Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This is the Perfectly Boring Recap of our Perfectly Wonderful Vacation


The exit:

Picture 096



Can you see how broken up I am about leaving my kids?







The places:




Beautiful Connecticut (I don’t know why I didn’t take one picture of the 4000 gorgeous homes and trees that we gaped over out the car window).











Picture 166




New York (after a rainy ugly morning, the sun came out for our evening adventures)












Boston (from the Bunker Hill memorial)










Plymouth Rock.  See the actual rock behind me?







Picture 174






  Amish country, Pennsylvannia








Picture 176 


Gettysburg (the beauty of not traveling with kids:  we finished early with the Amish folk and decided “hey, why not drive an extra hour and see Gettysburg?”)






The people:


Picture 103





The Johnsons—every picture with Carter, looks like this.  We had so much fun talking and driving and eating.  Though we don’t know how they could leave such a beautiful place, we’re hoping to have them closer in the near future.







Gabi was so sweet to invite us to stay at her house.  Even though she had seminary in the morning.  And 4 kids to prep for Halloween at school.  And a Halloween party to put on. 

She’s the uber-hostess….gift baskets and breakfast spreads and talking till the wee hours.



   Picture 145





  Annie (and her sweet, indulgent husband) met us for dinner in Boston’s North End.  While we felt they were wildly more educated and sophisticated, we loved our conversations, Annie’s Boston tips and G’s tidbits about the mafia in the North End.





Picture 168




My cousin Abby, is my type of girl:  the type who knows the place she lives in, loves it, and is willing to explore with two kids in tow.  Despite the pouring rain, Abby made New York interesting and fun.  Plus, she’s got the cutest over-priced, 2 bedroom apartment in all of Manhattan.





The food:

Picture 136



4 completely unrelated sources told me: “Get the cannoli at Mike’s.”  Holy cow.  It was the yummiest dessert I’ve had all year.  We went back the next day, for the awesome Italian, Boston accented service, as much for the sugar.









Notice the cop and the fireman behind me at Regina’s Pizzeria.  While the pizza was good, it was the rude waitress and the clientele, that made this the perfect final Boston culinary experience.










Here I am in front of the oldest continually running restaurant in the country.  Paul Revere ate here, and so did we.









Picture 169


For lunch in New York, Abby took us to Shake Shack—best burger EVER.  For dinner, Abby took us to "L’azzo’s” the only U.S. pizzeria certified by the Italian government.  For dessert, we went to this creperie, where we got the one with nutella, ice cream, strawberries, whip cream, nuts, bananas and chocolate sauce.  Ryan and the plastic waiter would like you to try some.






You thought we were done with food in New York?  Oh no, for second dessert, Abby served us these amazing peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes.  Also, raspberry and chocolate.

Yeah, I’m adding a few miles on the treadmill this week.




The transportation:

Picture 117 


  The subway is my new favorite mode of transportation.  You can read, talk, text, surf the net AND hear the latest in gangsta rap—while riding in complete vehicular safety. 







Picture 128 





I LOVE seeing a city using my own two feet.  There is nothing as fun as taking in the architecture, the shopping, the history, the people at a walking pace. 

Plus, it’s the only way I could still fit into my jeans at the end of my trip.




The activities:









The Freedom Trail—here we are at the end.  It was my favorite activity of the entire week.






Picture 121 


Here’s me with our guide book.  I read every word.  Seriously. 


I LOVE guide books.







Picture 122 





Ryan didn’t quite share my enthusiasm for finding the graveyard with actual British bullet holes.

I know, what is his problem, anyway?







Picture 137 



  Paul Revere’s house was super old and super cool.










Picture 148 







We loved Charlestown and the Bunker Hill monument.  Notice Ryan’s creativity in facial expressions—he was apparently getting pretty tired of the picture taking.









We stayed at The Kendall Hotel, a converted old fire station, in Cambridge.  It was darling, had good food and a super nice wait staff.  It was our only hotel stay, and we loved it.







Picture 154 

We met up with the Johnsons at Plymouth Rock.  This is the Mayflower replica that we toured. 





Picture 161 


The Metropolitan Museum of Art—short stay, but so worth it.  Someday, I will go to New York and spend 3 days all by myself in that place.




Picture 162 


So I literally CRIED, because I was so thrilled to be watching Wicked on Broadway.  It completely lived up to all the hype.




Picture 167 



We found Ryan’s true doppelganger.  Of course, he’s a male model on a store window in NYC.



