Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Summary

We'll start with the birthday girl this week: Emma.

Her birthday started off with a birthday breakfast: cinnamon brown sugar crepes, bacon and orange julius. She got a Lunchable (thrilling!) for her lunch, along with donuts for her class. For her birthday dinner, she had Mom's homemade Four Cheese Macaroni and enjoyed not doing any of her regular jobs all day. No birthday would be complete without a million Daines cousins coming over for a family party and she got some great crafty ( blech! says her un-crafty mom) presents and an I-Dog that has become like a member of our family. She requested the Valentine's Parfaits for her birthday "cake". Here are some pictures of the day:

Gabe's class had a wax museum. This is where the kids sit as still as wax figures at their desks and then the visitors come and press the ink-drawn "button" on their thumbs and they recite every fact they have gleaned over the last 2 months about Arctic animals. Gabe's was the Arctic Wolf (or fox...don't tell him I'm not sure) and we would have a picture, if the mom who took the picture hadn't left on a Bahamas cruise yesterday. Rude.

Speaking of rude, Ryan and Gabe attended a Monster Truck Jam (say this in your best LOUD gravelly car-salesman voice, please) yesterday. Ryan has a post all planned, so I won't spoil his fun.

Jane is my resident play-group "Cruise" director. Basically, when it's our turn to host Seth's play group, I smile at the door when the mom drops the 2 year old off and remove their coats, and then turn them over to Jane's capable hands. Every once in a while, a line of kids (following Jane like ducklings) traipses through the main area, but that's about all I have to do with it. Apparently she decided they needed "Picture Taking Time" because I had quite a few shots like this:
on my camera. I basically am around as Bouncer and Waitress. Jane leads them in rousing games of "Jump from the couch to the ottoman" and My Little Ponies. She's the best. (The following picture has nothing to do with this's just cool).

Seth is in the super fun "I do it" phase. You know, the one where if you shut the bedroom door to sing him bedtime songs, he begins crying hysterically that he didn't get to shut the door, so you have to let him walk back over to the door so he can open it and then shut it himself? The one where he will cry like a mad-man if he can't shut the van door, which is only a huge problem because he can only shut the van door if he's OUT of the car seat, which then makes YOUR placing and buckling him in the carseat an impossibility?

Yeah, that super-fun phase.

He also has this really dysfunctional relationship with the neighborhood dog, Mocha. Mocha is the nicest (if LEAST supervised and kept-in-her-yard) dog ever. She must have severly traumatized Seth last summer because he is terrified of her. The thing is, he will repeat, maniacally and on the verge of tears, how NICE Mocha is. It's disturbing. Example: the other day, the kids were all playing outside and he was standing by the upstairs window watching them. I asked if he wanted to play outside and he replied, "No, cause Mocha's so nice." The child is messed-up. (don't tell Seth Mocha's following him in these pictures...)

Ryan is continuing as husband/father of the year as he 1) attended Monster Truck Jam and 2)orchestrated the best Valentine's Day ever. (I know you're all shocked). He started with this candlelight breakfast:

and then met me and Seth for a haircut/lunch date: (note the red Valentines day attire)
and then had envelopes that looked like this:

instructing the kids on how to have a proper Valentines date that included dinner:

and games:

It was so fun and he did a great job.

We also had a FUN FUN Saturday night, with our kids at the family dance. It was 50s (Ryan says every family church activity is 50s) and so this is what we looked like:

On a lame, but necessary, note: Ryan's division at work is being shut-down in the next month. It was a complete shock and not good news, but we have a few leads here in Spokane and are feeling very okay about the whole thing. So add us to your prayers and we'll keep you updated.


Lauren said...

I will add you to my prayers!

Okay, I have to gush over this entire post! As always, I enjoyed each and every word!

So, what is the obsession with Lunchables? My kids think they are the bee's knees, too. I know I am showing my age here, but I think they are grody!

