Thursday, June 4, 2009

Elements of an Awesome Third Grade Titanic party

This is what you’ll need:

a costume:

Picture 189

a cute face to use it on:

Picture 191

delicious, fancy looking food, that 8 year olds will eat:

Picture 193 

pretty place settings:

Picture 199

a classroom decorated like a boat (notice the portholes, the life preserver and the captain):

Picture 197

superb wait staff:

Picture 200

a maitre d’ that also sings “Danny Boy” for entertainment:

Picture 201


a hot chick to waltz with (I use the term “waltz” very loosely):

Picture 207

And maybe, if you do all of these things…you’ll get a thank you note that goes something like this:

Dear Mom.  Thank you for coming and severing (sic).  I did not think I would like it when you severed.  (Well, who would?) But I liked it.  And That’s the way Ah-Ah I like it.    Love, Gabe. 

(The third grade does this every year and it is incredible.  The kids get so excited and really learn about the Titanic, etiquette, turn of the century history and dress, and their individual persona.  I’m grateful my kids go to such a great school.)


Christie said...

That is seriously the coolest class party I've ever seen. I feel gypped. All we have is the second grade zoo where kids bring stuffed animals and put them in cages. We're moving there NOW.

diane said...

My daughter's AP English class is having the dance of the decades next week. They were assigned people to research and write essays about from the 20's through the 50's. She got Doris Day which is type casting. They dress as their person, their report is the dance pass and then it is party time. They will learn dances from each decade. Fun stuff.

I'm glad your son enjoyed your severing technique. Did The Titanic sink during the party? Because I'm sure the kids would enjoy reenacting that part too.Plates crashing, screaming...

Linsey said...

What a terrific idea -- The food looked great and hose decorations are fantastic...this is public school right? You are far and away the best severer I've ever seen!

Ilene said...

I, for one, would like any of your severed refreshements.

Brigitta said...

that was so kind of you to severe. What an awesome party.

Lauren in GA said...

That is a fantastic school, indeed! I love the portholes on the windows and the decor.

Gabe is an amazing young man. I love how he wrote you, "That's the way Ah-Ah I like it." He is going to be an amazing blog writer one day.

Nothing wrong with severed food in my humble opinion.

Carie said...

I like it, ah-ah.

Especially the idea of teaching etiquette. My kids need lessons.

queenieweenie said...

What a CUTE party...and you make a sexy "severer".

Erika said...

love it. so funny - and that Gabe is quite a looker isn't he... even if his mom does show up at his school to help out.

Laurie said...

It's all because you used to "sever" back at Ruby River.

That is a seriously cool class party. I'm pretty sure our school isn't that cool.

Hazen5 said...

No Way! That was awesome, I am jealous and I am 36 yrs. old.

♥Shally said...

I told the other Jessica that I totally want to move to your neighborhood! That looks like so much fun.

Hollyween said...

WAY cute. I love the fake portholes. And how Gabe said 'and that's the way ... I like it'. SO FUNNY. He must be a ham.

Can I ask a weird question? What is the definition of 'sic'? I mean, I've sort of grasped what it means, but it confuses me. And I've seen it thrown around lately. Am I stupid? Please explain.

The Hansen Clan said...

But thank you note ever... what a cute kid and a huge compliment to mom! I am already looking forward to that party!

Bridget said...

This really is the coolest party idea. Love it. Its making my "Under the Sea" kindergarten party I am planning for next week sound really lame.

Laurie said...

Okay randomness. I just watched Will Ferrell on "Men vs. Wild." Am I the last person on the earth to notice that your husband looks like Bear Grylls?

G and G Nut said...

I love your mustache and goatee!!

Lisa-Marie said...

Holy Moly, awesome party! I was just sure that you had planned the whole thing until you said it was a third grade tradition. but no one would have been surprised if it were your baby.

That Gabe is funny. and cute.

Lisa-Marie said...

P.S. My run was fine. I'm still working up to the 5k. I know. Pathetic. Don't let me chicken out.

Plus, I'm doing a tri this summer. Ikes. Wish you were here to kick my rear into shape!