Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Favorite things about our trip to Bear Lake

Waaay back on July 1, we took a quick trip to Bear Lake, in Utah, with Ryan’s sisters Heather and Betsy and family.

The best things were:

  • the cabin, with it gorgeous view, perfect amount of room and close location to ALL the Bear Lake action

Bear Lake

  • cousins playing together so perfectly

 Cousins Picture 052

Picture 030

  • late night talks with the adults


  • Faith in the baby swing at the lovely park

Picture 015

  • Aaron’s 4th of July firecracker show

 Picture 062

  • Matching Uncle and Nephew

Picture 044

  • only having to make 3 meals, while eating Heather and Betsy’s yummy food the other days


  • Ryan’s famous Bear Lake shake


  • the bike ride that turned into a MAJOR workout



  • the beach (and the HOT guy that hung out there)

Picture 056

  • the (self-designated) Funnest Aunt Ever commemorating the 4th of July by breaking out into Patriotic Song and Dance, every 15 minutes.  (maybe this wasn’t so favorite for everyone else?)

BearLakeSing Picture 085  Picture 083

It was a perfect vacation.  Obviously.


Kate said...

We were there over the 4th week-end... it would have been so cool to have bumped in to you, bummer!

Kate said...

Oh and your husband is freakin ripped... he's a hottie, and your children are GORGEOUS!

Lauren in GA said...

I have not doubt that you are the, "Funnest Aunt Ever"!! You look so dang cute in those pictures as you sing your lungs out.

I have to tell you that Evan saw me reading this post and said, "Whoa...that guy is ripped!! Why are you looking at that, Mom?"

Great...now he is going to tell his father that I have been looking at ripped guys on the Internet.

Erika said...

Seriously, we have to get together. We're only 7 hours away - so sorry about your crappy b-day. Maybe next year you should have on in December or something instead. Also, what's with the P90X poster boy in your family. He should get paid for having those on the internet.

Ilene said...

Sheesh, tell Ryan to go work out already.

G and G Nut said...

Did I mention that I HATED NOT being there!!!

Brooke said...

Why wasn't I there? Boo hoo! Glad it was fun, hope you thought about your family back east when you weren't eating yummy food and playing hard. :)

Carie said...

That does sound like the perfect vacation.

(as an interesting side note: on vacations I too am the one breaking out into song often and loudly.)

queenieweenie said...

I love Faith's face. Perfect combination of excitement and fear!

elizabeth scott said...

That was a fun trip! We enjoyed your patriotic songs. I hope my mom Brooke, Merry, Greg and Grant know that we missed them These posts are only meant to inspire them to come next summer!!! PS will you email me the firework pictures tonight. Especially the one of my family.Thanks (:

Sarah Junsay said...

I just got the comment you left on my Celiac post. For your sake, as a mom, I HOPE Gabe doesn't have it. It is harder and you'd almost have to put your whole family on the diet (which wouldn't be a big deal if the food weren't so expensive). I was having digestive problems too-went to the doctor, they thought I had irritable bowel. Then demanded to see a Gastrointerologist and he tested me for celiac-which came back positive. It took about 2 months for them to diagnose.
My suggestion: try putting Gabe on a Gluten-Free diet for about a month, and see how he does. If he feels better, that may be the culprit. Good luck!
Oh, and so sad about Ryan's job. Times are tough right now.

Adrianne said...

HAve I mentioned how jealous I am that your kids have so many cousins their age? It looks so fun. And now that Ryan is without employment outside the home, maybe he can hit the gym. Obviously he needs it...