Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Checking the Summary off of my list

It’s time to bite the bullet.  Has anyone noticed that I write a long catch up post and then do a ton of little ones, and then take forever to get back?  That’s because I never feel like I have the quiet I need to really compose something, and so I put it off and it just seems bigger and bigger and once I finally do, I’m freed to do a bunch of random posts. 

Man.  That last paragraph was boh-oh-ring. 

So here I am, tasked with a big catch up post, with kids not due to wake up or get home for 20 minutes.  Can I do it?  Oh, yes, because I am nothing if not fast.  (Ask Ryan.  My bathroom clean-up times are legendary). 

Here we go…one super speedy catch up post:


Here’s a picture I took with my i-phone, while I was driving one Saturday to the grocery store.  If you look closely, you’ll see Emma and cousin Mallory, biking to Albertson’s with a wad of cash in their hands.  You and I are equally surprised to see my daughter miles from home all on her own.  While a little jarring, it was fun to see how big and capable she is, and she and I are dreaming of a summer of independence, because she’s so super responsible and old.

Picture 153

While I looooove Faith’s bumpo chair, I would not recommend it as a bath apparatus.  As the water filled, the bumpo floated and quickly dumped Faith over the side.  Lest you call the cops on me, I was closely supervising and provided a quick rescue.

For everything else though, that thing works miracles.  She is so much happier in it than anywhere else.  You just have to stay close by when she’s on counter tops, because, like other Romney siblings, she is a) strong and b) super wiggly and can work her way out if given sufficient motivation.

Picture 159 Picture 160Picture 162 Picture 167 Picture 174 Picture 181 

Here are some pictures from cute Jane’s 6th birthday.  It was kind of a dream come true because it included:

a) crepes for breakfast

b) presents

c) a bike (that she rides constantly and looks super teeny on and LOVES because she can go as fast as her siblings and has resulted in the most torn-up set of knees that keep getting reinjured over and over.)

d) a pool party at Aunt Marcy’s house (she’d actually been begging me to take her to Aunt Marcy’s pool and, no lie, Marcy randomly called and invited us to come for a pool party ON JANE’S BIRTHDAY.)

e) a huge Costco cake (okay that was a dream come true for me, because I didn’t have to make it)

f) a evening on the rides at Riverfront park with just the big girls

Picture 211

Here’s Emma with her cute piano teacher after their recital on Saturday.  She was the last one on the program…and you all know what that means, right?  As any self-respecting daughter of a piano teacher (moi) knows, you put the best players last.  And she did very well.


This what happens when I tell Seth, “Go get ready for Meghann, she’s coming to pick you up for preschool.”  That’s him, on his big wheel, with his backpack on and hair slicked down.  I watched him big wheel right up to her car door as she pulled toward our house.  Apparently, despite his not-so-impressive Home Co-op Preschool Three Year Old Assessments Given By A Bunch of Moms, he’s excited to participate. 

phonepic3 Picture 221

These pictures are proof that we

a) are fun parents

b) are beyond excited that a super warm spring has arrived to the Inland Northwest

We’ve been taking bike rides and hikes and drives to the Lilac groves and long evening walks every chance we get.


Here’s reason #811 that I love my i-phone: Super sly pictures of my kids giving talks at church


Here’s proof we (as in the adults, Ryan and Jessica) are still cool.  Last night, we sat in our friend’s (picture above) cool living room, watching a cool sunset, drinking cool soda, while listening to cool live music.  I know.  You’re wishing you were as cool as us.


And lastly, here’s Faith sucking her toe.  Like it’s her thumb.  Does that affect my orthodontia' bills?

And my kids just got home and of course someone’s crying and someone’s arm is hurting and someone’s asking me if she can darken her face for her Sacajawea costume, so I’m done trying to form coherent sentences for awhile. 



Bekah said...

I cannot even stand how adorable you guys are! You think I would get over it and just expect it as your sister, but really your family is so fun and fantastic! I can't wait to see all of you when you guys come next month and squish and kiss all your cute children's faces! Love you guys!

