Monday, September 20, 2010

Two good things that happened because I turned 10

(I had Gabe write this post to “pay back my energy” for having to him about our No TV On Weekdays rule again.  I wanted him to describe his 10 year old week with Grandma Dorrie and his Triathlon birthday party.  I left him to do it and it’s kind of hilarious because it’s so Gabe, meaning: very few words and details.  I kind of love it.  Especially the emoticons at the end.)

Hi it’s Gabe, I'm talking about my TEN year old week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

McCall 2010, Dorrie & Gabe 003 McCall 2010, Dorrie & Gabe 002 McCall 2010, Dorrie & Gabe 007McCall 2010, Dorrie & Gabe 004

The top two are pictures when was when I was getting my helmet on.

The next two pictures are when I was driving the 4-wheelers.

McCall 2010, Dorrie & Gabe 009McCall 2010, Dorrie & Gabe 014

The 5th picture is about when I shoot with a air pellet gun.

The 6th picture is when I went to the hot springs.

The last two pictures are when I went to lunch at a pizza place.

 McCall 2010, Dorrie & Gabe 010McCall 2010, Dorrie & Gabe 011

This is an email my grandma sent my mom.  She wanted me to put it in:

We were 4-wheeling, air pellet gun shooting, and eating at an outside pizza place.  Gabe and I are having fun.  Rick's Aunt Joan was sooooooo impressed with him and how polite and helpful he was.  Rick said she went on and on after we left for Utah.  He's such a great kid!
I love you guys.
Grandma Dorrie




  • Donuts for cake

Picture 024 Picture 014

  • gift bags
  • Mallory only girl besides Emma my sister
  • Hunters present duck (ed. note: duct) tape boxes to get to popcorn and a harry potter movie

Picture 013    Picture 021Picture 022

  • leg #s

Picture 015Picture 016

  • there's the pictures for swimming and running
  • no picture for biking though

Picture 020Picture 019Picture 018   

  • party group:):0;(


Tristan said...

What a cool birthday! Love the doughnut cake! Happy Birthday Gabe!

Shopper Gal said...

That's a great post and loving the donuts for his cake!!

J'net said...

WOW! A WEEK w/ grma Dorrie when turning 10!!?
Talk about raising THE BAR!! Lucky boy! AND SUCH boy activities! Those pictures will live on in yearbooks!
PLEASE save the jelly filled one for me... although the lemon one is right up top TOO! I may NEVER waste time on a cake again! LOVE ur fun party ideas!
HAPPY 10 Gabe!!

Lauren in GA said...

I can see why you love it. I love it, too.

Gabe, you did a great job on this post. I want to go hang out with Grandma Dorrie, too! Thanks for sharing the details with us! Double Digits! This is a big deal!

Nothing like having to break through, "duck" tape to get to your present!

rachel said...

Wow how cute is that! My daughter can't wait to be 10. Something about 10 seems SO awsome to her. I hope Gabe really enjoys this next year being 10. on another note Grant moved into my ward here at BYU. how random/fun is that?

Erin said...

Now THAT is an awesome birthday party! I want one.

Tammy said...

so funny....that is such a weird age...its so nostalgic.

Elizabeth said...

Being 10 rocks (according to someone in my house). I hope Gabe enjoys it all ;-)

Brooke said...

Cool party!! Happy 10th!!

Meridith said...

What a fun idea for the birthday party and wish I had a summer birthday too! Can't wait to see you all and the kids are growing up too fast.

diane said...

Oh my goodness, you were in my hood for the wedding. Next time you better let me know when you come to town.