Saturday, January 29, 2011

I’m fun to be married to…

Texts I’ve sent to Ryan in the last few weeks:


Dec. 26  11:49am

J:  Faith and I just had an episode…sigh.

Dec 26  1:07pm

J:  No one officially released me.  I’m offended.

Dec 30 11:58 am

J: I super love you

R:  Why?

J:  Cause your super easy to live with.

J:  Unlike Faith.

J:  Where’s my Toblerone?

Dec 30 6:22 pm

J:  I’m not exaggerating when I say F has cried 80% of the last hour. We’ve been upstairs doing the “so sad” routine four times.  4 huge barfs in the shower.

J:  She is out of control.  I don’t know what to do.

Jan 4 9:32 am

J:  This is what Seth just said me—“why do you always pick the things?  It’s not very fun. That’s why no one wants to play with you.  Except me.  Cause I don’t want you to be lonely.”

Jan 6 11:07 am

J:  Ask me about the INSANE cuteness Faith just displayed.  One of those moments that makes it worthwhile.  Like I’m pinching myself that I get to witness the cuteness all day long.

Jan 10  4:19 pm

J:  I’m refusing to get out of bed.

J:  What’s for dinner?

R:  Ding how (local expensive chinese place)

J:  You’re lying about Ding How

R: Freak out some more and I’ll have crab flown in from Maine.

J: Freak out is mean.

Jan 11  9:10 AM

J:  SETH just pooped in the tub.  Retarded and infuriating.

Jan 17 5:35 pm

J:  Currently waiting for the cop who pulled me over to check me out.  Cross your fingers.

Jan 18  6:25 am

J:  Just had a slightly heated discussion at pump class with a few ladies re: school bond.

Jan 19 7:20 pm

J;  Please pick up Emma on your way home.  She can tell you why I made her cry while you drive her home.

Jan 20  12:41 pm

J:  Big favor?  Stop at Safeway customer service desk.  Ask for football coupon book?

Jan 21 10:15 am

J:  Seth talks a lot.  A LOT a lot.

Jan 23 11:48 AM

J (after Ryan had taken Faith out of stake conference):  How’s it going?

R: faithandryan

R: good!

J: phonepic7

Hey!  Are you just hanging out in the halls?!

Jan 24 3:27 pm

J:  Dr called.  No visible stress fractures in my legs.  Same advice on no running for three weeks.

Jan 24 3:41 pm

J:  Faith knows about 12, 562 words

R:  Faith is mostly adorable.

J:  Faith was laying on the ground with gabe—“Hey mom.  We texing dad.”


You want me to add you to my texting list??


missy said...

Too funny! I can totally relate on needing the moral support when my daughter freaks out. Sometimes I just call my husband to give me time to calm down so I don't start freaking out, too. :) I laughed at Seth's remark about playing with you. I've been accused of being a fun-sucker as well. Haha!
...And yes, I am happy that we are goodreads friends. :) You are my best source for books. Thanks!

nurse graham said...

Good news about no stress fractures, but a bummer about no running for 3 weeks. Sorry I missed the heated discussion about the up-coming bond. And it sounds like it is a good thing Faith has some really cute moments interspersed with the bad. Thanks for sharing these.

Lindsey said...


Jeanelle said...

Echoing Lindsey - YES! And laughed out loud when I read that Seth only plays with you so you won't be lonely. Hilarious.

the wrath of khandrea said...

i loved every second of this post. my favorite was the freaking out/crab from maine. know why? because we would have the EXACT same conversation, for the exact same reasons, and it would as hilarious as yours was, but then i would still throw in the last part where i insinuate that i don't appreciate his implication that i'm freaking out. because it's mean.

you guys are one of my all time fave couples.
so glad i'm past ANYONE pooping in the tub though.
seth remains my all time favorite kid.
that's all.

Linsey said...

There you go again Jessica, just keeping it real. That's what I like about you.

Erin said...

Hilarious. Seth's taking dropping some friends off at the pool sort of literally is not hilarious. Gross out. Dang kids!

Lauren in GA said...

I know you are fun to be married to because I thought this post was hilarious. I love that Ryan sent you a picture during Stake Conference and you sent him one back. You are an awesome couple. So, so funny without even trying. I think it was a great idea to post this for a record for posterity. It is awesome how you and Ryan are best friends. (I am known to freak out...but heaven help Mike for pointing it out...he will have to deal with whining and tears at that point. Poor Guy)

Lauren in GA said...

Oh, and Seth is awesome. NOT for pooping in the tub...but for being willing to play with you so that you won't be lonely.

Tristan said...

Your texts to your Ryan are similar to my texts to my Ryan. But I have a few that say "I need more money".

Brooke Romney said...

I loved hearing about these. Makes me think I should text more. I'm so old school.

Brooke Romney said...

I totally think you could do the salad with apples and iceberg if you have the rest.

I like iceberg with green apples, craisins, blue cheese and sugared almonds too.

jessica said...

Reason #467 that I need a new that I can text more than three words at a time and take pictures and send them. Honestly you've seen my phone...maybe this post is exactly why A won't get me a new one. Then I would NEVER leave him alone!

BTW I have some sweet pictures that Seth drew for you that he left in my basement.

Jess said...

Send your texts my way anytime, instead of Ryan ;)

Shopper Gal said...

Can you make me laugh any more?!?! I heart texting you!! Thanks for sharing these moments in your day!

Lauren in GA said...

I was wondering...did you get a ticket when you got pulled over...or did you manage to get out of it due to your beauty and charm?

Christie said...

Yes. Please add me. My husband pretends he is too busy to respond to my texts. I'd find poop in the tub highly entertaining. Day or night. (So long as it isn't my kid, that is).

♥Shally said...


Mainly because it made me read back my texts between Zach and me.

IE: Jax is killing me.


Me: Jax is freaking out, which means I am on the verge- Ugh.

Z: Which means take out.

Me: Yes it does. Love you.

Z: How about a new pair of shoes too.

Me: Red ones.

Thanks for the laugh Jessica!!!

Jessica said...

"Freak out some more and I’ll have crab flown in from Maine."

That just TOTALLY made my day!! :-D

Cami said...

Hilarious, heartbreaking and so laughable!

Tammy said...

As much as I cannot completely relate, I totally think and know that you guys are adorable. I love how close you are, and how much you communicate after being married for so long. I aspire to have that kind of love story as corny, goofy, cute, silly as it may be. I love the texts, and yes, Jessica you are totally the COMMUNICATOR.

Margaret said...

Seriously so fun to see a snapshot of your life. Sounds familiar.

anna said...

at least you're not CALLING, right??!! Love it.

Adrianne said...

still laughing. mario needs to learn to offer me take out when I freak out. maybe I freak out too much??