That 4 cheese macaroni looks divine! Do you get sick of me asking for recipes? Oh, sorry...but can we still have the recipe?

You are so, so, funny and witty to read! I love your touches like, "say this in your best LOUD gravelly car salesman voice, please".

That wax museum thing was seriously cool!

Tell sweet Seth that Mocha wants to be his Valentine, is all. I am sorry he was traumatized, though.

All of you look smashing in your 50's attire. You look beautiful in you Valentine's Lunch picture.

Am I scary the way I gush over everyting you do? It's can tell me :)

Bridget said...

Move to Portland, move to Portland! It was 62 degrees here today. Of course that was unseasonably warm but you don't need to know that. In all seriousness though, sorry to hear his division is closing. That's good you are feeling OK now.

I love brown sugar crepes. Emma made a great choice.

We have been to a Monster Truck Jam too. I think I lost 30% of my hearing after that.

andrea said...

couple thoughts:

1. if ryan is going to be out of work, maybe he should apply to be bowser's double on sha-na-na. he pulls off a mean 50's look.

2. sounds like seth is needing Love and Logic. i'm officially obsessed with it now.

3. sounds like mocha is also needing some Love and Logic.

4. i'm afraid noe and jane may have a power struggle on the 22nd. there can only be 1 cruise director.

5. are you really teaching your kids how to create a romantic atmosphere? yikes. if your son ever dims the lights on my daughter, we may have words to exchange...

6. happy bday emma!

Kenny, Linsey, Caleb and Isaac said...

Will start praying for good job fortune immediately...don't forget Argentina is just a job with the State Department away!

Yum, what exactly are Valentine's parfaits, they look delish!

Your 50's attire is adorable and Valentine's Day looks like it was fun and creative, like all things Romney.

Shally said...

You guys always look like you have so much fun together! What a great family.

I am glad that your hubby is teaching your children at a young age how to do a great Valentine's day!

Last but not least-- good luck with the job... We did that whole thing after Zach quit baseball-- long story, but in the end everything turned out just as it should.

Kara Jayne said...

Arizona is overflowing with great jobs I'm SURE!!! Not that I am happy that you are in this situation, but don't narrow your choices too much!!

Really though, such a fun post. Ryan is definitely working for that father/husband of the year award. It will look really nice next to your mother/wife of the year award.

Randi said...

Hi Guys. Ryan thanks for putting up with Mercer's incident(s) on Saturday. Maybe you don't have to mention that in your post. I really do read your blog quite often, but you usually have like 74 comments, and I'm thinking do you really read all of them? We are excited to be in your guys ward, someday. Love your posts.

Shally said...

One more thing-- I would love to have your macaroni and cheese recipe too-- if you get a minute could you post it on Blogger Buffet? My kids LOVE mac and cheese, and I have not found a good recipe. THANKS! :)

Ilene said...

Tell Emma she really was right. She really was the cutest of the family on Family Dance Night.

I don't believe the segment about Gabe if it doesn't have a picture. Admit it. You made it up. I mean if it really happened you would know if he was a fox or a wolf.

I'm only praying for you guys if you pray for us. Kind of like commenting on blogs- I will comment on yours if you comment on mine. Altruism is not a strong point with me.

aric & jess said...

Seriously do we all have nothing better to do between the hours of 9pm and 10pm then to read the Romneys blog!

Awesome post as usual...we totally would have gone to the dance but I had my four nieces over for a sleepover...I know how you feel about those...but it WAS family...

Celia Fae said...

Crap. Here I sit all bored with my summaries and then I read yours and feel inspired. Too bad mine is already written because yours is great.

I want my kids to be wax figures every day between four and six.

Laurie said...

Great post--your family is so much fun.

Although. . . Dan is respectfully requesting that you ease up on the "look what Ryan did" posts. Could he be feeling a bit not up to par?

