Monday, February 7, 2011

This is what happened in January

Nothing.  Which was lovely.

Okay, not nothing, but apparently nothing I felt deserved any pictures, so maybe I’ll just highlight each person and call it good.




Emma competed in a piano competition.  There was an astounding lack of practicing involved, even after an embarrassing rehearsal in front of her orchestra class.  Fortunately (or unfortunately?), she had an amazing judge that really spent a good 10 minutes giving her tips and the second highest rating possible. 

She’s kind of casting around for something to do after school.  She was worried that she would be too busy (this might be the ONLY way she doesn’t take after her mother) and so didn’t sign up for any extra-curricular anything. We are debating a city choir or sewing lessons to fill her time.  As for now, she plays A LOT with Faith and so maybe we should just leave well enough alone?

She’s also growing like crazy (12 next week!). And so Ryan is constantly wondering why her clothes are so tight.  I didn’t buy them that way, I promise…she’s just turning into an almost teenager apparently.  At least she knows how to put clothes together well…cute sense of style.



He had his first swim meet.  He was really nervous, but had no reason to be as he took 2nd in both events (breaststroke and butterfly).  He LOVES swim practices, even when it/s 12 degrees, snowing and he just got home from Math is Cool.

He also feels the need to steal my phone and take 7200 self-portraits.  I find stuff like this: 


every day.

He’s become a huge reader as well.  He’s finished 39 Clues and is on to Harry Potter.  He loves to stay up late reading AND he loves to wake up early to read.  I wish he needed as little sleep as Emma…all these early mornings/late nights have resulted in some forced early bedtimes due to grouchiness.



It’s so funny/pathetic how much she DIES to have any sort of one-on-one time with an adult.  She gets so excited about her 20 minutes Speech Therapy at school and was on cloud nine when she got to go to the Stake Baptism Preview with just Mom and Dad.  Ryan has been spending a few minutes at bedtime with a different kid each night and she’s always convinced it’s her turn.


After a letter regarding Jane’s lateness was sent home last month, she is proud to announce she hasn’t been late in 5 weeks.  Of course there are many tears, and even a few last minute paid rides to school, but we are celebrating around here.


She gets along great with Seth, less great with Emma and Gabe.  My latest argument solving tactic involves sending the disagree-ers out to the COLD garage to “work it out”.  I tell them I’m happy to work it out for them, but since it “drains my energy” they’ll need to restore my energy with a chore.  They usually opt for self-mediating…and the 20 degree temperature in the garage seems to hurry them along.




He really really really really really really really really talks a lot.  Really a lot.  I have no way to properly convey the amount of talking that goes on.  It’s cute and funny.  And exhausting.  (Really.  Try having someone talk in your ear for 4 hours straight.  See if you say, at the grocery store “Seriously.  You cannot open your mouth on more time till we are in the car or you are in trouble.”)  It’s also not particularly socially acceptable, so we are working on when it’s his turn and when it’s the rest of world’s turn.

He also really really really really really really really really does a lot of arts and crafts.  Ask anyone if they’ve ever been around him for more than 15 minutes without him sitting down to cut, draw, tape, glue, or color something.  Look for him in the Louvre someday.




She is SO GOOD right now.  A friend commented the other day “She seems to have really matured in the last few weeks” and it’s true.  It’s like a few rational switches have flipped on in her head and we’ve only had 2 rage-induced barfing episodes in the last 6 weeks.  YAY! 

She is talking like a 3 year old.  It’s so fun.  Honestly when someone who is 3 feet tall with a little munchkin voice says stuff like “I show you how I draw a dog.  Oops, mom!  Dat not a dog!  I sink dat a balloon I draw!” you pretty much want to die of cuteness attacks.

While talking like a champ, we sometimes worry about her hearing.  She grunts “huh?!” about 48 times a day.  It doesn’t sound funny when I type it, but I really think she acts like a 88 year old man, with a cone to his hear (“Eh?!”) half the time.

Cute stuff that I have to record:  She calls all of her siblings “guys”.  Like:  “The guys home from school afer my nap, mom?”  or “Hey!  I hear guys now, mom!”.  She also is big into arguing “Yes you was, Sef!” over and over.  And if she’s doesn’t know something she tells us, “I not know!”  And also, in case you were wondering, “I not Yike that salad, mom!”



Same stuff.  His work paid for everyone to go to a hockey game, with a catered dinner on the floor of the arena.  We left the little kids at home and had a great time. 


