Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Heard around here lately

Funny stuff that grandparents and Blurb books like me to blog about:

Jane, during a Primary lesson about the resurrection (referring to the fact that her body will be made perfect upon resurrection): 

“Mom, that means I’ll have to pierce my ears again!”

Seth, while playing with one of the neighbor girls:

“Kylynn, you have to say to me: ‘Husband you look very beautiful in that dress!”

Faith, every time she sees our fish swimming in it’s bowl:

“baa baa baa” 

Picture 059


Gabe, while observing Jane and her friend Eden, sledding down our stairs:

“I hate to tell you, but that’s not even close to a respectable luge.” 

(Because he’s such an expert and everything).


Emma, on her latest poster assignment for class: 

The Lepricauna

There was once a lepricauna

Who liked to sit in a sauna.

The steam got too hot.

So he fretted a lot

And now he is a gonna.


Rochelleht said...

I think it would be quite impossible for your kids to be any cuter than they are.

Lauren in GA said...

I LOVE them! I love them all.

...respectable luge...he kills me...

I love that you allow sledding down your stairs. If we had stairs I know we would perfect our luge form daily.

Lauren in GA said...

I forgot to mention that I am totally impressed with how Jane made that connection...

Cami said...

Very fun.
Love the limerick

Tessa said...

Gabe's comment totally cracked me up! Love it. :)

Abbie said...

I love that color on Seth.

Bekah said...

HAHAHAHA! Are you kidding me? Those kids kill me!!!!! Oh my goodness! I'm laughing my head off! That picture of Seth! That just adds to his repertoire of ridiculous pictures! Oh those cute and hilarious kids! I love and miss them TONS!

Camden said...

I am laughing out loud at Gabe! And "now he is a gonna!" Priceless stuff. They will thank you one day for recording this. i should know, i just called my mom on Sunday to tell her that very thing.

Tristan said...

Now that is some good laughs! You have such cute cute kids! :) I think Seth's is my favorite.

You can tell him that I think he looks beautiful in his dress!

jessica said...

Umm...Duh...everyone knows that Gabe is the resident expert when it comes to luge. Oh and I'll send you any doctor bills that result in luge at your house.

the wrath of khandrea said...

i spit on the screen when i read seth's comment. HOLY CRAP, THAT KID KILLS ME!! no kidding. he is such a character.

if my kids were as hilarious as yours, i'd have five of them too!

oh. wait. i do.

Matthews Family said...

Paige and I were laughing together while reading about her funny cousins. She asked if she could see pictures of them. Miss ya guys.

gab said...

Emma clearly needs a blog!

Kristyn said...

Hi! I'm delurking to say that I saw your post and read about your strict new budget and I couldn't get past that line. I've been married for a few years now and we always good intentions but can never follow through! How do you guys make and follow your budget??! Seriously, I'm dying to know the real deal on how people do it!

Kristyn said...

Um, I meant to write I just saw your LAST post. And that we always have good intentions, not we always good intentions. I swear I can write a coherent sentence, most of the time. :)

rachel said...

... and now he is a gonna.

that one kills me, so CUTE!