Maybe you could arrange a romantic evening for Seth and Mocha? By the way, I hate the "I can do it" stage. Nate is into the fridge all the time--good thing the gallon milk has a screw cap!

Sally said...

I enjoyed this post, especially the Seth portion. I remember last summer, the neighbor dog, Delsy, nudged my then-2yo and knocked him over which scared him, and through his tears he kept saying "thank you Delsy! okay thank you, thank you Delsy!". Similar to when he's crying while I cut his nails and thanking me at the same time. Wierdly sad, desperate and endearing.

I love your blog, we have much in common. I am sorry about your husband's job situation...maybe you should look in the bay area? I mean, all your favorite bloggers and commenters live here, right?

Meg said...

Wow! How can people who have so much fun and squeeze all the fun out of each in need of prayers? I'll still offer them though! But you are really great! I am voting for you and Ilene to come to the Willamette Valley...I can arrange a Dance Revolution Night and a church dance of some kind (I know how you like those so much). :-)

Nortorious said...

Maybe next year you can go to Sizzler.
That's a long gushy comment, Lauren. Perhaps you should guest blog for Jessica?

Rochelleht said...

Good luck. That is scary, but have been there before and it is survivable. I'll pray for you as well.

You are the cutest little fam. I love all your celebrating. My Jane bought an i-puppy this weekend with her own money and the girls are obsessed.

Pineapple Princess said...

Loved little things about your big post maybe because "I've been there done that," but don't know how to express "I've been there, done that" quite so well as you.

Is it okay that I'm praying for you to move by your Aunt Lorena?

Pineapple Princess said...

PS Since you guys are so good at holidays, what do you do for Presidents Day? I need some good ideas.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

The candlelit breakfast takes the cake for most romantic thing EVER. I used to be obsessed with lunchables clear into my early 20's. They just seemed so cool! And, like Lauren, I want the recipe for the macaroni too. It looks divine.

Christie said...

I think you should push Seth outside whenever Mocha is out there and lock the door. Let him face his fears. I love your weekly summaries and am hugely impressed with your family togetherness.

Meridith said...

Happy Birthday Emma!! You are such a cute 9 year old. Wish we could have come to your birthday party.

I love the cute outfits you all wore to the 50's dance. Sounded like a blast!

Sorry, I haven't been on the blog in a long time. Every time I read it I feel like I need to try harder to be an amazing mom like you though. I am truly amazed at all the incredible things you do Jessica.

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

I think Seth thinks Mocha is too nice because it is overwhelming when Mocha knocks him over :( just my guess ..

I think that there should be no job losses for anyone in Liberty Lake retroactive 2 weeks. Don't these executives know that Liberty Lake is a cross between Stepford and Mayberry and they dont have layoffs or cut backs in Stepford or Mayberry and Liberty Lake as a result??

I think that it is WONDERFUL that you and Ryan teach your children about being romantic so that they will know how to be good spouses when they grow up!

I have had 3 thoughts in a row and now must go and rest my head.

Tammy said...

What a long blog filled with so many great things. Love the 50s dress up, you guys look absolutely adorable. Love emma's birthday stuff. What a lucky girl! Love Ryan's are a lucky girl. Lame about Ryan's guys moved for this job?! Let me know what he does specifically and if I can help network for you, I love doing that....honestly. I just got my friend Natalee a job, and I helped Adrianne get freelance work and I just enjoy this kind of thing so let me know if I can assist.

rubberbandgirl said...

So I'm all enjoying this sweet summary post and then the end...gasp! I'm glad you feel OK about everything. You'll be in my prayers.
You guys are just adorable. Thanks for your sunshiney blog.

Lauren said...

on a selfish note, I don't have "blogger buffet" so will you post the recipe to your mac and cheese on your blog, if you get the chance? No pressure, though!

Ouch!!! I just read Nor's comment! I can't help it if I have a crush on Jessica.

Adrianne said...

