Saturday, October 25, 2008

All Showered and Ready to Go!

So I had my baby shower last week. Yes, I realize this is my fifth baby. Yes, I realize it is my third girl. Yes, I realize at this point in our lives when can afford our own baby gear.

Whatever. Parties and presents are fun.

Jessica and Meghann threw it for me and did a yellow and black theme (to go with the nursery...I'm almost done, hold your horses, pictures coming up). Here's me at nine months pregnant.

Did you know that in-utero babies really need you to gain a lot of weight in your face in order to arrive healthy? Well, they do...and I'm doing my part with the chipmunk cheeks and double chin.

There were yellow and black cupcakes, yellow and black baby dresses hanging on a line as decor, lots of yummy food and lots of fun presents.

I'm glad I let Emma and Jane come, because I wouldn't have wanted to open up the presents calmly and actually looked at the contents before they were thrown across the room. No, it was much more fun to do it Jane's spastic way. Plus, Jane modeled most outfits for us, and it was highly entertaining.

But the best part?

Jessica had the idea to have each guest write their addresses on the outside of the thank-you cards. It's so nice not to have to look the addresses up and have it all ready.

But if these are your friends:

(Penny, Christine, creative writers: Jessica, Kerry and Cynthia)
it gets even better. They will write their own thank-you cards for you!

A sampling:
Dear Jessica A.,
Thanks for giving me the best baby shower ever! Thank you for the cute outfits, too. It was kind of anti-climactic since I already knew what the outfit looked like. Oh well...Anyways, Thanks for being the most awesome friends ever! Love, Jessica R.
p.s. I still owe you $18 for the fabric you bought...I haven't forgotten.


Dear Cynthia,
Thank you for the amazing outfits. The only thing better than a friend like you is having a new baby to hold. I love how dependable you are as a visiting teacher, too! Lastly, I'm grateful you wrote this card, Cynthia, so I could spend more time relaxing with my good book.
Love, the wonderful Jessica

or (if you're into some slightly self-deprecating thank-you messages)

Dear Kerry,
Before you gave me that adorable snuggly Winnie the Pooh overcoat/blanket, I never thought that there was much sense in dressing my kids in warm outerwear. (Ed. note...I have a slight reputation for underdressing my kids in the winter. What? I hate hauling/losing coats all winter long) Now, I can't wait for the baby to come and the snow to fall so I can try this new way of life! You're the best!
Love, your friend, Jessica

Now. Wasn't that so thoughtful of them? I just stuff, lick and stamp and I have nothing more to say EVER to those three "friends". Talk about a time saver!

Anyway...despite (or maybe because of) the "self written" thank-you notes, I had a great time and am inexpressably grateful for the incredible friends I am blessed with here.

And, now, with drawers stuffed full of teeny, tiny pink items, we're all ready!

(You hear that baby?! YOU CAN COME NOW!)


Rachel said...

Is it really that time already?? I can't believe you're getting ready to have that baby. So exciting! Can't wait for pics. Good luck with labor and all that fun stuff.

Abbie said...

That is so fun. I think there should be a shower for every baby born.

Christie said...

I love baby showers! I hate it when people don't have them. I think it's so fun to look at cute baby stuff...can't wait to see your little one. Won't be long now!

Lauren in GA said...

I love that they wrote their, "thank you" notes for you! That is so fabulous! And I don't care that this is your 5th child, you should be showered with gifts!

I went to a baby shower recently and the "mother to be" had to reign in the excited older child that was helping her unwrap all of her gifts. I wish I could have seen the adorable Jane so excited.

Such a clever title! I am sure the baby will comply.

Lauren in GA said... the look beautiful! I know you don't believe me though. You had better not delete this comment, either!

Ilene said...

I wish I could have been there! Those girls are awesome. Very clever wearing a turtleneck to disuguise the last month bloating. You are so smart.

The stinky thing about moving to a new town and finding out you are having your FIRST baby girl is the fact that no one knows you and therefore you don't get a baby shower.

Bitter? Nah, not me.

Kirbell said...

I love that your friends wrote thier own thank-you notes. I'm copying them next time I go to a shower.

AMY said...

There are so many great things about having great friends. One of those... getting a baby shower no matter how many kids you have!

I can't wait to see pics of the nursery.

jessica said...

I'm glad you see that the pre-written thank you cards were totally written out of love. We take our friendship to the next level...mind reading! Aren't you so lucky to have the greatest friends ever!

diane said...

You look beautiful.

I love the clothes line with the little dresses. How clever.

Your friends know what a new Mom needs. Writing their own thank you notes is priceless. It should be a new baby shower tradition.

Lisa said...

Good luck with the baby! I hope she comes soon!! I had a shower too on #4 boy..didn't need it but it sure was nice to get new clothes instead of putting the SAME outfit on for the 4th time. Looks like you have wonderful freinds. Love to see your room when it is done-

Paige said...

dear Paige, thank you for not giving me squat even though you've known me a really long time and certainly through all my kids but really? I'd rather just hang with you as a gift. Your presence is presents enough. I can't wait until you can hold my baby! When are you coming to visit anyway? I always come there!
Love, Jessica

Bridget said...

I am so excited to see the Romney baby! You guys make cute kids.

Kristin said...

The the already addressed thank you ideas, I so wish they would have done that for me. You look so good.

Kara Jayne said...

Those thank you notes were classic! You look great and I can't wait to hear about this new little one!! Good luck.

gab said...

1. You look adorable!
2. I am loving the thank-you note idea.
3. You have awesome friends!

D-dawg said...

I can't believe you're almost done. I love baby showers too and every pregnant mother deserves one, even if it is your fifth!! Can't wait to see the nursery.

Hazen5 said...

How fun! I think every baby needs to be celebrated. Can't wait to see the yellow and black room!

J'net said...

Are you due any day now?
I don't remember the due date...
You LOOK great for #5 and 9 months pregnant!!
Just like those movie stars in the People mag.
who pop those babies out and get back into
movies in months??
It is always FUN to do the baby things! Showers,
anticipation, shopping for "new", baby nursery.
Prayers are going out to you! Aloha

Adrianne said...

I'm glad people do showers for 5th babies so maybe one day I'll live in the US and get a real baby shower - even if it's for my last kid.

Carie said...

What cute friends. I would fit right in.

Lindsey said...

I just saw your comment on Island Princesses blog. I am TOTALLY worried that Abby's top teeth won't grow in!!! What is going on with your daughter? Is it up there, but it just won't come down??

bloggingchristy said...

How Fun!!! I am excited to see pics of the yellow/black nursery!! How cool! I'm excited that I will get to see this baby while she is still "brand new!"