Picture 171 



Intercourse was a little disappointing, I must admit.  (The Amish town in Pennsylvania, people, where are your minds?)  We did enjoy this tour of an Amish home and farm house…situated approximately 20 yards from Target and Kohl’s.




Picture 176 


All of Gettysburg was incredible…loved the museum, the film, the cyclorama—and the fact that Ryan wasn’t interested in the doing the 24 mile driving tour of the battlefield.





This was such a good thing for us to do.  I looked forward to it for an entire year.  It was beautiful, educational, relaxing, invigorating.  Not that I needed a reminder, but I sure like the guy I married. 

Perfect, I tell you.  Every minute of it.


Abbie said...

Come back soon! I had so much fun! Forrest and I were just talking about how we needed more time to talk to you two about politics, morals, and cookbooks.

I think I need to go back to L'asso soon. That was so good.

PS Ryan, thanks again for pushing the stroller through the rain puddles on our scenic route through Central Park. Stupid rain.

the wrath of khandrea said...

i'm not sure if i've already clearly expressed my feelings on this trip...

J'net said...

WAY WAY happy 4 u 2!
Ur jacket looked AMISH w/ the buttons... Did u dress for that day on PURPOSE?
I loved the smiles on ur faces, bet HAWAII would keep u smiling too! How did ur MOM hold up? Every married couple w/kids should have a mom SO thoughtful!!

Ilene said...

You look fab. The boots, the sweaters, your hair- all so sophisticated. I want to go back East one of these days but not until I can get my wardrobe in order. I will have to go to you and Diane for help.

While I loved our vacay to Kauai, you definitely don't go there for the food (blech) and so I am completely jealous of your culinary experience.

Laurie said...

FINALLY, we know Ryan's weakness!!!

Did you seriously just write that on the worldwide web?

diane said...

I enjoyed your travel pics. You look blissfully happy.

Cute outfits too. Love the handbag.

rubberbandgirl said...

Ok, so several things...
I would have searched for bullet holes with you.
The Met! Wow, right? Three days, definitely. I did 15 hours (different days) and still didn't see it all.
How do you look so incredibly gorgeous the ENTIRE time?

Linsey said...

Sounds, looks and I'm sure tasted idyllic.

buddens said...

I'm so glad you got to go - we LOVE New England - we lived there for 8 years and just barely moved, so we're a little bummed (especially knowing how awesome the fall is there that we just missed.) I'm impressed with how much you saw!

Rochelleht said...

Ah, I love those places! We ate at Regina's too. LOVE NYC. Jealous that you saw Gab. She's great, huh?? Never done Gettysburg. I'll have to hit that one of these days. I haven't had a couples vacay in a while. Hmmm...

Brigitta said...

Oh what a fun filled vacation. My kind of trip, lots of walking and eating. Love that part of our country. Yeah for you guys!!!

Christie said...

Okay, a little mad and jealous that you got:

1. Gabi
2. Annie (and G!)
3. Mike's cannolis' (TWICE!)
4. NYC
5. Wicked

ALL IN ONE TRIP. If I didn't like you so much, I'd probably hate you right now.

kara jayne said...

perfectly perfect recap...seriously!

it made my heart ache a little for all those places i've seen. it's been way too long. could you send me your travel itinerary so that when we go we can have it mapped out for us? i'm serious about that too.

the thing i'm MOST serious about is how amazing you look. i need some major fashion help right now and it seems to me that you are exactly where i want to be. perfect easy, classy, updated style. tell me all your secrets. i'm style impaired!

i'm so happy you got to go on that amazing trip...and that your kids got to miss you...it's good for them.

Lauren in GA said...

Jessica, I loved hearing about all of it.

When I first clicked on the post and saw that first picture I thought, "She is so beautiful."

I agree with Ilene...I love your clothes and you look very, very stylish and sophisticated!

I can't believe your cousin actually lives in Manhattan! She is adorable and sounds very fun.

I am very impressed that you read your entire guide book...but of course, how else would you have found such amazing things like actual British bullet holes in that graveyard?

Does Ryan scrapbook the pictures he's had taken for his modeling portfolio?

Tammy said...

I was overwhelmed looking at the fashion, sorry...but yes the trip looks amazing. You look PHENOMENAL. So cute, so thin and so stylish. See, the boots tucked in with scarves and drapey cardigans is uber fashionable....you look like you are in a magazine! I love it. Ok, could not tell which jeans are the ones I sent, but you will have to fill me in. You both look so happy. I am thrilled you got to GET AWAY!!! YAY

Tammy said...

