Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Always and Never...The California version.

We ALWAYS go to California in the summer.
We've NEVER had fun cousin Mallory hang out with us for most of it. She only added extra work when we had to figure out how to modify our milk-rich diets, for her lactose intolerant one. Oh, and also when Jane and Gabe alternately took turns feeling left out by the "big"kids. She can come anytime.

Jessica ALWAYS drives the 15-17 hour trip with a million little kids in her van.
Ryan NEVER drives both ways with her, so this time was much more enjoyable.

Jessica ALWAYS purchases a bunch of cheap-o toys and doles them out every 200 miles or so.
We ALWAYS include coloring books, glow toys and make-up for mid-trip makeovers.
We've NEVER bought 77cent foam visors and foam stickers to play with...we'll be doing that next time: a) They were silent for 30 minutes while they put them together b)it was hilarious to look in the rear view mirror at all the visor heads.

We ALWAYS swim and swim and swim and swim.
We've NEVER done it in 4 different pools before (Grandma Nut's, Tiffany's, Paige's and Grandpa Sherrill's).

We ALWAYS have to go to places to "see stuff."
We've NEVER done it in King's Canyon National Park before.

We ALWAYS see Paige (and Celia and other blog related buddies) for food-eating and loud-talking and kid-ignoring. (Wasn't someone taking pictures that day? and why haven't you all blogged about it yet, so I can steal your photos?)
We've NEVER driven to Fresno to visit long-lost elementary school and college buddy Tiffany before. (Soooo fun to have ALL day to talk and talk and talk and catch up after 5 years).

We ALWAYS stay with Grandpa Sherrill and Grandma Genie.
But we've NEVER (I don't think) had this much fun before. Our visit included early morning fishing, swimming, a field day organized by Mallory and Emma, miniature golf, baseball, art projects, a million games (Gabe beat Grandpa at Stratego), So You Think You Can Dance, late night talks, go-cart rides and as ALWAYS fabulous meals by Genie. We felt relaxed and spoiled by the end.

We ALWAYS stay with Grandma and Grandpa Nut (Emma shown below in the Best Grandparent Pool Ever)

and that lady NEVER lets me lift a finger to fix a meal or clean it up.

We ALWAYS have to go to some California favorites like Carolina's Taqueria, In N Out (yum!) and Sweet Tomatoes.

We've NEVER enjoyed a kid-free meal at Strings with the Romneys and the Sherrills. Everything was good, though anything without 4 kids hanging on you tastes better.

We're ALWAYS sad to leave
and NEVER enjoy the long drive home (Mr Just-Potty-Trained kept us on a short driving distance leash).

We've NEVER had this long of a blog-break and are ALWAYS grateful for loyal readers!


Anisa said...

I was wondering if something had happened to you. Glad you had fun!

Lisa-Marie said...

I ALWAYS miss your posts when you are gone.

I've NEVER felt so tired after reading a post. Sounds like lots of crazy busy fun!!!!

Glad that you are back. You must be feeling pretty well?!?!?!?

Rochelleht said...

FUN! Isn't summer visiting the best? I'm having a great time, myself. Always go to Utah. Never for this long. It's wonderful.

Lindsey said...

Sounds like a complete and total whirlwind of fun! How fun to see Paige! (And swim in her pool) Please let me know if you come the AZ way because I will let you swim in my pool too! :)

Bekah said...

Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! I can't wait to see you guys this next week and spend a very fun time doing stuff like this! You guys are soooo adorable and I can't wait to see the cute kiddos!

andrea said...

thank you for creatively documenting your summer. blogging is so boring right now, i can hardly stand it. mine included. at least this was a different twist on "how i spent my summer"

Paige said...

Great pictures you took, even if there was NONE of our day!

Lorena said...

That sounds like fun and all, but I am looking for the Always and never...The Arizona version.

Meg said...

Glad to hear you haven't dropped into a void. I missed your posts. We are headed to California in August. Can't wait...I'll be taking the visor idea to heart!

Rachel said...

What a fun and creative post. Glad you had fun.

J'net said...

WHAT? Your dad lives in a house WITH A POOL now?
All those previous years with just SPRINKLERS!?!?!
So glad you guys get to travel to ONE main spot and DO the family thing!
So are you traveled out for the summer?
Good ideas for long road trips!
Jake and Camille are doing AZ to UT driving with
baby Kennedy... Their fun is JUST beginning!
Thanks for the update! Love watching your kids
do life!

Brooke said...

What a fun trip. I want to go today!! You are so smart to bring all the car toys. love you guys!!

gab said...

We're leaving today for our summer visits. This post makes me excited to go!

Brigitta said...

Sad I missed you while you were here. I had my own visitors and stuff going on. Hope you are all well. And it looks like a wonderful California trip.

rubberbandgirl said...

Great post!
Whatta trip!
Glad you made it back and that you're blogging again.
Hope that baby was nice to you on your travels.

Mark said...

finally a new blog! Did you know that the Seattle Romney's will be in Spokane this weekend?

Carie said...

What a fantastic trip!

I seriously miss In-n-Out.

Mahina said...

sounds like great fun!

i am craving in n out! i need some!

Tammy said...

Looks like so much fun! And you saw Tiffany....how much fun! Well I am heading up July 5th so sad we missed each other!

Lauren said...

I loved it all!

We just got back from our trip and I have to say...I may have to use that visor decorating idea!!!!! :D

We got plenty of the cheapo toys from the shoppes by the beach...you know plastic eye patches for my fearsome pirates and the like...

Heidi Ashworth said...

I enjoy visiting your blog--you have such a great sense of humor. I have lived in California most of my life (and almost always vacation at the beach) so it was fun to hear the perspective of an out of towner. Especially the restaurants--who knew we were so blessed?

Christie said...

Looks like an excellent vacation! Much more fun than mine was. :-(

Meghann said...

LOVE the photo of your kids in the van, that alone made me laugh out loud because I have so been there.

You guys squeezed in a lot! I'm so glad you had a nice break, but I'm even gladder that you're back!

Kristy said...

Thanks for sharing some great traveling tips! We leave in a little over a week.
I did the foam visor thing with my kids for the 4th, & they LOVED it! I couldn't believe how cheap they were...gotta love Wal-Mart...at least here!