Sunday, December 18, 2011

November Summary

Before December is done, I need to do a November recap.  Mostly so I can talk about Faith’s birthday, so here goes:

Faith turned the dumb age of 3 on November 1st and since she basically had been talking about a party for months, I was forced into having one for her on her birthday.  We had a million 3 year olds.  I made Ryan come home from work and help.  It was a total 5th Child Birthday Party:  very loose theme, cheapo store-bought invites, a during-the-party-realization that it was lunch and I should feed the 3 year olds, etc.

It was kind of a Dora party and so they made Dora bracelets:


and they played a kind of Backpack game, and I did a musical chairs to Dora music, and I fed them quesadillas because it’s a Spanish word and I had a kind-of treasure hunt with a Dora thing stuck on cupcakes as the treasure. 

I rule. 


Whatever…she got lots of presents:



I also fed Faith Fruit Loops for breakfast (to be fair, cereal really is her favorite breakfast):002

and I fed her McDonalds for her dinner/family party. 


…where we couldn’t even light a candle so we had a lame birthday song and pretend-blowing-out-of-candles.  At least I homemade the cake.  Being the 5th child does have it’s advantages (siblings who dote on you, parents who slightly know what they’re doing), but awesome birthday parties aren’t one of them.  Sorry, F.  I promise if you keep only turning 3, I’ll do a better one next year.


But I was a good mom, when, on Veteran’s Day, I heard, last minute, about a REALLY cheap entry fee into a ski resort’s water park, I decided just to bag everything and take the kids.  We had a super fun day:


They have a surfing ride that had a line 45 minutes long, but when the worker saw Faith and I watching, he asked if she wanted to jump the line and he’d take her on a ride.  It was really cool:



Seth also lost his first tooth…2 months into First grade is very late to lose a tooth, in case you’re wondering.  It’s the best when you lose it at school, because then you get a cool carrying case and a sticker.  Except then you lose it in the pebbles when you’re tossing it around on your walk home and you have to write a sad little note to the tooth fairy, begging her to pay you anyway.


And we had a cool Family Home Evening where Ryan had everyone illustrate the Tree of Life story from the Book of Mormon:


And then the whole rest of November is 400 pictures of our trip and you’ve already been privileged with those beauties.  I’m sure more stuff happened in November but by December 18th, I can’t remember them.

Yay!  November summary done.

Wait!  Seth was also in the paper for winning the No Cavity Club at our awesome local pediatric dentist. He got a $25 gift card and his own photo shoot:

seth newspaper

Okay, now I’m done.


Lauren in GA said...

When Evan lost tooth at school they sent it home in a ziploc bag. I feel cheated. I want a cool carrying case and sticker.

I said, "Awwwwwwwww" out loud when I saw that little Faith riding on that big wave. She's so brave! And darling, too.

She is kind of mean to turn 3 on you, though. Why must children insist on growing.

I am totally stealing Ryan's Tree of Life illustrating FHE. Brilliant.

I think you were joking when you said, "I rule." But, lady, you totally do.

Tammy said...

You are funny...even though you think it was a less spectacular-crafty birthday still looked awesome and fun for Faith. All the effort we put in for crafts, homemade decor and food is really for the other don't care! They just love an excuse to get sugar, presents and get wild. Your kids are lucky, the boys eat our cereals....pumpkin flax granola, Fiber-Blueberry Clusters and Ancient Grains. ha! They don't even know what a fruit loop is! Might I say Faith may be the cutest kid in the history of the world. :)