Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sunrise, Sunset

 Picture 007









Monday, 10:30 am

Jane comes running in…without her bottom left tooth

Picture 012




 Monday, 12:10 pm

After months of trying, Jane actually ties BOTH shoes without help






Picture 009






Monday, 5:30 pm

Jane announces:  You know what Mom?  I don’t weally think I need my blankies anymore.  I just don’t cawe about them.

Apparently, they DO grow up overnight.



AZ Karen said...

Aw...doesn't she know that is too much for a mommy to take in one day?

Annemarie said...

That can be good and bad!!

G and G Nut said...

Wow! Jane, that was quite a day. Do you get allowance compensation for professional growth?? It's worth a try!
Love you,

andrea said...

are you crying or laughing???

J'net said...

Just put your mom and sister on the plane after a very fun week w/ 'em on Kauai!!
My recommendation to Bekah was to spend a month w/ her sister and enjoy the little ones becoming "big" ones, seems it is already happening!!
Love those milestones in life, Jenna just gave up her blankie too!! Does that count that my "baby" is growing up?? (I think she just threw away the outer shell that I had sewn on it to make it last... She may still be hiding the inners!!!?)
Call Bekah, she is heading mainland and seems to be "lovin' life"!!! Aloha

jessica said...

Eden is so jealous that Jane lost her tooth already. According to Eden...hers was loose first so it should have come out before Jane's. But she decided it was okay "because we all can't be perfect."

Momza said...

Awww she is so so cute!! Isn't that painful when we realize they aren't babies anymore?!

rachel said...


Liz said...

Jane: Congratulations on the lost tooth!! That is SO exciting! You are really growing up!

Jessica: If I were you, I'd keep that blanket close at hand. You never know when she may need it! My son is 23 and still keeps his blanket on the top shelf of his closet!

Lauren in GA said...

♪ Is this the little girl I carried? ♫

I am happy for Jane that she lost her tooth. Her prayers have been answered!

I am kinda sad for you...because it is the end of several eras. Ending of eras always makes me cry.

Jane is an amazing young lady ☺.

Lauren in GA said...

she doesn't even need her white blankie?


Erika said...

Jessica, I just love reading your clever, inspiring blog. Unfortunately I am a little shy about comments. But I just had to laugh when I saw the title to this post. Two days ago as I was getting ready, that was the exact title I was thinking of for a post about my kids growing up so fast ;-)

What a day for Jane. She is darling and it really does seem like they grow up overnight.

ps--love the polaroid format.

AMY said...

Um... didn't we just talk about this last night? Mixed emotions as you see them grow and succeed... but still seeing them as that toddler.

Christie said...

Hugely impressed. My kids always seem to regress a step or two in some other area when they reach a new milestone.

Jenibelle said...

Okay...maybe some do. But I know for a FACT that a certain newlywed took her blankie with her on her honeymoon.

Awesome on the tooth and all, but blankies are forever.

Anisa said...

What a cutie!!!

Ilene said...

Ah, Jane.

All this happens when she loses her first tooth?

What will happen when she loses her second?

Bethany said...

So, how does the tooth fairy work at your house?