tell Ryan to hang in there, it will all work out for the best as these things always do. You need to get well and normal already....dude, how can you keep having kids through this tortuous process?? I have lost 7 lbs due to break up diet situation which is the only silver lining in my situation! :)

Uncle Matt said...

Kids look good.
Seth- Stay as dirty as possible!
Jane- You sure look ‘adoable’ doing gymnastics.
Gabe- I don’t know which I like more: rolling in mud or scoring a goal. Both great achievements.
Emma- I’m always hungry, please send some of those muffins my way!

stephi k said...

My 4th son has some gender confusion as well; he dances around singing "I love being a princess" of backyardigans fame, his fav character is uniqua, his fav color is pink and he'll say "when I'm a girl". He also woke up alot @night--we started rewarding him with slurpees every few nights if he didn't wake up. That seemed to work. (sorry, I'm on my phone)

J'net said...

Well, I remember Bekah HATING being a gill (girl) for
what 14 years of her young life AND your mom WAS so happy she WAS another girl?!?!
Life just goes in circles! Let him turn his... Jake is metro with all the grooming he does, manicures, pedi's and massage and shopping... and there's NOTHING wrong with a "NEAT" male!!!
Your kids seem to be loving their mom staying around the house a bit more?! Just enjoy it while it demands ALL your time "relaxing"!!! You seem to get the IMPORTANT stuff done and that is growing this new baby!!
Aloha again after 1 & 1/2 months off the blog scene... Just got internet back again.
I don't EVER recall you doing the "Jess" thing?
I thought "Princess" was your nickname? My nickname has become "J" go figure?!?!
Luv, Aunt J'net