Friday, September 17, 2010

The Next Brother’s Birthday Post

Dear Matt,

I hope you had a good day today.  You probably spent today being a totally fun and involved dad, because you totally blow me away with how you do that job.  Everyone who has watched you parent, comes away with reports of patience, thoughtful discipline, love and enjoyment.  How great to do that important job so well!

Sherrill Family 

You and I have something that no one else in the world can share:  we get where each other came from….like no one else does.  Since we are 14 months apart (and all the rest of those siblings came at least 7 years later), we had many of the same experiences:  the same learning-how-to-be-parents parents, the same houses (in Va, Ut, Wy, Ca), the same memories of hanging out with the Christensens, making up games in that suite in San Fransisco, re-enactments of Star Wars, the log we kept of the songs on the radio. 

You were my first best friend.

football 11 

You are funny.  You tell the truth.  You love deeply.  You change yourself to become better.  You love the Lord and serve him.  You are smart.  You are athletic.  You deserve a great birthday and a great year.


I feel lucky that I got to grow up with you. 




Michele Alger said...

That is sweet! Nothing like the close relationship of a sibling. Love the memory pic. at the end. So awesome...Love it!

Lauren in GA said...

He sounds like a wonderful person, Jessica. I admire his parenting talents.

That picture of the two of you is so cute. Your outfit made me smile. Love the tie around your neck and your stripes. ☺

Lauren in GA said...

When and where did you live in Virginia!? I so love Va.

Elizabeth said...

What a fantastic Birthday message to your Bro. You both sound very lucky to have each other.
Happy Birthday Jessica's Brother :-)

Bekah said...

This post is too sweet! I loved it! You are so sweet to do this! He is a great brother!

Brooke Romney said...

What a great guy. Hey, I have a favor. I'm looking for a good book to read to my boys at night (7, 5 and almost 4). Not something too difficult to follow and the more action the better, but not scary. You were the first person who came to mind. Any suggestions?

Cami said...

Very sweet.

Kirbell said...

I Love the jumper pants outfit, Jessica. Classic!

Tammy said...

Ha, love that. I love Matt, too! Happy Birthday Matt Sherrill.....hope life is GREAT. -Tammy