Wednesday, January 23, 2013

November Instagrams

Location: McDonald’s


Birthday lunch with Ronald!  #ivereallybeenhavingahardtimewithFour


Location:  Mt Pleasant Utah


Bittersweet.  At my grandpa’s funeral.


Location:  Memory Grove Park


Walk through Memory Grove with my fun aunts and cousins.


Location:  Manti temple


Finding my great great great grandparents’ headstone in the Manti temple cemetery.  #latergram


Location: a very blue state


We don’t get stickers here, but when your husband has the same name as the republican ticket, you feel special anyway.


Location: a very blue state


As a result of many disappointing election results, I’m listening to things like this all morning.


Location: Liberty Lake County park


Running in the sunshine with these kinds of friends: also making me feel better.  #endorphinsarebetterthanpolitics


photo 28

Applesauce making helpers #benefitsofbigkids



Hello winter.  #slightlyokaybecausemykidsaresoexcited



Tonight I love having kids with every ounce of my being.



This week’s project.  #writtenbysethpicturesbyseth


Location: LL meetinghouse


Put on a Relief Society dinner tonight.  We had a very handsome waitstaff.  #ihavethebestcommitteeever



Getting ready to ship 72 dresses our ward Relief Society made for Little Dresses for Africa.  Easy, sweet service project.



Because apparently my goal is to go to a grocery store everysingle day this week.  #iswearihadaplannedoutlist


photo 5

In honor of the Early Americans, our kids are honing their slinghot skill. #frozencranberriesworkwell


photo 14

Lunch=Appetizers #pleasenotethedarlingveggieturkey


Location: Rocky Hill park

photo 6

Working off our dinner


photo 7

Kept a count of sticks of butter I used for yesterday’s meal.  #cranapplepiehadtwosticks


Location: Coeur d’Alene Beach and Lake

photo 9

First time at the Nighttime Lighting Parade in CDA.  #notparadeweather  #stillfun


photo 11

Some sort of gun merit badge Gabe did yesterday. #thatboyiscutenomatterhowmanlytheactivity


Location:  Browne’s Addition

photo 13

Architectural tour in downtown Spokane. #morefunthanitsounds


Ashley C said...

I love the dresses for Africa service project you did! What an awesome idea!

Lauren in GA said...

As always I read the comments or labels (not sure what they are called...) after the pound key mark...or hash tag, I think...and LOVED them.

The quality of the pictures is fantastic. The one of Memory Grove Park is GORGEOUS!!

I know. I felt real depression after the election.

I so agree. The waitstaff at your RS dinner was very dashing. :) My older boys were servers (with all the young men) at our recent Primary Appreciation dinner. I (of course) spilled my water and my Adam ran over and dabbed me off with the cloth he had tucked in his back pocket (a la fancy restaurant waiter). He even snapped the cloth and said, "Let me get that for you, Ma'am. I actually didn't have any water on me...I said that I spilled and he dabbed me off...I had to wipe the table myself...he's still honing those waitstaff skills.

Frozen cranberries work well, huh? Good to know.

And I agree...Gabe is matter how manly the activity. He must curse that boyish charm of his at times ;)