Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Family History Stuff I need to highlight, so I don't forget

Here are some things that have happened to our family during my blogger slump that I wanted to make sure I'd remember (seriously, this really is probably to boring for my non-family readers):

Seth takes Potty Training into his own hands:

(Obviously nothing to do with potty training...just a good example of Seth's do-every-crazy-thing-that-comes-into-his-head personality. This is a bike rack we found him on.)

Yesterday, I came back from the gym at 6:15 (I'd done a Body Pump class) and I could see Seth standing in his crib looking at Emma (I'd had her go in there when I left, in case he woke up, as Ryan is still away on business). I went in to tell him to go back to bed and he was completely soaked. I was surprised that it was so bad, but I couldn't have him go back to bed like that, so I told him I'd change him and put him back. As I took his ( Jane's girly, cherry he insisted on putting on and wearing last night) pajamas off, I saw that he was wearing one pair of Cinderella panties and one pair of High School Musical panties--and that was all. He slept all night in just panties. Which would explain the ocean of pee in his crib. So Seth has officially slept through the night without diapers. I'm very proud.

Jane's does the Itsy-Bitsy spider:

Jane had a little pre-recital a few weeks ago. She didn't get to wear her recital costume (to her major dismay) but looked so cute in these little gray shorts and T-shirt. That little girl's tiny, muscly body looks cute in ANYTHING. We loved watching her dance around the stage to a rapping version of the Itsy-Bitsy Spider.
Soccer Stars:

Our Saturdays (like everyone else who's dumb enough to sign multiple siblings up for this sport) are taken up by a lot of soccer. At Emma's last game, someone called out: "Who are Emma's parents?" I indicated myself. He said, "She has gotten really good." I said, "Thanks, she seems to have figured out what to do." Another dad chimed in, "Yeah, she's tearing it up out there today. She's just SO fast." That kind of my-kid-who-came-out-of-body-is-awesome feeling is so surprising and fun.
Gabe does well, too. He'd probably be better if I didn't forget his soccer practice every other week.

Job blessings:

This up and down job situation has been completely crazy, wearing and full of twists and turns. Without a lot of gory details, I just wanted to take a minute and remind myself (Years-down-the-road-Jessica, listen up!) that Heavenly Father always takes care of us.

We had 2 times in the last month, where we have felt through the Holy Ghost that we should turn down stable jobs with pay increases. Within a week of turning down both jobs, the jobs we had picked instead fell through. We were completely mystified, but tried not to get to stressed out. In the end, the job Ryan ended up with has been financially WAY better than either of the jobs we turned down, puts him 1 mile from our house and will give him great opportunities to stretch and grow in experience.
I'll just keep saying my prayers, and listening to the Spirit, because obviously the Man Upstairs knows a teeny bit more about what's best for me than I do.


Jenibelle said...

Nothing is better than seeing your kids not be great, but getting better and feeling good about getting better.
I too believe in following the Spirit and appreciating the unknown route of the bus ride we call life.
Feeling better yet?

Rochelleht said...

I love pee in the morning. It keeps me humble.

Lauren said...

I laughed when I saw the bike rack picture because I have a very similar picture (the bike rack looked a little bit different but, same idea) of Evan and Adam.

Are you feeling better? I really hope so :) Great job going to Body Pump...especially if you are still feeling kinda lousy...

I love how you compliment your kids, (Jane's muscly body and how good Emma is getting at soccer) That will be so fun for them to read.

Jessica, thank you, most of all, for being such a great example of listening to the Spirit. You are truly a great example to me. I truly mean it when I say that I am truly grateful for our blogging friendship :)

Hollyween said...

Thank goodness on the job story. That is amazing... and humbling.

Seth sleeping in princess and HSM undies totally kills me.

And have I commented since BP? Because I wish I would have gotten to talk to you more. Good thing I have our previous visit to hold me over.

andrea said...

i was waiting for a really interesting post about your new potty training machine. thank you for clarifying in small print that it was actually only a bike rack.

Pineapple Princess said...

Seth might prefer you forget his highlight!

Thanks for reminding us about trusting the Lord. Why do we forget sometimes?

rubberbandgirl said...

