Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How you know your 2 year old is obsessed with Star Wars

(We can't remember if we've ever had a kid with this level of obsession.  It's super fun.)

1. He knows pretty much every character by sight.  ("Lukewalker", "Bohba Fett", "Soda", "Pincess Yeia," he says them all so adorably.  I could go on and on.)

2.  He watches YouTube clips on Star wars before nap time and bedtime for 2 months straight.  No comment on whether watching Obi Wan slice Darth Maul in half before sending a 2 year old to bed is awesome parenting or not.

3.  He was to play StarWars with his Dad EVERY DAY.  MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY.  (Poor Ryan said one day "if I have to play fight one more time, I'm going to lose my mind."  But then he did.  And he still has his mind, so phew.)

4.  His favorite shirts are his "soda shirt" or his "star fars one".

5.  He freaks out every time a babysitter comes over...unless she brings her family's entire star wars guys collections and then he's COMPLETELY fine.

6.  He asks every time he gets in the car, "I bring my guys, mom?" referring to the Star Wars chess set bought for Gabe years ago.  (It's so great.  There are tons of them and easily portable and pretty durable.)  He also asks for a baggie in which to tote them"so they no get yost, wight, Mom?" and makes sure "you zip it up, wight, Mom?"

7.  Many meltdowns are averted by discussing his Star Wars guys.  He may be irrational but at least he's distractible!

8. He notices EVERY product placement advertisement for Star Wars and has since he was REALLY little.  He wasn't 2 years old, when we passed a twinkie box or something and he said "Dat BB8, wight, Mom?"

9.  He says to his dad: "Dad, I wanna be Sith."
Dad: "You want to be a Sith?"
Levi:  "yeah, a Sith."
Dad: "Why do you want to be a Sith??"
Levi: "because there's power in the Dark Side."
(Well, okay then.)


missy said...

He's the cutest. :) I read this post aloud to the Star Wars fans in my house and they especially loved Levi's observation that "there's power in the dark side." Ha ha! You might want to keep an eye on this one...

Nurse Graham said...

Love this so much! Reminded me of Carson's obsession with Star Wars starting about that age and continues still (although at a less obsessive state). The picture of Ryan formulating a light saber out of a cardboard roll looked familiar as well. We had purchased Carson 2 light sabers but he was so fanatical about the fighting, it began to hurt. Dave solved the problem by buying 3 ft sections of pipe insulation and telling Carson he was only allowed to use those "light sabers" when he was fighting with Dad.

Levi is awesome!

Lauren in GA said...

I read this a while ago but I must not have commented! We simply cannot have that. I am so charmed by the way he pronounces the characters and his little conversations with you, "wight, Mom?"

I also love your humor...saying things like Ryan, "still has his mind, so phew."

Whoa...it's weird not being able to comment with emoji!! I was so resistant to Instagram and now I am dying to hit a little heart and a smiley face! ;-)