Saturday, January 26, 2013

Family pictures 2013

My good friend Randi (check her out here) took our pictures again this year.  We did it in late September and I told her I wanted something besides the usual pretty green foliage…so we decided on an industrial park.  I think it turned out so cool.  I love the lines and blocks of color (notice the parking lines behind Seth and the cool garages behind Faith and Ryan and me.)  I have to say this was our most laid back photo session ever…one of the benefits of all older kids. 

You’ll notice I changed the sidebar pictures and our header (does anyone ever actually click on an actual blog anymore, outside of their reader?).  Here are the some more of my favorites:

002 004 006 008 011  018  021  025  029 031   041 043 044 045 047 049  052

ALSO** big news!  I finally remembered to get into my settings area and remove the stupid comment verification thing!  Sorry that was even there, I didn’t even know, until Paige complained.  So make sure you comment and go on and on about my lovely family. 


Kindermusik said...

I did just click on to your blog! Thanks for removing the annoying word verification thing. The pictures are fantastic. You are particularly gorgeous. The colors are so pretty, yet subtle. Boys are adorable. Faith is so cute she is officially allowed to be a difficult child. I love Jane's smile, and lucky Emma is mini you. Of course cute husband too and I love the one of just you and the kids, ya know, just in case. Haha ha not funny! And I LOVE having older kids! Who knew? Our christmas picture (OK from the wedding) was done in one shot, payback from those years of freaking/sweating over kids in family pictures. Can't wait to witness the fabulousness you and Adrianne are creating.

Lauren in GA said...

I love these, Jessica. Love, love, love.

...I always click on the actual blogs...I use my blogger dashboard and click in and out...but usually I just go straight to your blog because it is in my favorites file.

Ashley C said...

Holy cow. Those might actually be the most perfect family photos ever. What a gorgeous family! Randi did an amazing job.

Katelyn Foutch said...

These are just priceless! I love the color and pattern combinations that you chose!

Please tell me your instagram user name so I can follow you there too!!


Elizabeth said...

Wow you guys all look amazing. I love the colours you dressed everyone in and your outfit is so devine I am copying it :-)
You and Ryan and the most gorgeous looking couple ... I adore the shot of you and him together.
Good Job on the all the pics!

Tammy said...

Great pics, nice colors, and everyone looks fantastic. Jane is going to be a gorgeous young lady, that is my prediction...something unique about that girl. You are blessed my friend, a totally perfect, adorable family.