Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bekah’s Birthday

Bekah is…


--the sister I finally got after waiting for 13 years!scan0015

--the family picture taker and distributor

--the family member that regularly talks to everyone.  If you want to know what’s going on with _________, call her.

Wedding 084

--so determined.  There are a few things she’s done (graduated from Running Start when Utah doesn’t really have a program, etc.) that I am in awe of.

--the girl who can grow enough hair that she’s donated it to Lock of Love and/or sold it a few times.

--careful and organized. 

--devoted to her nieces and nephews

Bekah & Kids

--the owner nicest teeth some dentists have ever seen!

--always up for a trip (Switzerland, Israel, church history sights, most of the temples in North America, to name only a few!)

Albuquerque temple 5

--strictly obedient

--an exerciser, a reader, an employee at Church Headquarters, a BYU grad, a flosser, a beauty, a decorator.


(not her babies…these are my cute new twin nieces—daughters of Nate—Aubree and Brynlie.  I wanted to put this picture in because it’s a. pretty of Bekah and b. hello!  twin neices.)

--23 years old today!


Ilene said...

BeKah is:

now Laura's (my dearest friend) roommate.

And while I tihnk that Bekah is beyond lucky to have Laura as her roommate (Laura and I were roomies for 4 years and only marriage would keep me from living with that girl), this post suggests that Laura will benefit as well from the relationship :)

Bekah said...

Thanks Jessica! That is very sweet!

Lauren in GA said...

That is so great that Ilene's Laura and your wonderful sister, Bekah, are now roomates. Did you and Ilene set that up?

I have always marveled at how beautiful Bekah is and noticed those lovely teeth. She seems like the greatest Aunt in the world.

My little sister Megan is 13 years younger than I am. She used to call me, "Mommy" and our mother, "Momma". I betcha Bekah looked to you like a second mom.

Are the twins preemies? My heart sank a little when I saw the feeding tubes. It looks like a NICU picture. I will pray that all goes smoothly. Lots of twins are premature (I am sure your whole family knows that) and there were easily 6 sets of twins while John was in the NICU. They usually fare really, really well. (I'm sure you know that...my heart just skips a beat when I see preemies.) They are beautiful!

Abbie said...

Bekah is THE BEST! I love that girl. Happy Birthday Bekah!

Adrianne said...

Happy Birthday Bekah!!! You were kind of our mascot in high school - adorable Bekah. That last picture is beautiful of you and I need more details on Nate's twins.

Brooke said...

I think Bekah is amazing. I feel lucky to know her. :)

Tammy said...

Bekah...I have so many memories of you during highschool. You were the most adorable little girl always around when we were hanging out with Jessica. You are such a beautiful girl. Embrace everything you can, explore, be present, don't take life at 23 too seriously, and keep flossing! xo