What?? I think this is a divine message that you need to move to Arizona where there are more jobs, and it's easier to visit you, and one day I hope to live there too. Oh, and how in the world did that teacher ever getthose kids to participate in the wax figure thing? amazing.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

LOVED this post--Seths commentary is hilarious! also--i can tell you are good people--I am confident that the Lord will help you find what will work for your family. It could very well end up to be so much better (a blessing in disguise) with a new job. That's what happened to my bro-in-law. Losing his job turned into the greatest blessing & career opp. for his family. good luck!

Lauren said...

Sorry, Jessica don't be scared of me~

Gush this, Nor, "pffffffftht"

Kara Jayne said...

Jessica I'm laughing that you've been worried about a comment. I had to look up the comments you've left on the last few posts to see if there was anything obnoxious about them. NOPE! You need to read my 100 things about me list and you will find out that I'm very hard to offend. I love honesty and candor. I can't wait to meet you at blogapalooza and have you set me straight! (I'm assuming that's what your talking about since it was the most recent comment)

Meghann said...

Hey Jess, Owen is completely in the same stage as Seth. Sometimes I'll put his shirt on when I'm in a hurry . . . which is all the time. He will then throw such a fit, the "I can do it myself" fit, that I let him win the fight. I therefore remove the shirt, and let him put it on. He ALWAYS puts it on backwards, so in the end, I have to help him turn it around and therefore end up doing it myself. But please don't tell him that though.

Carie said...


Keep us posted on the job thing. I will, for the time being, put our moving to Spokane plans in the future on the back burner.

I doubt it will take long for Ryan to be snatched up by some amazing company.

Lisa-Marie said...

I think Ryan should start his own business teaching hubbies all over the world how to ROCK! He is awesome.

If he needs an assistant, my hubby does pretty darn great as well!

On a serious note (though, I really do think he would succeed at the above career) I will honestly be praying for you and your family.

Paige said...

So many events and what a fun V-day! I love the picture of the hot, sexy boys the most. Seth is too cute. Freaking out about the job thing for you-

Paige said...

Lauren- ignore Lenore. She's been banned from commnting on all my friends, and apparently she forgot. You can be in love with Jessica. we all are.

gab said...

My twins are in the same has been over a year now and it is killing me.

You are making a lot of happy memories for your four little ones.

I will pray for you. It will work out, but it's scary in the meantime.

AMY said...

What a great Valentines Day! I love a reason for our husbands to plan something fun. Your kids are adorable, but I think I told you that already.

I'm so sorry to hear about Ryan. I admire your optimism.

Sorry my blog is sooooo frustrating :(
I'm tempted to switch to blogspot but then I'll lose a lot of the features of the mac. But I don't want people to stop reading - soI don't know what to do.

Anonymous said...

you guys are too cute...
and sugar crepes, bacon and orange julius... what?! can I have my birthday at your house?!

you guys are adorable!!!

bloggingchristy said...

Do I really have to say it? Won't you guys at least look for some jobs in Dallas, so we can think that you comsidered it, even for one milli-second? It would make us feel more loved.

I linked to your church bag blog from Paiges' blog. Paige's blog - hilarious! Your blog - hilarious! I can't believe you had ants in your church bag (this leads me to another bonus to living in texas FREE PEST CONTROL, who could ask for anything more?)!!

crystal said...

I don't know which is more rude: that the mom left w/o giving over the photos, or that she's on a cruise.

And prayers...gotcha covered. :)

Denae said...

Jessica, I am so sorry to be so late on reading your blog! I am feeling overwhelmed these days with blogging. Anyway, your family is adorable and I loved your Valentines day festivities! Seriously you guys are the cutest. So sorry about the job situation but I'm sure something great will come up for your family.

Lorena said...

OK, so, Pip wants AZ, Adrianne wants AZ, and I want AZ. I think that means that AZ it is.

Can you imagine all the fun we would have...totally over-achieving for every holiday and birthday? Our husbands would just LOVE it!