Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who Drives to Texas? Part 8 (Finally!)

Some numbers:

Odemeter at start of trip:

176, 725  (Go little blue van, go!)

Odometer at end of trip:

182, 319

Mileage Grand total:

5, 594

Hours spent traveling:


Books (audio, children) completed by Jessica:


Pages read in Jessica’s paperback book:


Books brought on road trip:

6 (sorry, Ryan, I thought I would have time to read!)

Times pulled over by a cop:

2 (once for failing to switch lanes when cop on side of road, once for speeding)

Tickets received:

1 (for speeding)

Meals eaten in a restaurant in 15 days:


Hotel stays:

1 (Thanks fun family and friends)

Different states’ license plates we saw:


States we drove through:


And now for some non-iphone pictures…

The whole family and the presidents:



Giving proper respect to the home state:


Our Kansas City hosts (Mark and Carie) and the incredible Chocolate Bag dessert:


Faith and her cousin, Luke (Nate’s little boy):


Nate’s twin girls:


Everyone was soooo happy to see Grandma Dorrie:


Cute Sam and Stephanie, hung out with us in both Dallas and San Antonio:



The Alamo…oh! that weather is looking so lovely right now:


Me, Adrianne, my kids, her kids, her brother’s kids and my uncle’s kids:



Lauren in GA said...

I see where you get your gorgeous blue eyes from, Jessica! Your beautiful mom...or as she is referred to lovingly a lot on this blog, "Grandma Dorrie". ☺

I got pulled over recently for failing to switch lanes when there was a cop on the side of the road. I had never heard that I was supposed to do that before...so he chased me down...luckily he just gave me a warning. I also think he stopped me because I had Georgia plates and was driving in North Carolina.

The twins are getting big! I remember a picture of them that looked like they were in the NICU. Looks like they are healthy and strong. ☺

Adrianne said...

You totally made me think I can road trip with my kids. Mario remains doubtful. It was so so so so great to see you, and equally great that ll the kids in that last piture aren't actually all ours! :)

Why did my comment on your previous post not show up? I promise it wasn't inappropriate...

Anisa said...

That looks fun and gives me hope for a LONG road trip. Can't wait to see the post on how you kept the kids entertained the whole time in the car.

Tammy said...

Oh you look so darn cute in my white coat at Mt Rushmore!! Love that, sometimes I forget what I send and then I love seeing it on you. Sounds like such a fun trip! Come read my blog and updates girly!!