Thanks for the catch up.
That's awesome about the whole job situation. We're finding ourselves in a similar (search) situation. I am anxious to see how this all plays out.

rochelleht hit it on the head about pee in the morning.

Christie said...

Bet you considered taking a picture of him all peed out, just for the blog, didn't you? I totally would have. Bless you for not though.

Isn't it funny how the man upstairs does take care of us? We've had similar job situations, too, and we always end up where we're supposed to be, but we can't see that until after it's all over.

Laurie said...

Pics of Seth in the HSM panties would have been priceless in the future.

What I can't understand is how Nate continues to pee through WHILE wearing diapers. Time to cut down fluid intake, you think?

Rachel said...

As uninteresting as you thought this post may have been to us non-family members, it really wasn't. I enjoyed it as I'm sure many other readers have, too.
Good luck with potty training. Our day is nearing and I'm dreading every minute of it. Aack!

Hazen5 said...

I wanted to see a picture of the poor child soaked to the bone in two pairs (not just one) of underware. That is classic!

Good idea on writing your future self notes, maybe I'll be the only one who listens to me!

Lisa-Marie said...

NOT boring. Are you ever??!?!?

Fun updates on all the kiddos and thanks for the reminder to "listen listen... He will guide you." I appreciate it.

Mahina said...

you are never boring!

that whole job thing is crazy! at least i think i would have felt that way! but it is a great reminder that HF does know what we need and it may not be in the way we think it should happen! sounds like a wonderful opportunity. there is nothing better than having the hubby work only 1 mile away from home! i wish mine still did! i miss seeing him every lunchtime!

Bekah said...

You and your family are all so cute! I loved hearing about the kiddies and that things are working out with the job for Ryan. You guys rock and I love and miss you!

Ilene said...

I want a muscly body and a tummy like Jane's.

With all of that money saved on gas for Ryan's commute and pay increases, you should make it to Boise some time. Because I am so fun.

Stacy said...

And why WOULDN'T "Princess Charming" be wearing panties?

Rachel said...

You didn't cry over my delivery pics because your hormones are all over the place by chance?? Nah. Hormones don't work like that, right?? ;)

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Nancy said...

I love that Seth wore 2 pairs of underwear. It's like he actually thought it through, and realized he'd need more for absorption.

I love the reminder as well about HF having a plan in mind. We're still waiting to find out what ours is, but it's always good to hear someone else's successes from listening.

Anisa said...

Seth is so cute. That cracks me up!!!

Goldie said...

We had so much fun with the pipsqueaks! Seth is a total crack-up!! Ava really had a great time with them. Thanks for sharing them!

Jenna said...

How cool! Are boys funny little creatures? I grew up in a fam of all girls, so with 3 sons I am often mystified.

Brooke said...

It was good to see you and hear your conference stories. Funny Seth stories. Abbie would love for me to get her panties to wear. Someday... maybe when she's 5. :)

Bridget said...

One mile from home....that is awesome! Yeah for you. I am so glad things are working out.

I wake up to two oceans of pee just about every morning. Ethan and Cole's just collide into one tsunami of urine. Not fun.

Carie said...

I love the preserving family memories via the blog. (I've been doing plenty of it on my blog.) Plus, I love hearing about your fam.

crystal said...

Hey, could you consult The Man Upstairs in my behalf? Maybe that's my problem...I need a go-between.

You're hired.

Penny said...

I love that Seth was wearing "panties", not underwear! (What else would we expect from Princess Charming ;) That is too funny! I bet he will LOVE that when he is a teenager and he has some girl over that he likes, and Jane runs and gets the blog book and shows her that Seth wore princess panties! I love it! Hey~ there's plenty of black mail to go around, huh?!

SO glad that everything worked out with the job, you are a great example of faith!

What's with all the office furniture on your porch? Do you need help moving it?

And we missed you at Girls Night Out last night!!

J'net said...

It is amazing how none of the other stuff makes sense, and yet things just keep working out?
Hence, 5 years of living in Hawaii and having $ in the bank each month???!! Blessings from heaven.
Just keep the focus on a strong family and the Lord will clear your path!

Lindsey said...

Wow! Congratulations on the job front. I am sure it is hard not to get stressed in your "condition". The lesson learned is one I am always having to re-learn. "It will all work out!"