Sunday, August 3, 2008

Snoozy Sunday Summary

Kay, there's nothing interesting going on here (that's why you have this generic family photo from Fourth of July)... Fine. I'll try to come up with something:

--Ryan's finally got an office. It's 1 mile away and he's so happy to not be working from his bed anymore. He pretends he misses us, but we don't really believe him.
--Our ward did a service project on Saturday at a ward member's place of business (a marina that needs lots of work). Everyone was all shocked that my pregnant self was out there and I'm like, "Um, do you not read my blog? Do you not know about my running?" What?! Everyone in the ward isn't reading Everyday Romneys?
--Emma took her first step down the road to orthodontia, with bands put in her teeth, getting ready for a spacer. She got Romney teeth and Sherrill eyes. Poor girl.
--Jane managed to get through her Primary presentation today without crying. Momentous. (Unfortunately, that's not sarcasm).
--Seth still needs the okay whenever he decides he needs to pee. You moms out there know what I'm talking about: "Mom. I have to go potty." If no response... "Mom! I'm going to the potty." And this continues till I issue the magic words: "Okay, Seth, sounds good." And he's on his way.

--At the service project, Gabe was thrown in the water, had his nose painted green, ate raw hamburger, and wrestled a bunch of smelly water lilies. Basically, he thought he was at a birthday party, instead of a service project.
Posterity: I hope you appreciate this weekly update. Nobody else did.


J'net said...

I am commenting FIRST just 'cuz I can!!!
Yeah, I am #1 and NOT #39 as usual!!!
Great normal uneventful week!
I KNOW you left out the real stuff, 'cuz
I babysit 6 kids on Sat. for 9 hrs. while their
folks "self/help" building their own home with
14 families...
There is NEVER a dull moment over there.
And the mom isn't even pregnant. You look great!
Thanks for keeping on updating even IF you think they are uneventful.
Brittiny came over for the last week w/ her youngest, left 3 other of her kids w/ hubby.
Going home tomorrow. Come over sometime!

Annie said...

Not boring at all...I love your updates.

Raw hamburger? Any sickness ramifications?

And I'm curious about the guy in the golf cart behind you in the picture. What's up with that?

rubberbandgrl said...

I'm laughing about the 'pee OK.' My kids have both done it (must be all that praise at the onset of training).
Our response is: great, go for it!

Anisa said...

My week was just as boring (as you can see from my blog).

However, I have been loving Jessica's frozen hot chocolate. I've been using steven's caramel kind or something like that. It's yummy. NO one else in my family likes it, so I'm sure I'm going to get even more fat drinking it all. I even pre-measured out all the dry ingredients into small containers so that I can make any at just a minute's notice. I want some right now!

Christie said...

I appreciated your week. Don't you know you can use the preggers excuse to get out of service projects?

Course, what's my excuse? I better either get one or get helping.

G and G Nut said...

Tell those cute kids that we can't wait to see them in 3 weeks!
Love you all.

Lauren in GA said...

I totally appreciated the weekly update. :)

I am curious about the raw hamburger...was it used to feed the fish at the marina and somebody dared him to sample some? I guess it is kind of like sushi but the excitement is waiting to see if you get sick. ;)

Ohhhhh, spacers....I remember. I kept wanting to floss them out.

Meridith said...

I like reading what you are all up to since we hardly talk to you guys on the phone!

Brooke said...

Abbie's set on me listening while she pees. I'm supposed to sit in the bathroom and watch and listen, and enjoy it all at the same time. When I stopped giving out special treats we had several accidents so we are still giving out special treats for every success. It's been over a month now. :)

Robin said...

I think this was a nice update. Not boring. I think you will have plenty to blog about as you enter the world of orthodontia.

Carie said...

Cute family!!!

And I know what you mean, this summer has been uneventful for us too.

zeeny said...

Hey, M has the same cute shirt as your oldest daughter...the one from Children's place. She HAD to have a new patriotic outfit for her flag day presentation at school or else she would get "in trouble" from her music teacher!! The whole family looks cute!

Meg said...

You crack me up. I have a child who always needs me to know he's peeing too! Ha Ha. Glad I'm not alone!

Tammy said...

U guys are so perfect and cute!