Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Seth got baptized forever ago

This such a huge milestone that would hate to not have some record of it in our family history.

 Seth has been a teensy bit spacey during his life.  He's in his head a lot and you aren't always sure what he's hearing and comprehending.  Of all our children, he's seemed the least plugged into gospel conversation and topics. It was really neat to watch how as he got closer and closer to his 8th birthday, he began to really participate in scriptures and family home evening and I could tell he was becoming ready to make the decision to be baptized.

We were so happy that Grandma Dorrie and Grandpa Sherrill and Grandma Genie came up for the big day.  It was also really special that Seth's best friend since babyhood was getting baptized the same day.  We did the stake baptism and I got to talk about Seth and how happy and friendly he is.  I included how fun he is to have in our family and how creative and loving he is.

His dad baptized him and uncles, grandpa and dad confirmed him.

We celebrated all 4 kids from our ward that got baptized by having a big backyard bbq.  What a sweet day.  I'm so grateful for this gospel and for Jesus' example in being baptized.  I'm so grateful my children are taught the things that bring them true joy and know how to have a relationship with their loving Heavenly Father.  I always feel such relief when they receive the gift of the Holy Ghost because I know the peace, safety and guidance it brings.

It's great to be EIGHT!


Lauren in GA said...

I loved reading about the baptism of your delightful, "Joy Boy" as I taken to calling him. He's so fun to read about and even though I only know him through the written word, as it were, I have loved hearing about him over these years. I always think about your friend telling you that she wants him as a life coach...and whenever we have Tithing Settlement I think about that time that he burst in the room while you were having Tithing Settlement and was like, "There you all are!" even though he had been the one missing...and he told you how somebody tried to get him to go to Primary and he announced that he didn't go to that Primary.

I know...I'm random...but it always makes me giggle when I picture that.

Lauren in GA said...

And totally off the subject...You and your beautiful Mom look gorgeous in the picture. Love the belted dress to accent that yummy baby belly and your red pumps.

Random commenting over...

Until next time, I'm sure...

Amy F. said...

You got great pictures! Thanks for hosting the meal afterward-John was happy to be baptized with so many friends!

heidi said...

You and your mom are co presidents of club hot mom.

And I'm glad you're blogging again.a fave.