Wednesday, June 15, 2011

There’s a reason it’s so cheap

I love where I live because:

1.  It is beautiful:  Mountains, hills, trees, flowers, green everywhere.

2.  My little town is perfect:  well-planned neighborhoods, walking trails, parks, good schools, community events.

3.  It is close to a town big enough to have some shopping, restaurants, events, colleges.

4.  The cost of living is low:  cheap preschool, haircuts, housing, food.

5.  My husband drives 4 minutes to get to work.

6.  I love the people that live here…down to earth, educated, faithful, fun.


I don’t love where I live because:

This is what Field Day at the elementary school looks like EVERY FREAKING YEAR:


on June 15. Pouring rain and 55 degrees.

 On June 15.


sarah said...

you are such a good mom to go help out rain and all. :)

Lindsey said...

I am so sorry. I loved all of those other things to, but in the end, having 45 days of summer drove me completely batty. The good news is, you can find all of those other things elsewhere, but one. GREEN, MOUNTAINS, HILLS, RIVERS, LAKES. I guess in the end, I was happy to give up the green. I just couldn't take it. You are MUCH stronger than me. The month I moved, our heater was still on. We moved on June 20th.

J'net said...

Yeah, seems like June is not great weather anywhere west this year...Try having a shaved ice business n not wanting to show up to shave for a soccer tournament 'cuz people want hot chocolate instead!! BUT there's HOPE, yesterday n today is 98 degrees SO two days into summer n ur coming to visit soon!! Get ready for some heat!! Maybe we can c u guys!

the wrath of khandrea said...

yeah, i won't lie... we were out for a bit today and came in and turned on the fireplace.

in june.

but you know what? I LOVE IT. give me an umbrella and a warm sweater, and i am in heaven. i'm not a sun worshipper by any stretch of the imagination.

Lauren in GA said... least you look really cute in your Roxy hoodie ☺.

Yeah, I'm never much help, huh?

Cami said...

Last year at field day when it was moved indoor I thought it was a "crazy weather year" but I'm seeing that's what I have to look forward to forever!

jessica said...

lame. Lame. LAME!!!!! I am so done with this nonsense!

Annie said...

Boo. would it make you feel better to know it's been the same here? Except (wouldn't you know it?) today is supposed to be 80s. We'll see how long that lasts in New England! Sending summery wishes westward!

Adrianne said...

We spent the 104 degrees at a lovely splash pad with lots of shade and had a fantastic day. But then I came home and tried to go on a walk with my husband and kids at 6:30 and we almost had heat stroke. But you're invited anytime you need some sunshine!

Tammy said...

Hey, I hear ya but come read my blog.....I swear it will turn around your thoughts. :) And I get to see you Thursday and swim in the sunshine of California..yay!

Erika said...

I can't believe you had the nerve to post this and complain about where you live. You know I read your blog - be a little sensitive would you. At least it's not Canada.

Camden said...

June 15 in Plano TX was 112 with 40 mph winds. It was like a convection oven. I love me some summer--but that was a little much! I would love a nice rainy, 60 degree day!

Matthews Family said...

Hi Jessica and Fam,

It is always fun to catch up on what you guys are up to lately. I miss you guys and am soooo excited to see you this year. Yeah!! Also, congrats on your half marathon. I'm proud of you working so hard and improving your time tremendously. You rock!! I so need to get into one of these. I love ya'll tons and miss ya'll!

Shopper Gal said...

I was sad that Seth's field day got rainy & yucko weather. :( BOO!!
But what a great Mommy for going to be there to help & support!!