Monday, December 7, 2009

The “My kids are hilarious” Summary

You’ll notice these are all taken with my iPhone.  My camera is somewhere in Northern California.  If you live there, could you mail it to me?  Ryan will never buy me an SLR if I keep losing my cheapy point and shoot.



is now ONLY walking.  I didn’t get sad about crawling, or choked up on her birthday.  But walking?  I can’t even see her do it without getting a big lump in my throat.  She is now a Toddler, not a Baby.  How sad is that?

She’s also talking—new words include:  “sahks” (socks), “shiz” (shoes), “wa-wa” (walk-walk, what she says as she breaks my heart), “bey butta” (Belly button), “eye”, “ah-fay? ee-oo” (Where’s Faith? Peekaboo!).  Yeah, she’s a genius.



Holy Cow.  Have I ever mentioned that the guy is HILARIOUS?  I could go on and on with the stories.  Here’s one:

We were at tithing settlement and he had disappeared.  We went into the bishop’s office, without him, and were halfway through when he busts in the door, breathing heavily.  “There you are!”  he exclaims relieved, (like we left him or something).  “I was looking all over for you guys and this big man tried to make me go to the other Primary! (the other ward was meeting at the time) I told him ‘I don’t go to that one!’ and I got away!”  The bishop and all of us burst out laughing. 

He’s also obsessed with the chimney:

S: “Mom can I go down the chimney?” 

Mom: “Um, sure”

S: “Yay!” 

minutes later:

S: “Hey Mom.  Where’s the chimney?  I can’t find it.”

more minutes later:

“Hey mom.  I found it.  It’s weally high.  You meed oo help me get up there.  Okay mom?  Okaaay?  OKAY?!”

and a few minutes after that:

“Mom.  I just said to Dad about the chimney.  He thinks we don’t have a chimney!!  In weal life we do! Mom do we have a chimney for real life?  Because if we have a chimney in real life, wight this minute, I going to smack dad in the face.”

We need to take this guy’s act on the road.

Ryan and Jessica are partying it up!  In 9 days time, we have a RS party (mentioned previously), work party, 2 friend parties, a ward party and a neighborhood party.  Look how cute we looked for the work one: 


(thanks to Calie, my cute young friend—22!—who owns this boutique, Coco, in Spokane and hooked me up!)

--Good thing Emma’s so cute,


because she’s kind of falling apart.  She has lost 2 retainers and has now lost, then found, then lost AGAIN Retainer #3.  She also has/had pinkeye and got sent home from school on Friday, had to miss her Activity Days movie party and can’t wear her contacts till she heals.  That girl is blind as a bat.  She was cutting out sugar cookies, with her nose like 2 inches from the dough so she could see what she was doing. 

--Gabe, obviously,


needs a haircut, but he’s afraid of me cutting it too short, because he has the third longest boy-hair in his class.  And that’s apparently something to be proud of.  He and Jane (of course!) missed the bus and had a very cold bike ride to and from school on Friday.  When he got home, he complained he couldn’t feel his chin.  Love and Logic at it’s finest, I tell you, because you should have seen the scrambling that went on this morning as the bus neared. 



despite Friday’s frigid showing, actually was 4 for 5 on making the bus last week.  That’s the best she’s ever done (and it’s November)!  She has a loose tooth that she’s been praying (literally—I was scolded 2 days ago for forgetting to mention it to the Big Guy in our family prayer) will fall out.  She and cousin Elise were working like crazy last Sunday on their loose teeth and Jane just about died of jealousy when Elise actually got hers out.  She’s taking to following Ryan around the house with pliers.  We’ll keep you posted.

Man, am I happy when I get these summaries done.  You, too?


diane said...

Now that is a party outfit. Your hair looks gorgeous.

rubberbandgirl said...

I like these summaries and here's mine:

rubberbandgirl said...

Faith is beautiful!
I cannot stop laughing at Seth out loud.
You guys look awesome. Your outfit is adorable.
Sorry Emma's got it rough.
Finally: you as a parent?
I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy.

Carie said...

Cute cute cute.

Lauren in GA said...

You look so GORGEOUS in the work party picture!!!!! Fabulous, daaahhhhllinnng!

It is sad that Faith is a toddler, just seems so...sudden.

You have such great kids. I loved hearing all about them. Seth is hilarious. Did he smack Ryan, "wight" that minute? you have a chimney?

Brian wants to lose a tooth so badly, too. Hopefully the Tooth Fairy will have to fly from coast to coast to gather teeth from both of them very soon.

Rochelleht said...

Your kids kill me. If Grace and Seth ever got together, heaven help us! There would never be a DULL moment.

Lisa-Marie said...

okay, i know this post is supposed to be about how cute and funny your kids are. yes, they are both of those things. but, i just have to say that the song, "all you need is love" is now in my head. after seeing you in your HOT outfit, the first thought that came to my mind was, "no wonder they can make it through all these job situations. jessica is so hot. i guess all you need is love." hence the song.

and in reality, i know that having faith, and food storage, and savings helps, but seriously, ryan is one lucky dude.

and i want to know too. do you have a chimney?

Lisa-Marie said...

ok. novel over.

Tristan said...

You look hot in your party outfit!

Love the funny stories about your kids!! They are too cute and too fun!

Linsey said...

Cute kids, HOT mama!

Heidiram said...

I love your funny stories. And you look SMOKIN!

Christie said...

Oh, that is the best story ever on Seth. Can you just picture some well-meaning man trying to coax your straggler into the other ward's primary? HILARIOUS because he got away. Best summary ever.

the wrath of khandrea said...

seth needs a crash course in love and logic.
"it's a bummer you lied to me about the chimney, dad. i'm so sad that i won't be able to trust you anymore. i am willing to help you find some opportunities to earn money, however, to pay for the counseling i will need as a result of the broken father/son bond."

brooke romney said...

Fun to catch up on your cute kids!

rachel said...

How stinkin cute are you?? WOW! You look great. Share your secrets...

I'm hosting another bow giveaway. Thought of you... :)

rachel said...

Oh your kids are all SO cute! you look so so so cute in your party outfit.

crystal said...

Oh, I actually LOVE the summaries! Seth's primary near-kidnapping experience is so funny! And yes--the walking makes me weepy, too.

Max won't cut his shaggy orphan hair, either. I miss the faux-hawk days.

You look BEAUTIFUL in the party photo!

Ilene said...

I want that skirt.

Seriously. Can I get one when I am in Spokane?

Tammy said...

You look great!

SindiRoo said...

Hilarious and darn cute too!!!!! Love the family picture at the top of the page.