Thursday, March 4, 2010

One of those Summaries again

I forgot to blog about the Valentine’s party I did for Jane’s class.  It was no big deal, except I don’t think I’d helped in a kid’s class since Faith was born and all of the children were shocked that I was doing something.  And I took this picture:


My mom (who is a kindergarten teacher) brought all of her Valentine’s Party stuff up for me and I just basically used it all.  Sewed paper hearts, decorated head bands and bingo:


—see?  No big deal.

Speaking of Parties I Was In Charge Of—I put on the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet again.  It had a birthday theme, which was completely awesome, because all I needed for decor was streamers and balloons:


Gabe made this cake (ripped off from Kristin, Laurie and Christie—yay for blogging!), which had nothing to do with the birthday theme:

Picture 035

My friend Michelle took pictures and emailed them to me.  I tried really hard to find a cute picture of myself in my AWESOME scout shirt.  Turns out, surprisingly, I do not look so cute in a tan den mother scout shirt:


We also celebrated Ryan’s birthday with a trip to a Mexican restaurant:


some of his favorite food,

and a house decorated with 35 reasons why I love him:Picture 049

(We also invited ourselves over to the Daines for a birthday dessert.  I made the dessert, but Ryan stresses a little over chaos and noise and he decided that he wanted the chaos and noise at Heather’s house for his birthday).

Random funny pictures of the last few weeks:

Faith getting ready to run with her hat, Mp3 and Garmin watch:

Picture 017

Jane’s Crazy Hair Day hair:

Picture 044

Faith’s Cute Hair Day hair:

Picture 045 Picture 048

Jane's newest sleep aid (that’s a headband):

Jane beauty sleep

Now I need to go clean up my kitchen…or I could borrow Jane’s headband and then I wouldn’t see the syrup dripping off of the counter.  Hmmm.


Brooke said...

What a fun way to spend Valentines. Your mom has fun craft stuff. And yes you do even look good in a tan scout shirt. Thats pretty cool. love you!

Meridith said...

Loved the update and of course all the pictures too. I might have to steal your great birthday gift idea for my hubby's next birthday too. The cake turned out AWESOME!!

friends said...
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Zaundra and Grant said...

You do look hot in your scout shirt! Not even joking. miss you guys.

Rochelleht said...

You're awesome. Casin' you've forgotten. Just a friendly reminder.

Usin' my best grammar here for ya!

Tristan said...

Love the updates! Looks like you've been busy, but having fun!

Scout shirts are not made for women, but I think your rocked yours ;)

Bekah said...

Aahh! Faith's pigtails! Are you kidding me? Those are adorable! I can't even stand how cute and big she is! Love the updates! You guys are too cute and fun! And why didn't you post the picture of Seth's purple eyebrows?! I about died when Mom showed me the picture! HAHAHAHAHA!

Tessa said...

Jessica, LOVE the den mother outfit. Girl, you can rock that look :)
Love reading your updates. You're such an amazing Mommy! See you at Boot camp!

the wrath of khandrea said...

i once accepted a cub scout calling with the clear understanding that i would never, EVER wear the shirt. this is a true story.

gab said...

I am still recovering from last night's Blue and Gold. And I wasn't even in charge or wearing a scout shirt. Go You!

queenieweenie said...

Girl, you ROCK the scout shirt...I'm just sayin'.

Adrianne said...

I'm with Ryan - Mexican food and noise and chaos at someone else's house. Here they don't even let the parents into the kids' school. Maybe I should be grateful???

Lauren in GA said...

Blue and Gold is coming up this month for us. I am so pushing my Cub Scout to make that cake. It's genius.

What are you talking about? You look totally cute in your Scout shirt.

I like the 35 reasons you love Ryan idea. I think I will rip that idea off of you, too.

Reading your blog is like a fact finding mission of great ideas for me to blog lift. Thank you, my dear.

Ilene said...

Laura's in pigtails too.

I took pictures and was excited to blog about it. But that was in January and now it is March. I really need to get out of this i-don't-have-the-energy-to-blog stage.

brooke romney said...

Fun update! Thanks. I too am in Cubs...I look just as hot in my yellow den mom shirt!

G and G Nut said...

Tell Gabe that his cake is AMAZING!!

elizabeth scott said...

LOOKS LIKE THE BLUE AND GOLD WAS A GREAT SUCCESS. (: Ive been thinking about you this week as I am running. I want a Garmin. Cool cake and loved the romantic bday gift idea.

Erin said...

Tell Faith that I am jealous of her Garmin.

Tell yourself cute, cute party and I can't believe that you've put on the B&G banquet more than once. Sheesh.

Robin said...

I am going to copy your 35 reasons for my husband's birthday - but it will be 48 reasons! (ack! 48!)