Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Toying with Ryan

So Ryan is a little bit anal about things getting wrecked or dirty or ruined and few things trigger that compulsion more than paint.  I had wanted to spray paint a corkboard to display Faith's kindergarten stuff for a while and finally got around to starting on the simple project.

I called Ryan to ask where the painter's tape was and thought to myself "He's probably going to freak out about me doing a painting project" because, truth  be told, I'm NOT the most careful when it comes to, well, anything really.

He answers my question, we talk for a while and then, right as we are getting off of the phone, I hear him say, "Wait!  Why do you need painters tape?!" I decide to hang up on him, just to make him sweat it a little bit.

He calls back and I don't answer...and start this series of texts:

and then I sent him this picture:

At this point, I'm literally crying tears because I'm laughing SO HARD at myself.  And then I about lost it when HE WALKS IN THE DOOR.  AT 10 AM, DURING THE WORK DAY.  He was so scared that I truly didn't understand the concept of spray paint drift that he couldn't take the chance and DROVE HOME as fast as he could (it's a 5 minute drive, at least.)

After I gained control of myself, we had a discussion about my understanding of drift and my already formed plan to use the backyard, and he went back to work.  Honestly, he was probably still scared but he knew it would be too insulting to actually wrest the spraypaint can out of my hands.  

I'm so fun to be married to.


Jeanelle said...

I know I just texted you but I'm telling you here as well that this just made me laugh so much. I can't believe he ran home at 10 AM THAT worried that you were going to paint on the table. You are the all powerful queen of that home! (And you must always use your powers for good, you know that, right????)

Ilene said...

You are the best. Poor Ryan. I wonder how he will plan his revenge

Katie said...

and this is why I love your blog!

Lauren in GA said...

That was just mean. That must be why I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think he was texting and driving? Heh, heh, heh...poor Ryan...

missy said...

This totally cracked me up! I shared it with my husband and daughter and we all loved it. So funny! Yes, it must be fun being married to you. I hope Ryan is laughing about it, too. :)

Ashley C said...

That's pretty hilarious!