I was overwhelmed looking at the fashion, sorry...but yes the trip looks amazing. You look PHENOMENAL. So cute, so thin and so stylish. See, the boots tucked in with scarves and drapey cardigans is uber fashionable....you look like you are in a magazine! I love it. Ok, could not tell which jeans are the ones I sent, but you will have to fill me in. You both look so happy. I am thrilled you got to GET AWAY!!! YAY

jessica said...

Everything sounds perfect! You really do look fabulous...now I have to kick it up a notch being your friend and all...

I'm glad you are back! I really missed you.

zeeny said...

Oh how I love Boston, the freedom trail, cannoli, the accent, the small town feel in the big city...what's not to love! I'm so jealous!! Glad you had so much fun...but so sad to see you so heart broken over leaving your kids!!

elizabeth scott said...

I was so excited to see all the fun pictures and read all about the trip! I've been excited to hear all about what you saw. It all looked FABULOUSLY FUN!!!!

Meghann said...

Wow, I am super impressed with everything you accomplished!!! Even Adam (who is go-go-go) would be impressed. AND you guys both look like models in all the pictures. I LOVED reading about the food, those cupcaked looked A-MAZING!!! Oh, and thanks for bringing me dinner tonight. As if you don't have enough going on this week!

brooke romney said...

Way cool trip and so many fun friends. And, you look AWESOME...great boots, scarf, wish I could wear fall clothes.

Lisa-Marie said...

I'm eating a cookie right now, as I read your post and it doesn't taste so great after seeing how amazing you look! I must stop eating cookies. Really, you are beautiful. If it weren't for all the pictures you were taking, you wouldn't have looked like a tourist for a minute.

I'm happy you and Ryan had such a great time. You and Ilene are really making me ache for a spouse only vacay.

Kimberly said...

Your trip looks amazing, and so do you. I'm impressed by both your travel and fashion-while-travelling skills.

♥Shally said...

SO fun.

SO jealous!

Did you get in trouble for taking pics in the theater before Wicked? Zach totally did. He is not very good at being sneaky though...

You look great by the way!

Todd Snyder said...

You're going to cause our divorce if you keep rubbing this in.

Nikki said...

I would prefer an exact copy of the vacation and a huge credit card bill than a divorce :) I am green with envy down to my toes, but glad you got such a great experience.

Tristan said...

I am so completely jealous!!!

gab said...

Great recap! Next time skip the Intercourse and spend more time here.

Celia Fae said...

I had to scroll all of the way down for a steamy Intercourse comment, and it comes from Gab and is perfectly harmless. Maybe your mother called you. Mine would.

You look hot. I'd do you.

Celia Fae said...

p.s. I covet that green sweater. Send it to me, please.

Meg said...

I love so many things you just posted! So many. Wicked. NYC. Amish country (I've been to intercourse too. The city. It's tiny isn't it?!)

And I have dreams of going to Boston and to see the Mayflower (since I have ancestors that were on it).

And could you look any more fabulous! Every picture was like one out of a magazine!

Holly said...

What a perfectly wonderful trip!! So glad y'all had the opportunity to have a trip without your brood (not that you don't want to travel with them but every once in a blue moon it's nice to be just the two of you I'm sure).

I'd L-O-V-E to visit Boston and NYC someday--and y'all got to do it in one fell swoop.

Thanks for sharing all the pictures and tidbits. Love your sense of humor!

Holly said...

Oh, I forgot to say how FAB you and your wardrobe looked. So stylish and hip.

I fear I am too schleppy for the East Coast.

Nae-nae said...

Ah...I miss Boston! Mike's Pastry's is definitely one of the best bakerys ever.

Penny said...

I'm so glad you had such an awesome trip, and to say I am jealous would be putting it mildly. It seems your mom survived the week too. ;) I want to see more pictures soon! And yes, you do look fabulous!

Language Learners said...

Not that you need another comment on your excellent trip wardrobe, but I expect an email with store names and brands of your scarves, green sweater and boots. I don't live near you anymore so I can copy now. :) I love husb/wife trips- the best, the best.

Laura Alvord said...

So glad you guys had fun. A little R&R without kids is ALWAYS needed.

Randi said...

i'm kinda in love with your boots.

Jeanelle said...

seriously, could you and your husband be any better looking? What a fun trip...so glad you got to take it. And I bawled my way through Wicked too (although not on Broadway.) It's just what you do!

heidi said...

i don't know if you will even see this comment since it will be number 40! for real, that's a boat load. but you look amazing. simply amazing. you don't need fashion help. you wrote the book. i am tempted to do bangs now. and big earrings are so you. i want them to be me too.