Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Extra-curricular, extra-fattening, extra jobs Summary

Last week Jane:

Picture 075

performed in the halftime show of the elementary school staff basketball fundraiser.  She was completely and totally awesome.  I would include a video, except you probably won’t watch it .  (Grandparents, ask when you come to visit!)  She remembered all the moves, did them with style and jumped so high.  She’s never taken dance, but she should!

We were there, literally, from 5:20 until 8:20 and we left an hour early.  (There were actually performances and auctions EVERY 8 minutes and it was excruciatingly long.) Especially when the kid on the left wants to get out of the bleachers every 73 seconds and the kid on the right was wapping all of our neighbors in the face with the pom-pom things.

Picture 077

Emma, competed in the 5th grade math team competition.  The Math Team required 2-4 hours of after school practices and 4 hours of extra homework.  It kind of wasn’t fun, but we were so proud of her for sticking with it.  Look how smart it made her:


We apparently like to take pictures of food around here:

Jane brought home a pie cookbook from the school library and begged me to make one with her.  Here we are with her Lemon Cream pie.  (It was really yummy):

Picture 053 

Emma won a coloring contest at Papa Murphy*s and got the family a free pizza last Friday night.  (Thanks for helping me stay in budget, Emma!)  

 Picture 095 

And I went to an Appetizer Lunch at a friends house and made things Chicken Wings and thought they looked so perfect that I made Ryan take a picture of them.  SO YUMMY.

Chicken Wings

And Faith is in Screaming When You Don’t Get What You Want Rehab (thanks, Meridith, for the 45 minute Love and Logic for Little People session).  She’s actually been more enjoyable this week after a looong Monday morning.  In the meantime, we thought we’d show you why we keep her around:

Picture 052

(We start ‘em young on the job chart at the Romney house!)

Between the food, the dancing and the Rehabilitated 16 Month Old…maybe our house is a fun place to be?!


Tristan said...

K I need a post on the rehab for Faith. Preston is 14 months old and starting that screaming thing...ugh! Help a girl out please ;)

Those wings look better then ones you would order at a restaurant. You were right to take a photo of them.

the wrath of khandrea said...

yeah, need the wings recipe. skip is addicted to wings, but the restaurant ones are so unhealthy.
love your hair in the lemon pie shot. i wish i lived a teeny bit closer. i would photograph your food all the time, and then you could make you a cook book for xmas. since i don't, you should go ahead and find someone else to do it for you, because you really should make a cookbook. i'd buy it.

the wrath of khandrea said...

i meant to say "I" could make you a cook book for xmas. not you could make you one.
1. "you could make you" is just poor grammar.
2. me implying you should make one before offering to make one for you seems selfish. i try not to be selfish.

the end.

jessica said...

How fun is it for me that I get to take part in all of your yumminess and funness. I have a great pic of you and the kiddos at the game, I will send it over pronto!

Adrianne said...

I need the love and logic lesson as well. I'm still waiting for you to start your food blod. I have actually almost picked up the phone many time to call and ask what you are cooking, I so want you to provide me with your weekly menu.

G and G Nut said...

Jane, Emma, Jessica, and Faith - We love you and are so proud of your accomplishments this week. Tell the boys we love them too and will be watching for them to even the score next week.

Lauren in GA said...

I would definitely watch Jane in the halftime show...in its entirety...just sayin'...in case you want to post it...you know...in your spare time.

Whoa, that math team is serious buisness. That really is something that Emma stuck with it. Great job to her!

I agree with Andrea...you look very beautiful in the pie picture and I would totally buy a cookbook written by you. She would take some splendid pictures.

Yes, feel free to post the wings recipe. As president of your fan club I would definitely cook them up and give you credit.

Meg said...

I heart love and logic, food, and those cute earrings both you and your daughter were wearing! :)

Rochelleht said...

I only got three things from this post: Pie, Pizza and Wings. Oh my.

Valynne said...

Those wings look awesome. And that is seriously one of the highest compliments I could give because wings are one of my favorite foods on earth. And I am very picky about wings.

Christie said...

Her putting the silverware away is the BEST PICTURE EVER. I love her little diapered bum, the arm not quite reaching the drawer - love it. Such a moment captured.

J'net said...

Isn't that what HOOTERS is popular for?
Chicken wings... CUTE girls?!?! U would be hired!!!
TOLD U that Faith is 2 yrs toddler--
going on Emma's age...
The youngest gets the trump card for "FAMILY ENTERTAINER!!" Keep the pictures coming!!
The pie looked SO yummy and u even cook in your DRESS clothes... WOW!! Just like Julia Child wearing her PEARLS when she cooked!! IMPRESSIVE!
Thanks 4 blogging! It is a nice part of my day!! Aloha n happy St. Paddy's Day wishes of jolly-ness!! DID u guys have green food ALL day?

elizabeth scott said...

The pie looked yummy. If you start a food blog can you do a section on celiac cooking and low fat yummy cooking ideas. I am struggeling with the cooking at my house lately. Looks like the kids are all happy & busy. You are a great mom.

nurse graham said...

How cute do you look in your apron holding your perfect hotwings platter. I'm jealous.

Tessa said...

Can you be any cuter?? Love the apron & wings. Where's my invite? :)
the pie looked yummers!!!

Anisa said...

I need the 18 month old screaming when you don't get what you want teaching... where do I get that?