Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Since it is looks like this today and most days from January to April,

I thought I'd list some things I'm looking forward to, in order to break through the doldrums of a northwest winter.

Driving Emma to her city choir class, which means a SOLO trip to trader joe's!

This week:
Ryan's parents coming to stay for the weekend

Next week:
I just put list together for the 14 Days of Valentines that I do for Ryan and the kids, and now I can't wait to do it!

In February:
Finishing Emma's room makeover. She's been asking for it for her 13th birthday for months and months. We've gotten started and it's going to be cute. Plus, I'm really appreciating the super positive interactions it's helped Emma and I have.

In March:
One word--HAWAII!!

In April:
Training for my May marathon with my besties. I thought everyone was done running marathons, except me, but my whole running crowd surprised me by wanting to train. Here's to 3 hour long gab, uh, I mean running, sessions.

And by then Spokane will begin to be gorgeous and I will want to live in the moment...until then, I stave off the winter blues any way I can!

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Lindsey said...

Spokane isn't gorgeous til June, but I'll let you "dream on" :) Sounds like a LOT to look forward to!

Rochelleht said...

Sounds fun! It doesn't look anything like that here. What's my excuse? I guess I just got back from a fab vacation. That always puts me in the doldrums.

Lauren in GA said...

This was a great idea, Jessica. Way to focus on all of the upcoming positive.

You. are. such. a. great. Mom. This list totally emphasizes that fact.

That is great that you are training for another marathon. Go you, girlie!

Alisa said...

Just looking at the picture makes me cold, but I am so jealous of the summers you get to have. Any chance you can give us some ideas on what you do the Valentine countdown? Keep it clean though:)

Ilene said...

Miss you. Not that snow. Winter is HARD.

I have LL on my iPhone weather app just to make me feel a bit better about the cruddy winter weather in Boise. I also keep my SoCal hometown's weather listed as well to keep me humble. Balance is everything.

Nikki said...

Are you willing to share the valentine idea list? Super jealous of Hawaii...Just 2 of you or the whole family?

D-dawg said...

hi Jessica! I would love to see your Valentines plans... I am considering doing it for my family to help the love flow more freely around here (o:

D-dawg said...

And I want more info on Hawaii too- sounds awesome! Perfect late winter trip.

Cami said...

Just reading the committment to run a marathon again made me happy....Can't wait for our long runs again, missed you this morning around the lake

Brooke said...

how fun, espesially Hawaii!