Monday, January 19, 2009

A Summary

(I know, I know, too many family/kid based/summary type post. The only way I actually can make myself take time to blog is when I feel the guilt about not recording cute kid stuff. Sorry to you.)

This weeks highlights include:

The complimenting of children
We were at Costco after a long morning of errands. I was getting the hot dogs and Jane was feeding Faith her bottle (filled with formula powder, hot water from the coffee machine and oops! soda water--I had nothing else to give her and didn't want to spend 40 minutes nursing her --and she totally chugged it. Hilarious.) Anyway, Seth and Jane were nicely helping Faith, playing games and eating all their food and some random older man came up to me and said: "I just wanted to let you know that you have extremely well-behaved children" which completely made my day. Of course everyone ended up with a Reward Churro and I had a smile on my face the rest of the day.


The only reason that this is a highlight is that I actually took pictures. Not that they weren't nice missionaries. They were. I just have nothing memorable to say about it.
Emma loses her tooth

(self portrait, by tooth loser)
I realize this is, like, her millionth tooth. It just warrants highlighting because over Christmas we realized that Emma (of course!) knows The Big Secret regarding fun people that give you stuff at holidays and tooth losing time. So she, being aware of Non Secret Knowers in the vicinity, but also wanting to make things as easy as possible, began to quiz me: "So, um, Mom, should I put my tooth just, like, on my desk, so it's easier for the tooth fairy? Would she, like, want me to put it in a bag so she doesn't have to touch it? Is she going to come, um, tonight, or does she want to wait another day?" I let her know that under the pillow would work as well as usual.
Which is to say, it doesn't and Emma got her dollar handed to her today. To which she replied "She should have given me dimes...(like the SHE?) it would have made it easier to do tithing."
We'll let "Her" know.

Further tooth awesomeness
Jane came running into my room and, seriously, HOLDING BACK TEARS OF JOY (her eyes were literally brimming) announced: "I have my first loose tooth! I'm just so happy because I've really been waiting a long time." You'd think she'd just gotten proposed to, or something. And the rest of the night was very surprised that we didn't mention it again. Because she certainly did:
"I'm just so very happy about this tooth."
"Every time I touch my tooth, I just feel so happy inside."
"Oh, I just forgot about my tooth, but then I realized it again!"
Faith is adorable
Reason Number One: Laid, cooing, in this warm bath for 45 minutes:
We just kept checking on her and she was happy as a clam. And Faith isn't really happy just lying anywhere for 45 minutes. It was big news.
And Reason Number Two: Laughed!!! Yeah. Laughed. All choking and cute while I tickled her neck and she gazed at an apparantly HILARIOUS Finding Nemo book that I had on her changing table. See? Adorable.
(This isn't a picture of her laughing. This is a picture of why during our car ride she was really mad. We were laughing, not Faith.)
I'm continuing to drown in a sea of children
No further comment necessary. Just wanted everyone to know: 5 kids is hard.
The end.


Meg said...

Well I for one thing think you are amazing!

And now I almost wish I had a loose tooth too. Almost.

Annemarie said...

It's hard, but they are well behaved in public!!! YAY!! It really does make a mom's day to hear that. Good work, mom!!

mandy* said...

You make 5 kids look easy. You are either a really great mom or an awesome actress.

Mahina said...

45 minutes??! wow! that IS amazing! and she is adorable!

i love it when random people make my day by complimenting my children. what mom would be happy the rest of the day! way to go mom!

love the "she"! haha!

marykaye said...

Amen. five is hard.

(sorryto barge onto your blog i just randomly came across it and i, totally empathize;)

elizabeth scott said...

Keep up the great work! You are an awesome mom!!!

Ilene said...

I've decided Faith and Laura will be pen pals today.

I'm serious.

Faith is adorable and you have no idea how much I miss the McDonald's lunch dates.

Erika said...

your right about 5 kids being hard - but seriously, stop making it sound so fun or else everyone will want 5 kids. you inspire me.

Laurie said...

You are making it look good. And if it wasn't hard, every one would do it.

My Jake can totally relate to Jane about the teeth.

The world really needs more nice strangers.

Nancy said...

You and your family are so cute!

J'net said...

This TOO shall pass and then you will have time on your hands... Love to read your updates so thanks for taking the time!
Have a GREAT week! Aloha

Liz said...

Maybe if you keep them all bound and gagged (like that last picture of Faith) then 5 kids won't be so hard!

Tell Jane that I was so excited to hear about the loose tooth and can't wait to see a picture!!

Anisa said...

One kid is hard. Two is harder. Three is ridiculous. Anything more is insane!!!

I think people feel bad for us moms when they see us out at stores and such with them. You get comments on how well behaved they are. I get free lunch because mine are so awful people feel pity for me.

rubberbandgirl said...

Jane is still my favorite quote-kid.
Faith is adorable.
If anyone can handle 5 kids, it's you.

Lauren in GA said...

You are so funny Jessica. You may not think so, but I always laugh when you say things like, "We'll let 'Her' know." when referring to the Tooth Fairy. I also laughed at your saying, "You'd think she'd just gotten proposed to, or something." about Jane's excitement over discovering her loose tooth. I always enjoy your summaries. I don't think there are too many family or kid based ones. That is so wonderful that that gentleman complimented your kids! Someone stopped me recently and complimented how well my boys were behaving and I felt like saying, "They are? Oh, *ahem* I mean, they are!" It kind of took me by surprise. I was so happy I cried.

Rebecca said...

And I was just remembering how you said after Faith was born that five was fabulous, that you were so glad you had another one. And I have four, and the youngest (twins) are 3.5, and I was thinking maybe I could be like you and have another one... thanks for the reality check. :)

rachel said...

Oh how jealous I am that Faith takes formula from a bottle... Delaney is 9months old and just looks at me like I'm crazy when I try. Lucky you!!

G and G Nut said...

Bon voyage! :-)

Hazen5 said...

You are so good at documenting your kids lives! They are going to love you for it.

stephi k said...

I had a similar Costco experience. After my little child dropped his hot dog on the floor and I was wiping it with a napkin and handing it back to him, a woman I did not know came and gave me a hug (definitely a grandma) and told me what a good mom I was. I guess she didn't see the dirty look I gave him when he did it.

Brooke Romney said...

I like the updates. You do have GREAT kids.

AZ Karen said...

The loose tooth story is so funny. You have a fun family. Thanks for sharing their stories.