Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In review

First, we had Halloween.  Some people have Halloween pictures that look like this.  We have these.

Seth was Prince Caspian.  We’re always happy if he chooses Prince over PrincESS.

 Picture 182


Faith being a monkey.  So true to life:  strong, climbs everywhere, screeches constantly and makes everyone laugh.

Picture 200 

Don’t ask Jane what she is because a) she doesn’t know (she keeps saying Hollywood Rock Star, but it was really a Hollywood Starlet)  and b) she say it like this:  Hollywood Wock Stawh and no one can figure out with that lisp what she’s saying.

Picture 186

We think Gabe was a little disappointed when the Indian boy costume came in the mail.  His skinny, pale frame did not compare favorably to the strapping brown skinned model.  He may or may not have been called an Indian girl at some houses while trick or treating.  Darn those big eyes and dimples.

Picture 196


Then, we had Faith’s birthday.

Here she is on her birthday table.  I didn’t even cry setting it up.  I think I’d successfully stuffed all sadness at her growing over and over that I was able to deny all sorrow.  I’m new to this whole “blocking emotion” thing; it’s surprisingly effective.

Picture 002

She's really close to walking.  On her birthday, she was up to 5 steps.  (You don’t even have to tell me how darling she is, because, seriously, she oozes darling.)

Picture 007

Here she is opening her presents.  Guess what?  She couldn’t care less about these toys now, a  whole week after receiving them.

Picture 015 Picture 034

Here’s her cake.  Don’t look to close at the lettering.  Or anything else, for that matter.  The picture makes it look cuter than it actually was.  

Picture 041


Here’s the craziness that results from getting together with the Daines for parties.  Can you even believe that these children are the result of only TWO families?

Picture 051

This is my favorite picture of her trying to eat her cake.  She couldn’t figure out how to navigate such a big hunk of food.  It was hilarious.

Picture 062

Then we had “The Campaign”

Here’s Ryan on his first official ballot for city council.  He won.  Without putting up a sign, attending the debate or even voting for himself.  He’s a little busy right now.

Picture 067


Then I flew to Utah for my brother’s homecoming and my pretty cousin Sydnie’s wedding.

The pretty cousin:


Me and Faith at the wedding.  Notice how blurry Faith is?  Yeah.  That’s cause SHE NEVER STOPS MOVING.  EVER.



After the homecoming:


Ryan’s brothers and sister in law, lucky me, are also good friends with my brothers, so they came up to the homecoming and lunch after.  We had such a fun time talking and eating:


Now I’m home and because it’s Veteran’s Day, in the middle of the week, on a gray and rainy day…my kids are making me nuts.  I’m going now, so I can put them to bed…and catch up on all the TV and blogs I’ve been missing.  Priorities, people.


Tristan said...

Faith is a year old now! That is so crazy!

Cute Halloween costumes!

diane said...

So I won't mention Faith...but I will mention how darling you are.

Christie said...

She DOES ooze darling. And so do you. How do you look that good after that many kids? What is your secret???

gab said...

So what is the birthday table? Have you posted about it before? It looks cute!

So do you and your family!

♥Shally said...

I want more info on the birthday table too... well maybe not if it is too hard. ;)

Before Halloween people would ask Serae what she was going to be for Halloween and she would respond, "A WOSE" No one understood. She started yelling it everytime she was asked as if people just weren't hearing her. :)

zeeny said...

I can't believe it's been a year since Faith was born! Time goes so quickly...I'm already telling my two month old to slow down! What a fun Halloween as well!

Terra said...

Faith does OOOOZ darling and I mean that! That face should be in print!

GWACK said...

We have the same issue with our Will as you do with Seth. He walks around in his older sister's pink, plastic dress-up shoes all of the time, even outside riding his bike. I figure at 3 this just means he's well-rounded. :)

So cool that Ryan's on the city council. Fun Halloween pictures, too!

Ilene said...

Faith is adorable. I like stating the obvious.

I miss that LL city council and well, everything there. I wouldn't mind coming back one single bit. Any job openings around there?

Lauren in GA said...

I loved your review. I kind of need to update my blog *ahem*.

I can't help myself. Faith is so, so darling. I love her shoes in that picture where you mentioned she was up to 5 steps of walking. Diane would be so proud.

The big eyes and dimples on Gabe are pretty amazing. I am sure he didn't really like being mistaken for a girl, though. Curse those amazing features.

I love your humor. I am also glad you still have your priorities.

Zaundra and Grant said...

1. Faith looks so tired and cute in that picture on her birthday table.

2. Seth is the cutest Prince Caspian and every picture I see of him makes me laugh!

3. It was so great seeing you and talking, I loved it and can't wait until Thanksgiving!!!

Anonymous said...

Ryan makes me absolutely SICK! When Zaundra told me last night that he got elected for the city council I said to her "how does Ryan have a full time Job, 5 kids and a wife, church callings, MBA school, and a position in the city council?" I know everyone thinks he's so hard working and amazing...personally I think he's psycho! If I were him I would go to sleep and never wake up!

P.S. Because I don't have a trendy blog account you will have to take a wild guess at who this is.

Brooke said...

Great costumes, and how fun to see family. Miss you guys!

Jacki said...

Sam looks terrific! And so does everyone else!

the wrath of khandrea said...

is anyone ugly in your family at all? i mean AT ALL? ANYONE??? surely there's a fifth cousin somewhere with buck teeth and acne??

Rochelleht said...

I can't believe your baby is a year old. Amazing. And SOOOOO cute.

Tammy said...

That was a lot of updated! Grace is gorgeous

Tammy said...

That was a lot of updated! Grace is gorgeous