Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why you should move here

Last night we had our annual Neighborhood Cookie Exchange.  As people came in, I asked them to write down “My favorite thing about living on this court is:”

These are some of the answers (and accompanying pictures):

Having the Romneys are neighbors. (the author is a teenager pictured below, so I’m thinking this wasn’t super sincere). Or the giant pile of snow at the end of the cul de sac.”



Never having to lock our doors.


that Seth feels comfortable enough to “let himself in” to any house on the court.”


Living next to the best neighbor I’ve ever had.”  

Having at least 5 babysitters within pitching wedge distance.”


The Romney cookie party (people have to say these things, they’re at our house, after all).


My kids never say they are bored.”


“All the toys we collect without ever needing to purchase them.”

All the kids to play with.”  (This answer was written down no less than 8 times…it is the best part of this court).

It was crowded and loud (a lot like our street in the middle of summer) but we wouldn’t have been anywhere else


Tristan said...

Now that sounds like a fun night! I'm sure you are fantastic neighbors!!

Shirley said...

Belive it or not, we still get homesick for Liberty Lake and it has been over 7 years (unbelievable)! This post doesn't help......BUT I love hearing how happy you are there. So if we EVER move back we are moving to YOUR court!

Annemarie said...

That is a great tradition...and I would LOVE having you as a neighbor.

Kirbell said...

Sounds awesome! Any houses for sale on your cul-de-sac?

Lauren in GA said...

Those are all wonderful things. I wish my boys had a pack of kids to run with...especially in the summer. Our house was built in 1955 and this neighborhood has many of its original residents (no lie). We are, "the family with all of the kids." (I only have four, sheesh)

You are awesome neighbors...I can tell. I mean, the Romneys rival the pile of snow at the end of the cul de sac!

Ilene said...

I remember that snow pile on your cul-de-sac. That was wild.

Let me guess, there isn't a house for sale on your court, huh?

Ben and Brittiny said...

What a GREAT reason to decorate for Christmas!!! Have your GREAAAAT neighbors over! We lived on a Knotts Landing Cul-de-sac once and we LOVED it!! Enjoy the Christmas season w/ ALL that it involves w/ 5 happy kids! (this is A. J'net on Brit's computer...)

Linsey said...

There is no substitute for good neighbors and I'm sure you guys are top drawer in that department.

Christie said...

Tell me that is not a plate of no-bake poo cookies on your counter. Someone DID NOT bring those to a cookie exchange. Really?

Mucho apologies if they are yours. But I feel compelled to fly out there and give a mini class on easy cookies that look pretty. Tell your neighbors I will book my flight and the class is mandatory for all.

gab said...

Hahaha, Stie!

I think I gained 3 pounds from the photos alone.

jessica said...

um...people should lock their doors...HELLO! Your car got stolen! I still can't believe you thought we took it as a joke! And you don't have to live on your street to have Seth let himself in. He is known to cross busy streets and walk five blocks to my house....all by himself. I would love to live in your court, but I will settle for five blocks away.

Terra said...

oh what a great idea and reading the answers was cool too!!!

rachel said...

You'll let us know when there's a house for sale on your court, right??