Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top 10 things we love about our new 10 year old.



(the author and the birthday girl)

1.) Emma has creative flair. She loves being elbow deep in beads, glue, ribbons, tape, string, scissors, paper or anything that she can use to create her works of art.

2.) Emma knows how to give a thorough scrub. She can turn any pile of debris into a pristine space. If I need a job done thoroughly, I turn to Emma before anyone else.

3.) Emma is active. She loves riding bikes, scooters, sleds and her wave. She is one of the 1st ones out the door on sunny days, and is surprisingly coordinated and agile.

4.) Emma believes in Jesus Christ. Emma has the faith to choose to live Christian principles even when it would be easier not to.

5.) Emma is thoughtful of others. She consoles her younger siblings when they are sad and is sensitive of the feelings of those around her.

6.) Emma has pizzazz. She loves to style and accessorize. I love seeing how she adds boots, belts, and bows to boring outfits to make them “pop.”

7.) Emma is uber-capable. Need your kids watched, your breakfast cooked, your oil changed? We got your girl. If you can explain it, she can do it.

8.) Emma gets to the bottom of it. Whether reading a book or eavesdropping on mom and dad, our girl doesn’t miss a thing. Her comprehension of social situations, scripture passages, or anything nuanced is unparalleled.

9.) Emma loves music. She brings music into almost every room. She can easily be caught tuning in her favorite radio station (103.1 KCDA), singing a song, playing the piano or listening to her mp3 player.

10.) Emma makes me happy. She begs me not to leave in the morning and cheers when I get home at the end of the day. She is generous with her affection and eager to please. I love her for being such a perfect mix of loving attachment and curious independence.

Happy Birthday Emma!


Bekah said...

Happy 10th birthday to my adorable, smart, fun, sweet niece! I love you!

Ilene said...

Ah, lovely tribute to your girl.

I'm not surprised at her high level of coordination. You guys have been training her on DDR for awhile now.

Funny, that list could easily be applied to Emma's mother as well...

rubberbandgirl said...

Sweet post, especially coming from Daddy.
She's quite the kid.
Happy Birthday!

Anisa said...

THat is so sweet. Happy Birthday, Emma!

Momza said...

What a sweet Mommy. Happy Birthday to your big 10 year old!

Lauren in GA said...

Happy Birthday Emma!!

From everything I have read (on this fabulous tribute post and other posts I have read here) I must concur...Emma is an amazing person!

Laura Alvord said...

Emma was the most wonderful little 5-year old when I taught her in Primary. Dave and I were so impressed with your and Ryan parenting skills. Good job on raising such a beautiful girl.

EMMA said...

Thanks daddy!!!

fom the girl herself.

Brooke said...

Happy B-day Emma!
Hope it was a good one!
We love you!

jessica said...

I love that girl! My favorite thing is how Emma STILL gives me a hug EVERY time I see her. The kid has known me for how long and she still likes me! She's even see me be really mean to my kids....wait maybe that's why she's so loving to me....she's SCARED of me!

Happy Birthday Emma DEAR! Hugs to you!

Jenibelle said...

Everyone needs an Emma, could you work on cloning her?

My favorite was that Emma has pizazz, what a fun compliment from a dad, and does he realize how much $$$ that pizzazz is going to cost him when she's in high school?

Happy first double digit birthday Emma, you sound like one terrific young lady!!!

AMY said...

I always new she was a great girl!

Abbie said...

And she is the best fast dancer I have ever seen. She is also one of the reason Forrest was so excited to have a girl - "maybe we'll get a little Emma." We love her.

G and G Nut said...

I'm so sorry I missed you on your real birthday. Love and concur with all the things mentioned about you.
We love you and will see you in March!

Bethany said...

Sometimes when I'm talking to other Moms and Emma is around, I'll forget she's even there and then she'll pipe right in with relevant, smart comments. I'm like oh hello Jessica! I mean, Emma!

Adrianne said...

Um, I want to wish Emma happy birthday but I can't get over the chock that she's 10!!! Two digit age!! wow.