Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Halloween 2014

Of note:

We came up with Gabe's matching Gru costume 10 minutes before the ward party and it was the only time he put a costume on. He spent Halloween with the cross country team in a hotel room prepping for regionals.

Emma didn't trick or treat for the first time (last year she took some of the little kids after we were done and even felt dumb doing that...I let my kids choose when they're too old.  I figure they're socially savvy enough to do that.)

I realize she's a complete knock-out,.

Ryan and I were so so so so so glad that we have a little baby who will love halloween and trick or treating for year because we could just totally feel that the older ones were growing up and the Halloween dynamic was changing.

Jane and Seth didn't even trick or treat with us.  Boo.

Faith was crazily slow and distracted and not into it at all.  It was so weird that we took video of it.

I continued the Halloween dinner but was smart enough to do it earlier in the week.  SO MUCH LESS STRESS:



Amy F. said...

Emma was the perfect Rosie! Love all the kids costumes! It is sad that kids are outgrowing holiday excitement a little. :)

Lauren in GA said...

I would comment on how GORGEOUS Emma is...but you already know that ;)

I'm sad that the whole Halloween dynamic has changed in our family. I shouldn't cry over things like that...but I totally do.

Gru turned out PERFECTLY. Isn't it crazy that some of the best costumes come together at the last minute. It really did turn out fantastically...and I love that he got into character so well. Excellent acting in the pic.