G and G Nut said...

I'm sooooo happy to see that the tooth fairy post was not your parting shot! I do think your iphone is a distraction, however. Love those little (and not so little) Romneys in all their various activities. Very fun post!

G and G Nut said...

Okay, Bekay, how did you beat me???

diane said...

My son once dressed up as a famous football player, black face and all. I kept apologizing to his etnic friends wo said they thought he was funny. He was in High School. Not funny.

queenieweenie said...

Toe-sucking-now there's a pleasant pastime!

Lindsey said...

Have you checked out the bumbo tray??? A most awesome accessory that we are using a lot as well!:)

J'net said...

Great SPEEDY blog! Love those kind 'cuz everyone is involved and doing their thing and growin' up!!
Happy Spring heading into SUMMER days!

Laurie said...

Love your summaries, and really loved this one.

Bumbo--no go for us. Pete's legs are too fat.

Christie said...

I like the proof that you are fun parents. I'm going to start pointing out those types of things to my kids. Then maybe they'll stop complaining at how bored they are.

rubberbandgirl said...

Faith must be an angel.

Jenibelle said...

Add Bumpo chair to Grammibelle's must have list. Check.

Hollyween said...

We're similar bloggers you and I. Ya know, the big and then the many littles... with the breaks in-between. But your breaks aren't as long as mine. And your posts are far more clever. And you have more kids. So maybe we're not similar bloggers? Who knows.

Your children are adorable. Skinned knees, toe-sucking, piano playing, and all.

July works for me. E-mail me so we can nail down a date.

Erika said...

you're an inspiration... in so many ways. #1: you're an awesome mom and even though you don't think so, I think you have it remarkable together. #2: I now own an i-touch (can't get phone coverage out here) becasue of your previous post #3: your kids will look back on this blog and realize how much their fun mom loved them one day - and all the time she devoted to them instead of becoming a professional blogger.

Laura Alvord said...

Your family is gorgeous. Our ward is changing so much and we miss you guys A LOT!

julierhea said...

I love your blog! Did you know that you were published in the June issue of Real Simple for your idea about how to live with little? :)

Lauren in GA said...

Oh, I missed you so, so much while I was supposedly near death or stroke due to high blood pressure.

I read (and commented on ;) ) both of the posts I missed and I just have to say, your kids are so hilarious and so great looking.

Seriously, Emma looks so beautiful and grown up in that picture with her piano teacher.

So...for my detailed comment I would like to say...

Great use of the word, "boh-oh-ring"...but, daahhhhling...nothing you say is boring.

Also, I am impressed that your bathroom clean up times are legendary. A mom has got to have skills like that.

Good thing you rescued Faith from the Bumbo tipping over into the bath...I am too booked to call the cops today...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Jane!

You and Ryan are so, so cool. I do spend a considerable amount of time wishing I were as cool.

That toe sucking picture is hilarious. Faith is strong, beautiful and limber.

Adrianne said...

It's actually physically paiful for me to read about warm weather activities when I'm freezing. One of the difficulties of living in an opposite-climate area.

I miss you, call me so we can chat.

Bridget said...

Jane is so cute. Any party that has a Costco cake though I am totally there.

You don't need to prove that you and Ryan are cool parents. It shows.

Yeah for warm weather in the NW! Couldn't agree with you more.

Ilene said...

Loving your updates. Now I know to keep my bumbo out of the bath tub.

The monthly summaries are a necessary evil. Thank you for making yours so entertaining.

the wrath of khandrea said...

emma's face is changing. she is looking older.

the toe sucking is so precious! and i rarely use that word.

elizabeth scott said...

The Bumbo chair one in the bathtub made me laugh. Faith is getting bigger and cuter every day. I bought one of those chairs for Blake and took it back the next week because his legs were to chubby for it! It makes me laugh now. Thanks for the email on the apps! Love ya!