He’s exercised every day since the New Year and is pretty proud of it.  Head over to our sports club around 5:30 and you’ll see him riding an exercise bike, with a BIG huge marketing text balanced on the handlebars.


Also, he’s been Mr Fun FHE lately.  We have a guy in our ward, who seriously is one of the best jump-ropers in the nation.  Seriously.  Ryan asked him to meet us at the church and do some demonstrations.  Best Family Home Evening on record. 



I’m doing better.  I think the no-sugar (yay! Down 14 lbs), extra prayers, less computer and counseling appoinments are making a difference, I think.

I truly have the most active, fun group of friends/ward and have a girls night, or a couples date or a recipe group or a play group to go to 3 days a week.  I’ve actually NOT done 2-3 things, in a effort to put my energy where it’s most needed, and Ryan’s been shocked.  Mostly it’s rejuvenating, but I’m trying to strike that balance.

I pretty much wrote the most boring summary ever—was there a single piece of humor in these last 10 paragraphs?  Whatever.  Now I can go cross this thing off my list!


Rochelleht said...

Not boring. Your family is amazing.

Shirley said...

Yes dear Jessica....many funny things and...once again....valuable lessons taught. Thank you. Especially for the "work it out in the cold garage or a chore charge for mediation" idea.

buddens said...

I don't think it's boring at all! I love the snippets of parenting advice, and it's a good reminder for me to see you doing less computer and less sugar - both things I could really use!

jessica said...

I'm so glad first friday made the cut! I love that you guys had Trent for FHE, love that guy...Faith rocked nursery yesterday. Only one slight moment when "Wachel's being mean to me!" but it didn't last long. She wasn't on the floor once! That was a first. Love her.

Shopper Gal said...

Jessica- your family is incredible, unique, funny, intelligent, and LOVED. You're such a great Mommy. I love reading your updates!!

PS: I saw my family in that first hockey photo. So glad our hubbies work together so I get to see MY friend at these events :)

PPS: 14 lbs- YOU GO GIRL!! I'm soooo proud of you!

Elizabeth said...

This is a great monthly recap. I LOVE listening to 2-3 years olds talk. Lulu and I went thru a stage of watching the laughing babies on YouTube and then I kept watching the clips of 2-3 years olds talking ... I felt a bit pathetic so we stopped that but I still want to follow little ones around at the shops just to listen to the. I'm lucky no one had taken a restraining order out on me!

Erin said...

Have you been talking to Spencer? We totally use the 20 degree garage/work it out technique around here too.

How do you have jumprope champions and DDR champs in your ward and at your FHE disposal???

Brooke Romney said...

Glad life is going well/better. Fun to see a catch up. Amazed with all you do!

Tristan said...

Glad to hear things are going better for you. 14 pounds is so awesome! You look gorgeous!

Cami said...

Yes, so boring to be human instead of super-human...That was sarcasm. It's wonderful to hear about normal times too.

Carie said...

Cute. Cute. Cute.

Way to go on 14lbs. That is pretty awesome.

Lauren in GA said...

Your summary was not boring...and I would not think it was boring even if I weren't obsessed with you.

Your humor must come effortlessly because I found humor infused in this whole post.

I had to laugh about how much Seth talks. I used to babysit a little girl that talked non-stop. One day I was totally tuning her out and then I heard her say, "What do you think about that?" I realized I was busted for not listening to her at all so I said, "Well, it's hard to say...what do you think about it?" and then she rambled on again. *Phew*

I love your family. I really mean that. I am glad you are feeling better...I hope you continue to feel better...I got worried when I read, "I think." concerning how certain things seem to be helping.

Tammy said...

You have big tasks on your shoulders...raising 5 kids of all ages, and managing a household and doing a million other things in church, community, etc and being a good its no doubt that it gets overwhelming, frustrating or daunting from time to time. Let it be. Let a little mess just hang out once in a while, as life is not perfect and nor are we. Be selfish and ignore responsibility every so often to spend more of that special time with Faith or Seth, because they are only little ONCE! And be proud of all that you do. You amaze and inspire me, and I know what I'm talking about!!! Love ya

Elizabeth said...

Hello, I was going to email you but couldnt locate your address. I was have done a post that has one of your posts (where you talked about putting your wardobe togeher fopr your New England trip)linked. I wanted to ask if you were ok with that. my Email is bearlulubrooks at Feel free to tell me no ;-)
See you