Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Summary

(I’m so glad I actually take pictures once in a while because that’s the only way I have any memory of the stuff we do.  So according to my camera, this is what we’ve been doing:)

Picture 004


  We went to Jane’s Kindergarten Center BBQ.  (In our area, our schools are so overcrowded that our kindergarteners are bused to a center.  There are actually a lot of plusses about it.)  In the background you’ll see Jane’s teacher, Mr. McCaslin leading the sing-a-long room.  She loved him.  All of the other kindergartners were jealous that Jane’s teacher played the guitar in class everyday.  And had a soul patch.  For real.  Lucky for us, we have a CD now, so we can listen to Mr. McCaslin for the rest of our lives!




Picture 015

This is, as you can no doubt tell, despite the lack of black-face, Sacagawea.  Emma’s awesome school puts on a wax museum program.  They freeze, like wax figures, and then the parents walk around and animate them.  They tell the story of their historical character.   

Note to future 4th grade parents:  You really like listening to YOUR child’s presentation, you kind of like listening to the kids in your neighborhood and then you spend the rest of the hour animating the kids that you feel bad for, because they are just sitting there frozen, staring at you.




Picture 027



This is Seth’s preschool graduation.  Yes, we were very relieved that after the dismal assessment showing, he was allowed to graduate preschool after all.  Phew.   I made some graduation cupcakes but they a) tasted yucky and b) looked no where close as cute as the picture on the website I copied.  I hate that.




Picture 032



This is Faith’s newest toy:



(I wish I had the guts to just leave it at that, but for the 3 of you out there who might be horrified:  she was on the counter in her Bumpo, while I was cooking 2 feet from her.  I heard a crash and saw that she’d successfully removed the knife from the knife holder.  I had the camera close and took a picture.)


Picture 035


I made some awesome chicken satay the other night.  I remembered that our friends, the Seligers, make really good Thai food. The entertainer/cook in me couldn’t help but organize Asian Night.  We had Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and this awesome Chow Mein cake (courtesy of Jessica A.):Picture 036

and LOTS of fun.





Picture 038


This is our Last Day of School celebration, at Doug and Marcy’s pool.  It was lots of fun till the HUGE lightening strike.  At which point we scurried the kids out of the pool and huddled under the deck, hoping it would pass.  It didn’t.  Ah, Spokane in June.





Picture 039

This is Gabe, post MRI, yesterday.  Looks like the Valium was talking, here.  His arm that had the bone infection is bugging him, so we’re taking precautions.  My mother’s intuition tells me it’s not a recurrence, but I wish I knew why his back, arm and neck have been bugging him so much.  Any ideas out there?






And for the grandparents in the audience, this one could be labeled either What Happens When We Don’t Feed Faith Fast Enough or Why It’s Awesome To Be Born Last and Have An Audience:

So that’s what the camera says we’ve been doing.  Summer’s here and for the first time ever, I’m a little terrified.  I usually look forward to lazier days and vacations, but the mess and noise of 5 kids is really freaking me out.  Wish us luck. 


the wrath of khandrea said...

i have to wonder if gabe is hurting because you've been a little aggressive with the naughty pinch lately. or maybe faith has secretly been stabbing him with her playthings.

elizabeth scott said...

Love that baby face! I want to squish her and kiss her! Not too much longer and we will be playing at the cabin! Read good books to keep your mind off the mess.

Teri said...

This is really A. J'net...
Don't know how I get Teri up on this??
Have you tried a chiropractor for the actively growing child who may need an adjustment, I'd go that way first... And as far as summer "worries" that's just excitement! Get some big buckets and store "stuff" in those and organize them next fall when you have school again and an older baby... This summer should just be fun 'cuz it's going to happen SO fast! We are already at July 4th in a WEEK!! And the longest day of the year flew by yesterday under the disguise of "Father's DAY!!" Thanks for sharing the fun pictures and great ideas of a "younger" generation!!! Aloha!

Ilene said...

Laura got a knife the other day too. No cameral close enough for me to take a picture.

Obviously, I am a rookie compared to your blogging greatness.

By the way, your legs are way skinny. It must be that Asian food.

Rochelleht said...

I totally want to make that Chicken Satay, but I think I'll wait until I'm at my real house with all my accessories...

My Jane looked just like your Emma on her living museum day. Only, she was Crazy Horse. Hmmm... Something wrong with that picture.

Meg said...


Another small world didn't tell me you knew the Guy family. Did you know that Heidi and Jeff used to be in our ward in Eugene 5 years ago?

I put that connection together today when they visited our ward. They totally laughed when I said I don't really know you other than through Ilene, your blog, and as one of the "Tracy girls". They are so out of touch. Please set them up with a blog so I can stay up to date with them.

And, please show them the "barf training video". I can't believe I have guffawed over it and they haven't.

:) Meg (Margaret Hansen)