Friday, March 11, 2011


Yesterday, I spent some time putting together my blog book from 2009.  Being 2 years behind is no big deal, except…those posts are about kids who were so much littler 2 years ago.  It made me sad.  Little 6 month old Faith, 3 year Seth, 5 year old Jane…I was a little teary. 

The fact is, no matter what I do, there’s no possible way to stop them from getting bigger.  They’ll just keep doing it and doing it, until I have no more Littles at home.  I’m sure there will be good things about that, but I couldn’t think of them yesterday. 

So that is why…I didn’t really mind at all when this one:


got a little stomach flu yesterday. 

With a little perspective, I was able to stop my busy and stay home with and enjoy my Almost Not Little boy—reading books, paying games, taking a nap together. 

A little Tender Mercy, I think, that on a day when I was especially mourning my babies, I got to spend a little extra time with one of them.


jessica said...

So funny because I had a little breakdown the day before over the fact that we had to buy my little guy a real bed...I haven't put up my post yet but it seriously is insane to see him in a big boy bed.

I'm so glad I have you who totally understands my growing pains.

Tristan said...

I have those moments all the time too. Especially because Preston is our last and he is already 2.

Christie said...

Thanks for the reminder today. About slowing down AND doing my blurb books. I need to get those done. They are the best. Don't you just love blogging? I am addicted to it. For the blurb books alone.

Lauren in GA said...

I got a flyer (sp?) in the mail from Enfamil (I must have signed up for something free at my many OBGYN appointments when I was pregnant with John...I must have included my baby's due date) and the flyer said, "Your baby is not a baby, anymore." It was an advertisement for a new Enfamil product that is nutritionally designed for toddlers. I burst into tears when I read the flyer. He really isn't a baby...he's so big and it kinda breaks my heart.

I am suing Enfamil for mental cruelty.

Thank you for this post. I needed the comfort of knowing that it's okay to mourn the loss of your babies.

Tammy said... cute! They grow up so fast!

Alisa said...

I have 3 years to do on my blog book but I am so intimidated by blurb. I remember you did a post on how to do it and I still couldn't get it. I know I will get emotional when I end up doing it. Even though there are many days I say " I can't wait until I have more kids in school", I do get sad seeing them grow up.

crystal said...

Oh, I love this post Jessica! I can't look at photos because I get so sad and blue about the passage of time. It's going to hit me HARD when they're all gone. I know-know-know I don't appreciate and savor the beauty of having them with me because, let's face it, motherhood is really HARD! It's next to impossible to slow down, but thanks so much for the reminder.

And please ignore my previous comment in your Sunday post about how I hid in my room today from everyone from 4-8pm.

Cami said...

I cried during our vacation, thinking about all the great ones we took when we just had one kid to dote on...older kids get attitudes about vacationing. :(

Shopper Gal said...

Thank you for the reminder to SLOW DOWN and enjoy the now. It's incredibly challenging with our hectic schedules, but these little people of ours aren't so little anymore (weep, weep!). I do love them so much and who they are becoming, but it still pains my heart how quickly they are growing up!