Saturday, March 5, 2011

February Summary

Here are some of the big and not-so-big events of February…


Not so big:

Everyone got new Valentines shirts for the 1st Day of Valentines.  Here are Faith and Seth in theirs.  Sorry, no pictures of any of the rest of the “days”.


Oh!  Except on Day # 9 (or something) when I took each of them out to lunch.  Taking 5 kids, individually, out to lunch takes quite a bit of planning, calories and cash, but I was happy when they later reported that it was their favorite “Day” of the entire Valentines month.





Faith reminds us a few times a day: “Dis what a mah-key (monkey) yooks yike, Mom!”


At Emma’s parent teacher conference (no comment re:that particular “thrilling moment in my parenting career” in an effort to protect the guilty innocent), we got to see the locker that the ASB decorated for her birthday:




We had lots of relatives visit us this month…mainly to come to Emma’s special temple trip:

Jessica, Emma, Ryan 1

But we had lots of fun with Grandma Dorrie and Grandpa Rick while having our Valentine’s Day Dinner (strawberry crepes):

Valentine's Day

And going to the Children’s museum:



Grandpa Sherrill and Grandma Genie showed up next and we made those Californians go to the park in our unseasonably warm (43 degrees) and sunny (for an hour) February day:


Aunt Bekah came, too.  She is very good to remind us to take pictures when we look our best:

Jessica, Dad, Bekah

Grandma Nut and Grandpa Romney came, as well, and we took advantage of her (and Genie’s) sewing expertise (since I certainly don’t have any) to learn her new sewing machine and create a few projects. 


In other Valentines Day festivities, I was in charge of Seth’s party this year…which meant copying everything I did for Jane’s first grade party last year…which meant copying everything my mom did for her Kindergarten class the year before that. 




Emma finished her big China project, complete with her kimono (my purple robe from college) and homemade fried rice samples:


On the last day of the month, we celebrated Ryan’s birthday.  The only one who seemed to put in any effort was sister Heather, who brought a package full of things that Ryan loves (past and present):004 - Copy

Besides the lemon and lime pies, we had a nice lunch out and a FHE of newly purchased Mario Kart.


Also in the Decidedly Big category…First Friday.  This is the annual costume party that the Albrechts throw.  Check her blog for the full story (the costumes were incredible this year).  But, please, tell me you know what Ryan and I are!?  I was shocked at how few people did. 


On that Super Note, I’ll leave you for today.  Comment powers, activate!


Tristan said...

I have no clue what you guys are dressed up as! I even went and cheated and looked on your friend's blog. I don't get it HA HA!

Love the recaps as always!

Melissa said...

Um, can one of you form water and another form... something else? Wonder Twins? Looks like a fantastic month. :) I love the idea of individual dates with your kids, that is something I really struggle with, maybe if I put it on the February calendar it might happen once a year. ;)

Carie said...

Love the updates of the fam.

(Side note: You are looking quite skinny these days my friend. And gorgeous, as always.)

Elizabeth said...

I have no clue .. but you and Ryan look great in Purple :-)

queenieweenie said...

Wonder Twin Powers...Activate!

You guys are awesome!!!

Brooke Romney said...

Looks like a good month...lots of busy and special stuff going on. I'm amazed at all you do.

Lauren in GA said...

I love Faith's monkey impersonation.

I knew immediately that you were The Wonder Twins!! I loved your costumes and you look sexy, Jessica. ☺ I love how you did you hair (how you gelled the sides to a point) but I am glad that you didn't cut your hair into the pixie cut that she wore. It looks cuter in the bun anyway.

I LOVE Seth's Valentine shirt. Hilarious.

I a glad Bekah reminded you all to take pictures because you look gorgeous in that picture and so does she. (Love your blouse and earrings, by the way).

Shopper Gal said...

I think Ross is still jealous that Ryan can carry off those purple pants :)-
I just love your updates and think it's so amazing you found special time for lunches with the kiddos- way to go!!
You and Emma are just gorgeous!!

Adrianne said...

You know that I am totaly clueless, but I thought you were the incredibles?? But aren't they red? Gabe was just asking me about your pictures and I told him that one was GAbe, who has the same name and he replied "oh, but he doesn't have my same face, right??"

Erika said...

I totally REMEMBER that robe! Makes me miss BYU! Go Cougars!

Brooke said...

What a fun month and fun tradition of going to lunch with everyone.

Sally said...

Look at Faith! oh man. How did she get so big? Isn't she about 3 months old?

So what were your wonder twin powers?

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