Monday, April 13, 2015

Tammy's wedding

I've been friends with Tammy since high school. She's an incredible person and I'm grateful that she's so good at maintaining relationships because our friendship has been a blessing to me all of my life. That's why when she asked me to sing at her wedding, I said yes. A 25 year friendship is about the only thing that could've done it.

Here are the issues:

  • I'm not a "cool sing folksy rock songs at a wedding" kind of singer. I'm a "sweet, kind of classical songs at church" kind of singer
  • I wouldn't get to practice with my guitar accompanist before the wedding AND there was going  to be a microphone 😳😳😳
  • I have some stage fright issues that I constsntly work on but never go away
Here's why I said yes:
  • As a 40 year old, it's not like Tammy had a big need for wedding presents. I figured this could be my gift to her
  • I tell my kids to do hard things/get out of their comfort zone all of the time. I knew I should do it to show them that your whole life you'll need to stretch and do things that make you nervous. 
  • Emma agreed to sing with me and she's so great at harmony and I knew we'd have a good mom/daughter weekend together. 

The song is What I Wouldn't Do by A Fine Frenzy and it is the cutest song. We practiced and got digital recordings via email from the guitarist (who was so fabulous) and got some advice and microphone time from our resident live music expert (George!). I felt like I'd put the time in but still didn't love how it sounded. I was literally sick the entire week leading up the wedding. (Which is too bad because I didn't enjoy my weekend till I got it over with).

Emma and Levi and I flew to the Bay Area, stayed with my dad and Genie (always relaxing and fun). The wedding was in the Santa Cruz mountains and a stunning location. I loved getting to see high school friends and, of course, Adrianne. We did quite a bit of set up and then had a few minutes to practice with the sound system. We started and as soon as Emma came in with her harmony and it sounded awesome and people milling about gasped (because it really sounded good!!), I finally relaxed. I knew it would be okay. And it was. Lots of compliments and appreciative faces.

I love Tammy's husband and family and was so happy to get to be a part of their wedding. It was a joy to see her parents and brother and extended family, all of whom were a big part of my high school activities. I was happy to have some alone time with Emma and enjoy her on an adult level. It was actually odd to be 40 with lots of people that I was 14-20 with... This weird dynamic where you can't quite figure out how old you actually are. 

Genie and dad were so nice to watch Levi the whole day and we loved eating and playing mini golf and bocci ball and chatting with them.

It was a good weekend. Yay for getting out of our comfort zones and the feeling of accomplishment and confidence that comes with it!


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Lauren in GA said...

I really loved hearing about this. I got a few chill bumps when I read how when Emma came in with her harmony it sounded so good and you were able to relax. I love that your audience stopped chatting and gasped. Lovely.

Great pictures, too. The one where the sun rays are coming over your face (maybe from the flash or camera phone angle) makes you look angelic. Really cool picture.

Way to do hard things that make you nervous and apprehensive :)