Saturday, August 15, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Just a little bit of family record keeping here, folks, sorry.

It seems lately that we've been planning long, costly summer vacations and thus have less budget and time off when it's Spring Break time.  Ryan is sweet about trying to help me make the spring break fun even though we are just staying home.

Last year it was out of control 2-3 major activities every day and no one was quite up for that this year.  We decided that we'd plan 1 family activity every day around 3-4:00 and Ryan would leave work early to make it happen.  The kids also had a work project that they needed to complete every day: cleaning out the garage, detailing the cars, etc.  We're the nicest parents.

Monday: Wild Walls climbing walls.  This was definitely the best one of the week (should have done it at the end!) We got a babysitter for Levi and headed downtown.  Most of the family had never done it before and we all had a great time.  Seth was really good at it (big surprise...the kid has no fear) and Emma REALLY loved it.  We kept trying to think of a way she could get a job there.

Tuesday: 3rd annual bike ride to Red Robin along the fabulous trails we have here in Spokane.  It's about 15 miles round trip and the kids are troopers.  We left a little late and while we enjoyed our burgers during dinner, I was getting really concerned about how dark it would be on our way home.  I was right... it was completely dark the last 3 miles.  Ryan was riding with Faith and was even further behind then I was.  I ended up sprinting home and grabbing the car in order to rescue him from a dark cold couple of miles.

Wednesday: Family Hike and Ice Cream.  We told the teenagers that they had one opt out night and they chose hiking night. Booooo! I had come across a site that listed the 5 best family hikes in the Spokane area and wanted to try one out.  It was called Big Rock and it was pretty short and steep and ended at a, wait for it...really big rock! We stopped by our favorite ice cream place on our way home as a reward for our loyal hikers.

Thursday: Cinderella movie night!  I kind of love that Gabe chose to hang out with the family on the girly movie night.  He totally liked it, don't let him tell you differently.  We all thought it was when things live up to their hype!

Friday: Big Backyard BBQ with friends and neighbors.  Our kids always pick this one when we ask what they want to do and it's always so much fun.  Those kinds of events sound like a huge effort and then it's not at all.  Even though it got really cold for the 2 hours that we had the barbecue, people stayed and chatted and the kids ran like crazies and it was a great night.

So there we go... detailing the 5 days a year that we seem like the funnest family ever.  #selectivejournalingFTW!

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