Friday, February 25, 2011

Having a Snow Day is fun when…



It’s the only one you’ve had in two years.


Your kids have lots of silly cousins to play with and a babysitting grandma willing to host for the afternoon.


You have a husband who shovels with you in the quiet, peaceful dark of the early morning.

The sun comes out for much of the chilly day.




You have lots of hot chocolate on hand.


You’d already had a stay-at-home day planned anyway.

You have this cute kid to bundle up.


Kids come in saying “Mom, my face ees fwozen!” and then trot back outside to play again.


You are leaving on a girlfriend getaway the very next day!


Tristan said...

Yay for a getaway! We never take snow days. We send our kids to school in blizzards :)

Cami said...

All excellent components for a snow day.

Carie said...

We just had our 10th snow day this year! But happily I am out of town in Chicago and grandma is home with the kids. Have a fun weekend.

Erika said...

awe... only one day of snow in two years. I CAN'T even imagine that. Have fun on your girfriend trip. Thanks for the invite! xo

Lauren in GA said...

It looks like it was lovely!!

Faith's little frozen face is so cute. I kind of want to kiss her and warm her up.

Have a most excellent time on your girlfriend getaway!!!!!

G and G Nut said...

President's Day and Snow Day were the best parts of last week! So fun to be with all of you. Hope your Seattle trip was wonderful!

jessica said...

Faith's face is killing me on that last picture!!! So hilarious!

Shopper Gal said...

Lil' Faith looks like a kid-cicle :)
I do heart snowdays!!! Hot cocoa is a must :)