Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday Summary: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The Dr. Jekyll (crazy, angry, messy) part of the week included:

--Ryan being gone M, T, W, Th, F.
--Ryan not reachable at all, since he doesn't have a cell phone or an office where he is
--Gabe falling off of his bike AND THEN THE NEXT DAY Emma's scooter
--Gabe not being able to chew anything, which necessitated smoothie runs every lunchtime and spilled soup (he had NO lunch the whole day, because when I called to make sure he would get something they told me they had it taken care of and they didn't!!)
--Preschool at my house Monday, almost Wednesday and Friday (cute kids, cute curriculum, just not a good week for it)
--Jane locking my keys in the car
--hideous RLS as a result of pregnancy, so I can't sleep EVER.
--a VERY not patient, not enjoying her children mother

I could only manage one picture for this NOT FUN part of the week (Seth prepping the apples for the apple pie we made during preschool):

The Mr. Hyde (calm, loving, rational) part of the week included:

--Ryan coming home.
--Ryan taking us all to Greenbluff Apple Festival

and buying us whatever our hearts desired (and if anyone knows Ryan, you understand that he couldn't possibly show us he loves us more than by allowing us to spend WITHOUT a budget): trips through the maze,

the pumpkin patch
$6 blackberry syrup from the gift shop,
overpriced bbq for everyone and
the legendary pumpkin donuts from Harvest House.
--A quiet lovely late dinner date at a trendy, expensive (the guy was Mr. Moneybags!) restaurant downtown.
--Watching General Conference.

Here's Jane coloring the conference packet I print out,( so everyone will be quiet and then I spend the whole time explaining directions, breaking up fights about Jane looking on Emma's Bingo sheet and Seth coloring on others' sheets...). I felt like it was just chock full of messages of hope, comfort and examples of how very personally our Heavenly Father loves us. Favorites: Elder Bednar, Elder Anderson, Elder Holland, Elder Oaks.
--a fun dinner with friends we don't see enough.
--the kids spending every free minute putting together Powerpoint presentations on colors, foods, sports, etc.

We're hoping to have more Mr. Hyde this week. Wish me luck!


Melinda said...

Next time I complain about Mark coming home late I will remember you spending all this time without a husband with double the kids I have. It only makes it worse that you couldn't even call him. I hate when I can't get a hold of Mark.

Rachel said...

Sign me up for those pumpkin doughnuts!

Annemarie said...

Elder Bednard's talk was my absolute favorite!
I need one (or two) of those doughnuts.

AMY said...

Wow! I barely keep it together with 2 kids.

Let me know the fun places at Green Bluff. We're taking the kids AND Mike's parents next week. Mike's dad L.O.V.E.S. doughnuts.

Christie said...

I hope you ate every. single. donut. You deserve it with a week like that.

♥Shally said...

I swear everything happens when hubbies are out of town!

Just to make it more FUN.

Hope you have a better week!

Lauren in GA said...

Oh dear, I didn't know that the bike wreck happened while Ryan was out of town. Ohhhh, and RLS is the pits. You came through it all like a champion!

I loved General Conference, too. We, of course, had some infighting but I love feeling the Spirit and am amazed that I can even as I break up the fisticuffs.

AZ Karen said...

I guess I won't complain about my husband working late or being gone for meetings...I am way too co-dependent to be able to survive a week without my husband.

My favorite was Pres. Monson's reminder to 'enjoy the journey'. I really needed that reminder.

Brooke Romney said...

I know exactly how you feel...I'm on day 3 all alone, and boy am I better with my hubby. Glad you made it, and I'd love a pumpkin doughnut!

Brooke said...

Hey you did well with no hubby. The pumpkin patch looks fun, esp. all that yummy food!

gab said...

You are right.
Donuts+conference=celestial bliss.

Bridget said...

Oh, I love pumpkin donuts. Those horrible things always happen when husbands are out of town. Trust me. I know. I live for date night most weeks.

The Hansen Clan said...

You made it! He's back and I want to let you in on a little secret... you are far more patient than you give yourself credit for. Next time he is gone call me, and we will go get pumpkin donuts together... that will always yield more patience :)

jessica said...

This week will be better. You deserve a good break when Ryan gets home after his travels this week. I'm thinking Girls Night Out or at least a quiet lunch. Give me a call I'll set it up!

Meg said...

I feel your pain. Weekly.

Amen on the pumpkin doughnuts. YUM!

queenieweenie said...

a yummy pumpkin donut and a husband home can turn any week around!

Anisa said...

My Ryan is working late tonight. I feel Dr. Jekyll coming on.

Love fall, love pumpkin patches and corn mazes.

Adrianne said...

Um, so Ryan guilts me with his "wants and needs" money blog only to be mister big spender this weekend??? HYPOCRIT! j/k, I'm sure it was all still in the cash budget.

Conference was amazing, especially the sessions that coincided with Gabe's nap!

Tammy said...

You guys have such a full life! So cute, so full of tradition and fun stuff, I love it.

crystal said...

Hear, hear to the conference packets. That is EXACTLY how it goes down at our house.

Could you be any cuter? You may have RLS, but you look cute! Priorities.

Ilene said...

Oh, I miss Greenbluff. We may be making a weekend trip up to Spokane this month or next. I'll keep you posted.

I want to see your darling girl and your darling face as well.

How do you teach your kids power point? My kids are going to be so behind. They will be lucky to get to community college at the rate we are going.

Meghann said...

How on earth did those pumpkin doughnuts even make it to your car? We ordered a dozen and they were gone within a matter of minutes . . . literally.

I love that pic of Seth prepping the apples, so cute.