Monday, December 5, 2011

Who drives to Texas? Part 6

Oh, San Antonio was SO much fun! We loved getting to stay with my brother, Matt and wife Janelle.

We did the necessary San Antonio things on Monday.

Alamo (where the kids had fun with the "can you find?" paper from the front desk):

Gabe used his $15 souvenir money on this:

Shockingly, Jane was accidentally bleeding from that super safe souvenir within the hour. (nothing violent, just dumb)

I highly recommend the boat tour through San Antonio's famous riverwalk:

On Tuesday, people who had barfed in the night (Emma and Gabe) stayed home with Ryan and had their first brush with Monty Python and the Holy Grail, while the rest of us went to a virtually empty children's museum:

On Wednesday, we hit the awesomest outdoor African safari park, where the inmates got VERY close:

Super, super fun!

We also hit the famous Rudy's BBQ, where it was super fancy. Note the "plates":

It was delicious and Matt sent us home with a bottle of their yummy sauce, so we can have a little Texas all year long.

When I download my regular camera shots, I'll have more pictures of my brother Sam and his fun wife Stephanie, who hung out with us in both Dallas and San Antonio.

Watching cousins play together, long talks at night with adults, and an accidental 6.8 mile run with Matt were other highlights.

Why, oh why, does 60% of my siblings live on the other side of the country??


Rachel said...

That zebra totally looks like he is going to eat Faith's fingers off!! How fun! Your trip looks like it was so much fun and I can totally relate to the after reunion depression. I hate that I don't live closer to my siblings too! I still can't believe you guys drove that long and covered that many states. Insane!

Nurse Graham said...

What an epic trip! And I love that in the pictures people still look happy.

Dave and I visited San Antonio a few years ago and we still talk about the amazing BBQ we had a Rudy's.

Your favorite brother Matt said...

We had a blast. Why didn't our 6.7 mile run getting any press? And please, take 40% of your family out of Texas for me

Lauren in GA said...

Whoa. Giraffes have long, thick luxurious eyelashes. That was a really neat safari park adventure.

Uh...I hope the "accidental" run did not become necessary because of charging safari animals or anything...

Ahhhhhh, Monty Python. Did they quote those hilarious lines during the trip home? "Where?....What? Behind the rabbit?" "It is the rabbit!!!!!!"