Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Love Languages

(I'm bouncing around here, time-wise, because I'm so sporadic anyway, that I might as well just see what I can get on here.)

We had a fun Family Home Evening a few months ago.  A friend on Instagram had recommended the book A Perfect Pet for Peyton , as a way to discover and talk about Love Languages.

We began the book and I stopped to explain the love language concept a little bit and asked the kids to guess what the characters were as they heard each child described in the story.  It was pretty obvious and a great introduction.  There was a quiz at the end of the book and we all took it, writing our answers on a piece of paper.

As we reviewed our answers we noted what everyone's 1st and 2nd highest scores were and what their lowest love language was.  It was fun!  Some were obvious:  Seth is touch and Mom's is verbal, but I was surprised to find that Gabe's was also verbal (my least verbal child) and that Emma's was touch (I'm not a touchy mom and have been trying to do better with showing my love that way).  There was really a feeling of love in the room as we discussed how to show our love better for one another and how to recognize when other's our showing it for us.  Then we took this picture:

and I had each child demonstrate their love language.  Gabe: words, Jane: words, Seth and Emma: touch and Faith: acts of service).

So helpful for a parent!  Highly recommended activity!


katie said...

Love this idea!! Totally copying. Welcome back to the blogging world!! We missed you!

Lauren in GA said...

Thank you for this recommendation. I want to try this :)

Lauren in GA said...

Thank you for this recommendation. I want to try this :)