Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some Summer Favorites

Favorite new game:



Mexican Train Dominoes.  We learned it while in California last week and it is the perfect game for our whole family.  I ordered it on Amazon yesterday.  Come over and play it with us!


Favorite summer salad (I had it last night.  Wish I’d taken pictures because while the leftovers taste good, wilted lettuce leaves don’t photograph so well):

Mexi-Lime Salad topped with Spicy Honey Chicken

(This is actually my favorite salad for the past year or more.  My cousin-in-law Brooke featured it on her blog a while ago and I added the chicken recipe from Our Best Bites to make it a dinner salad.  It’s my go-to recipe when we have dinner guests because everyone LOVES it.)


Favorite new movie:

Temple Grandin.  It is fabulous on every level:  great acting, great cinematography, well-told true story, MANY lessons to learn about love and difference and hard work and achievement.  Totally ter

Favorite new book:

Not exactly a summer read, but it’s kind of like Freakanomics for parenting and children.  I like it because it’s interesting and gives me things to think about in a different way and apply without a ton of stress. 

Favorite summer snack:


I know, I know.  Every other area in the country has had these for a looong time.  Spokane lags in the food department.  We just got one 25 minutes away and we go every weekend.  I love it because you can indulge with chocolate and treats or go fruity and sugar free and feel virtuous.

Favorite new children’s pictures:



Randi from M Photo again.  Because she’s the best.  We did just the kids, on the day of Jane’s baptism, and I snuck in a few.  Have to show them off.

Favorite Summer Dream:

That I actually can take a half hour every few days to post all of the the fun and funny stuff that goes on around here.  We’ll see!


Kimberly said...

Those pictures are AMAZING. Love it all. And I'm making that salad ASAP.

Ashley C said...

I will be making that salad ASAP. I love fresh mex salads. And your new family photos are gorgeous. Randi did an amazing job! Plus, you have a beautiful family, so that helps. :)

Ashley C said...

Me and Kimberly must think alike.

Lindsey said...

You know me. I couldn't resist making that salad past TONIGHT!!! I loved it. Thanks for the recommendation! The pix of your family are completely amazing. Wow. Esp. of your oldest. Stunning stunning picture!

Lauren in GA said...

All of the pictures are completely amazing. I gasped when I saw the one of Emma. She is so beautiful...and speaking of beautiful...So. are. you. Va va va voom, lady. You've got some nice gams, too. Must be all that running. ☺

Thank you for this post. I love your favorites posts. I glean so much good information...that helps me in my quest to be just like you ☺.

Christie said...

Beautiful pics. Your kids are growing up fast, mama. Don't blink.

And, um, add me to the salad groupie list. Making it this weekend!

Elizabeth said...

We love the mexican train game too!
Your pics are just gorgeous and I love love love your shoes and dress. Wedges are so in hey :-)

Thanks for the salad link too.

Rochelleht said...


Tammy said...

Gorgeous photos, the yogurt looks good...I don't ever go out for that but maybe I should now that I am moving to a more surburban area with kiddies, and you look WONDERFUL. Your hair color, your fitness, your whole seemed great when I saw you. Your kids are such pleasures to be around. I absolutely think you and Ryan are great parents. Those kids are delightful. (great dress)

Abbie said...

Where did you get your shoes espadrilles? I need some and those are hot!

Adrianne said...

I made that salad finally a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing, I loved it. Only Mario told meto eliminate the coriander b/c he thinks he's eating perfumed soap. Whatever. Your kids are beautiful, and I'm so sad I didn't drive the additional 15 hours to see you when I was in Idaho. LEt's plan a vacation together. I'll call you.