Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Summary with (a few) pictures

Last Sunday we started the 14 days of Valentines with a few boxes of sugary cereal…on Fast Sunday.  Everyone, surprisingly enough, decided they would be “fasting lunch”.

Monday everyone got their Valentine’s shirts, but you’ll have to wait till they wear them for Valentines day for a picture, as we hadn’t received the camera yet.

Also on Monday, Jane and Seth played this awesome new game.  It goes like this:Picture 037

yeah.  They’re playing “Dead”.  I’d highly recommend it.  They 1)don’t mess anything up 2)don’t fight about anything 3)are completely quiet. 

On Tuesday the kids got haircuts for the third day of Valentines.  (Little Tip:  delay any basic purchases – hair, underwear, socks—until you’re doing the 14 Days of Valentines.  You save effort and money and they think it’s a big present.) 

Usually I have the presents/certificates ready when they wake up, but that day I didn’t.  Each child asked me approximately 12 times when they were getting their present.  Because I was just lazing around, doing nothing all morning, you know.  The last time they asked me (I was walking down the stairs to print it out), I totally lost it: 

“Do you know how rude it is to ask for presents?!!  Did you think I was just piddling around the house with nothing to do, forgetting about your thing?!  It makes me not even want to give it to you!!” 

And then I threw the paper at them:  “Here.” 

It’s a really sweet tradition.

On Wednesday ( Valentines treat: Airheads …is there a single cheaper thrill for kids?  It never ceases to amaze me.), Seth had a grocery store field trip.  When I got there, he had won the distinction Kid Who Ate Every Sample They Handed Out At The Grocery Store.  My kids:  they might be shameless Present Beggers, but those kids’ll eat anything.

Thursday I went to my parenting class.  Yes.  Taking Love and Logic again.  This time my perfect parent sister in law, Heather Daines, is teaching it, and so maybe it will last more than the duration of the class.

On Friday Gabe had his potlatch (the culmination party for the Indian unit he’s been doing).  I took this picture of all the stuff he brought home and he asked if I could put a video on the blog with him explaining each thing.  I told him no.  You’re welcome.

Picture 038

We also had the Daines girls spend the night and true to Daines form they slept from 1:30 to 6:30.  They made “gorilla poop” and “slept”  on mattresses on the floor.

Saturday for the Whatever Day of Valentines, I took the kids to the children’s museum for their “Blood and Guts” presentation.  I got to hold the 10 lbs of fat that I’ve lost in my hands, and frankly, I was quite impressed with myself.  Faith and I had a traumatic fall down the stairs (Faith, seriously flew through the air…hideous) but she’s no worse for the wear.  

The kids dressed in sports gear, Picture 006

Seth wouldn’t leave the water area Picture 010

and Faith tried to row the Filipino boat out of the Filipino  village.Picture 013

For our date we headed over to the Paul Mitchell school’s fashion show.  We are friends with the owners and thought it would be something different and we had a lot of fun.  Ryan looked especially fashion-forward with his beard:

Picture 033

We also got our camera on Saturday and have been making up for lost time with the Faith pictures:

Picture 019 

Faith in her new (borrowed) Bumpo chair.  






Picture 022



Faith sucking on her bottom lip…which is her favorite thing to




Picture 024


Faith with her leg warmers on.  I know:  Out of Control Cute.







Picture 035

Faith, pinked out, for our Sunday walk. 






The end.


Paige said...

Love it all, thank you for the pictures!

andrea said...

it is uncanny how much your children all resemble each other.

and love the beard. i would call it sexy, but that might be inappropriate.

slightly worried about the visual i have of the fall and the flying baby. but since you said all was well, i'll try to get a handle on the horror show in my mind.

The Hansen Clan said...

I loved those leg warmers! Sorry she didn't want to sit by my today - I'll bring her candy next week.

diane said...

You fell down the stairs?! I love how you just slip it in like it's no big deal. You know that's how I broke my leg. Are you really ok...well you must be if you went for a walk.

Anisa said...

We need to trade bumbo chairs. I have a lavender one that I borrowed. Glad you got your camera back!!! She's too cute to miss anything.

brooke romney said...

Such a cute little baby. I'm impressed with your 14 days of Valentines...I usually forget until the very day! Yes, Ryan does look great in your pic...very movie starish (I know he'll love that, because I know looks are very very important to him)

elizabeth scott said...

Love the leg warmers! Wow Ryan! I almost didn't recognize you! You are so hip! Jessica I wish I was taking that Love and Logic with you. I need a refresher and I just took it a few months ago!

stephi k said...

I'm loving the "dead" game. I've been stuck w/ a 4-yr-old that likes to describe to me what it's like for his alter-ego (who's 11 with his same name) to have died and gone to heaven. I wish he'd just play the game instead. He's obviously obsessed with death.

Bekah said...

ACCKKK! Faith is getting too big! Can't stand the adorableness! Must see her! When are you coming!?!

Lauren in GA said...

I love how you truly, "keep it real".

I hope my children will catch on to the beauty of the, "playing dead" game. My wonderful boys seem to prefer to act out behaviors that would LEAD to death. I really want them to try this, instead.

Oh, my gracious. Seriously, Faith is positively gorgeous! I just swoon when I look at pictures of her. So, so, darling! I want headbands like hers if I get a girl.

Carie said...

As sometimes non-stellar parent, I love your honesty in confessing your parenting techniques. (the throwing of hair cut gift certificate: so what I would do.)

Hooray for the camera.

Not sure about the beard, but if you love it then it's all good.

Christie said...

Yeah, thanks to meeting Diane, I am now TERRIFIED of falling down the stairs. Glad you and Faith are okay.

And what IS it about Airheads? At our pool in the summer they sell them two for 25 cents. My kids are SO HAPPY. And it only costs me a quarter. Go figure?

day in the life of a prince said...

The leg warmers were SO cute!! I love your 14 days of Valentine's, but I'm just not that on the ball to do it for my kids! Maybe next year, until then they can continue to tell me what an awesome mom you are!

Sally said...

Awesome update, adorable kids, that museum looks amazing.

Ilene said...

I'm loving my bumbo chair. I have a picture for my update as well.

I honor you every time I pull out a 10 lb bag of sugar from my pantry. Funny, I can't seem to lose even 3 pounds around these parts.

rubberbandgirl said...

Oh my! Faith has grown up to so much. Utterly, painfully, beautifully ADORABLE!!!

The beard...needs to go.

The fall with you and baby is upsetting. We're you OK?

the MomBabe said...

Oh my gosh, we TOTALLY used to play dead.

Laurie said...

My friend's little girl is obsessed with playing dead. She's always trying to get Nate to do it with her.

Love the pics!

Melinda said...

Faith is so cute. I am so excited for all the fun that comes with dressing a little girl! I am impressed that you spend 2 weeks leading up to Valentines Day. I manage a heart shaped pizza and that's about it. By the way, if you want an invite to my blog email me your email address -

Kirbell said...

14 days of anything would be good at my house. You guys rock the casbah!

Erin said...

You're right. Out of control cute. Every one of your kids. The Valentine's Day countdown STILL amazes me. Why am I so completely NOT motivated during the entire month of February??

Jeanelle said...

I adore the leg warmers, holy cow! And can I just say how much I love Jane & Seth comments (too lazy to go to that entry and comment, sorry.) They make me happy. By the way, I am not on good reads but I have been thinking about it.