Thursday, September 3, 2009

When you have a birthday …

it’s good to have a mom and a dad.

1.Moms make sure you have your favorite meals

  Picture 084

2.Moms talk your dad into spending money on a bike and lunch out, even before “The New Job" is official

phonepic3Picture 073

3.Moms make you awesome (Peanut Butter Cake cake found here):Picture 075Picture 080

and slightly less awesome (it’s a wagon wheel, alright?!):

Picture 085

birthday cakes.

4. Moms keep around the 4 boxes of dress up clothes so that when you have a “Pioneer Party” (his idea, not ours), you and your siblings have plenty of clothes for period dress.

Picture 106 Picture 086


1. Dads have the sibling that is the mother of the oh-so-fun Daines cousins that are integral to each birthday celebration

Picture 032 (Emma’s party….didn’t take one for Gabe)

2.  Dads know Mom tends to over-do parties and so decides to take over

Picture 099

3. Dads provides Pioneer games such as Watermelon Spit:

 Picture 107Picture 108

Jump the Snake:

Picture 103

Drop the Cowboy:

Picture 097

Musical Wagons

and Make Your Own Paper Bag Cowboy Vest:

Picture 092

4.  Dads remove earrings stuck in your ears, in hopes that your 4 year old will provide better comprehension than your 3 year old year did.



What a team, right?


krista said...

My favorite difference is at the park. Moms socialize and follow their little ones on the dangerous equipment. Dads run around, chase the kids, and then someone usually gets hurt but the kids don't care. They love it because Dads are so much fun!
However, we do need the balance, moms and dads are both great in different ways.
I love the dad birthday parties you throw, less stressful and more fun. Way to go Ryan.

Christie said...

Yeah, dads are cool, but sometimes they're like having another kid. Moms definitely are the best.

Ilene said...

Job or not, going out to lunch will always be Jessica's idea.

I want your cake.

My job for the birthdays is to reign in Dan who would set up a carnival if he could. And make a damn good cake.

Tristan said...

Moms feed the kids vegetables and Dads give them candy all the time. Moms help with the homework and Dads read the bedtime stories. We could go on and on with this. ;)

My favorite is when the start football player makes the winning play he says "I love you Mom!" Even though it was probably Dad who threw the football back and forth with him for hours. he he he

jessica said...

I love the Pioneer party...only Seth. Earrings...stuck...what? That kid has had more things stuck places than any other kids i know.

Oh and from one party planner to another...Ryan you did good!

Lauren in GA said...

Well, at least the earring wasn't up his nose, right?

I happen to love the wagon wheel cake. Very nicely done.

Team Romney is utterly fabulous!!!

Brooke said...

What a fun b-day, I wish I were there. How did Seth come up with that?

queenieweenie said...

what a cute birthday idea! i don't know how well it would go over her in ca. though

Rochelleht said...

That is the cutest birthday ever. Except that all your birthdays around there are the cutest ever... It's tough competition.
Congrats on the new job. Sounds like you get to stay, which, I'm sure is wonderful.

Adrianne said...

I'm curious/afraid of what your game outline would have been if that was the watered-down version.

We need to talk on the phone so I can get the full update.

Meg said...

What an awesome party!